To the Letter

To the Letter

Widstrand, Francis H., Letter, 1869 (July 26), Misc. Manuscript Collection.

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In 1869, Francis Widstrand wrote a letter to the famed New York Merchant Alexander T. Stewart (1803-1876). Widstrand, of Buffalo, Minnesota, saw in The Sun that Stewart "intend[ed] to do something for the working class." Widstrand tells Stewart of his ideas, the importance of good morals and principles, and the soon to be issued The Moralist. Widstrand was well informed, "Having seen considerable of the world in Europe, and here for the last 14 years, and studied all I have been able to find on the social question in several different languages..." This single letter conveys so much, yet leaves so many open ended questions, creating a truly interesting document.

Adopted by Ashley Cataldo

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