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Numbered Watercolor Drawings. ca.1880-1900

L87: Boy flying pig with wings, dog. Handwritten caption: Dickey Dare.
OS Box 19 Folder 442

L89: Boy chased out of barn by owl wearing mortarboard. Handwritten caption: A little boy who went into a barn.
OS Box 19 Folder 443

L90: Dandy boy holding tough boy's nose. Handwritten caption: I met a little dandy.
OS Box 19 Folder 444

L91: 2 girls and 1 boy shooting arrows at pigeons. Handwritten caption: All of a row.
OS Box 19 Folder 445

L339: Girl with grapes and cherub. Handwritten caption: Autumn.
OS Box 19 Folder 446

L340: Girl with bouquet of flowers and cherub. Handwritten caption: Spring.
OS Box 19 Folder 447

L401: Harvest of Christmas.
OS Box 19 Folder 448

L402: Winter scene with children and sleigh.
OS Box 19 Folder 449

L403: Little Jack Horner.
OS Box 19 Folder 450

L419: Boys and girls playing "London Bridge."
OS Box 19 Folder 451

L434: Girl holding up list of days to baby. Handwritten caption: How many days has my baby to play?
OS Box 19 Folder 452

L435: 2 boys and 1 girl in a canoe.
OS Box 19 Folder 453

L436: 2 boys rescuing drowning child.
OS Box 20 Folder 454

L443: Children and woman marketing in winter.
OS Box 20 Folder 455

L445: Three children with toy drum, horn, and doll.
OS Box 20 Folder 456

L446: 2 girls--larger girl pricking smaller girl's finger with a needle.
OS Box 20 Folder 457

L447: Boy talking to girl at window.
OS Box 20 Folder 458

L448: 2 girls and 1 boy at newly planted tree. Handwritten title: Arbor Day.
OS Box 20 Folder 459

L449: Boy and girl flattering boy with food. Handwritten title: The flatterers.
OS Box 20 Folder 460

L450: Boy and girl at rainbarrel.
OS Box 20 Folder 461

L452: Star with girl's head held by nymph.
OS Box 20 Folder 462

L454: 2 boys and girl at scale.
OS Box 20 Folder 463

L455: Boy and girl fishing.
OS Box 20 Folder 464

L456: 2 boys and girl playing hopscotch.
OS Box 20 Folder 465

L457: Boy and girl tickling baby.
OS Box 20 Folder 466

L458: Boy playing wheelwright.
OS Box 20 Folder 467

L459: Two girls and boy playing jacks.
OS Box 20 Folder 468

L460: 3 girls. Caption: Any apples today?
OS Box 20 Folder 469

L461: Boy and girl ice skating. Handwritten caption: The timid one Henry Hilefeld.
OS Box 20 Folder 470

L462: Boy in Italian dress selling trinkets to boy and girl.
OS Box 20 Folder 471

L521: Girl on ladder climbing to cat in tree, with dog on ground.
OS Box 20 Folder 472

L523: Girl outside of dog house with Newfoundland, smaller dog.
OS Box 20 Folder 473

L524: Girl feeding ducks with hen.
OS Box 20 Folder 474

L600: Girl hands ball to girl at window, with dog.
OS Box 20 Folder 475-

L606: Baby, girl, doll, dog, mouse.
OS Box 21 Folder 476

L625: Boy on pony hands mail to girl, with dog.
OS Box 21 Folder 477

L805: Cinderella drops her slipper.
OS Box 21 Folder 478

L860-L863: Hind in the wood. After Walter Crane. 3 drawings; L860 is a double-size drawing.
OS Box 21 Folders 479-482

L1008: Cricket on the Hearth. Mended with remnant.
OS Box 21 Folder 483

L1030, 1030A: 2 hand painted proofs of the adoration of the Christ child and Mary by the Magi. (ca. 1860?)
MS Box 5 Folders 385-386

L1031: "The imperial melon cure establishment by Doctors Lull and Foh."
Ives, Sarah Noble, 1864-1944. In MS Box 3 Folder 203.

L1034: Woman in cap sitting in armchair taking tea.
MS Box 5 Folder 387

L1035: Shakespearean scene between a young man, young woman, and old man in distance. Handwritten caption: "Alas!" said she, "Do not work so hard."--Shakespeare.
OS Box 21 Folder 484

L1036: Twin males. Handwritten caption: Each Dromio pleasantly complimented his brother.
OS Box 21 Folder 485

L1303-L1306, L1310-L1312
These are watercolor drawings (plus one unumbered printed proof) for the Game of Battle or Fun for Boys (New York: McLoughlin, 1899). This game is also available at AAS; it is shelved in the
Games Collection section of the Graphic Arts Collections, Stack D.

L1303: Private. U.S. Regular Infantry. 1898. Full Dress Uniform.
MS Box 7 Folder 1

L1304: Private. U.S. Light Infantry.
MS Box 7 Folder 2

L1305: Private. U.S. Light Artillery.
MS Box 7 Folder 3

L1306: Private. U.S. Light Artillery.
MS Box 7 Folder 4

L1310: Private. 1st U.S.V. Cavalry "Rough Riders."
MS Box 7 Folder 5

L1311: Hospital Steward. U.S. Medical Corps.
MS Box 7 Folder 6

L1312: Red Cross Nurse. U.S. Medical Corps.
MS Box 7 Folder 7

[Printed Proof of the Red Cross Nurse]
MS Box 7 Folder 8

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