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Cartes-De-Visite Inventory, by Box:

Box 1: Men, A-Hep
Box 2: Men, Hey- Sot
Box 3: Men, Spa-Z
Box 3: Women, A-Gar
Box 4: Women, Ger-You
Box 4: Children, A-H
Box 5: Children, J-W; Slave Children; Indians; Midgets & Giants; Groups
Box 5: Europe, Men, Air-Wat
Box 6: Europe, South America, and Miscellaneous
Box 6: US Views, Cal.- Mass.
Box 7: US Views, Mass.- Vir.; Canada; Transportation
Box 7: Painting Prints, Sculpture, and Archaeological Finds
Box 8: Worcester Men, Abb-Dre
Box 9: Worcester Men, Dun-Lin
Box 10: Worcester Men, Lin-Swe
Box 11: Worcester Men, Tab-Wym
Box 11: Worcester Women, Ada-Ful
Box 12: Worcester Women, Gar-Woo
Box 12: Anonymous Men and Youths
Box 13: Heads; Sitting and Standing; Anonymous
Box 14: Worcester Women Portraits, unknown
Box 14: Civil War Regiments and Worcester Portraits
Box 14: Civil War Portraits, A-B
Box 15: Civil War Portraits, C-Z
Box 15: Confederate Generals and Leaders
Box 16: Civil War Physicians; Groups; Views; and Flags


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