An Elephant Never Forgets an Adoption

An Elephant Never Forgets an Adoption

The Elephant.  New York, NY.  Feb. 5, 1848.  No. 3. 

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This is an extremely scarce humor periodical that lasted just five weeks, from Jan. 22 to Feb. 19, 1848.  Yale is the only institution with a file of all five numbers.  When it first came out many people believed that the publisher was Cornelius Mathews, a prominent author and social critic of the 1830s through 50s, though there is no absolute proof of this.  The Elephant is a sequel to the better-known periodical, Yankee Doodle (1846-1847).  The content is mostly political satire with regular jokes sprinkled throughout.

Adopted by Carol-Ann Mackey in memory of Marcus A. McCorison

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