Write Home about This Adoption!

Write Home about This Adoption!

Soldier’s Letter.  Kansas City, MO and Fort Riley, KS.   Jan. 3, 1865.  July 15, 1865. 

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Here is another military camp newspaper also from the western side of Missouri.  It was issued by the 2nd Colorado Cavalry and edited by Private O[liver].F. Wallace with contributions by other enlisted men, and a few wives.  Each issue was three pages and left one page blank for a soldier to write a letter and mail it home.  Many camp newspapers during the Civil War were fleeting due to movements and fighting, but the Soldier’s Letter lasted a remarkable 50 issues between Aug. 1864 and Nov. 28, 1865.  The 2nd Colorado Cavalry was stationed in western Missouri and Kansas to protect the region against marauding Confederate guerilla groups and Native Americans.  While the troops were from a territory and not a state, the Soldier’s Letter kept promoting strong ties with the Union, regimental unity, and the abolishment of slavery. 

Adopted by Charles H.B. Arning

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