Center for Historic American Visual Culture (CHAViC)

Fellowship Opportunities

Scholars interested in using AAS visual collections are encouraged to apply to the fellowship program for funding. There are currently three fellowships devoted to scholars using visual collections:

Jay and Deborah Last Fellowships

A gift from Jay Last, a member of the American Antiquarian Society, and his wife, Deborah, enables the AAS Center for Historic American Visual Culture to promote research in the Society's preeminent collection of American graphic materials through the Jay and Deborah Last Fellowships. About a dozen one to three-month long residential fellowships are awarded annually for a variety of purposes, some augmenting current AAS fellowship offerings for research by academic scholars and by creative and performing artists preparing work for general audiences.[application information]


The American Historical Print Collectors Society Fellowship

A fellowship funded by the American Historical Print Collectors Society to support research using prints. [application information]


The "Drawn to Art" Fellowship

The third fellowship, endowed by Diana Korzenik, is for scholars using prints or studying visual culture in broader terms. [application information]



Scholars are eligible for other fellowships at AAS as well:

Fellowships for Creative and Performing Artists and Writers

Creative artists wishing to use historical materials as a source for their art should apply to the competition for Creative and Performing Artists and Writers. [more information]


Select Funding for Projects

In addition to underwriting fellowships for historical research using printed visual materials, there is funding to select several visual culture scholars for work on projects such as researching films or exhibitions, creating curriculum packages, enriching web-based resources, and documenting the natural or built environment. Awards in this category may be for projects and periods of residence that do not necessarily fall within the criteria of the fellowships.

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