Yes, the Dictionary People

Yes, the Dictionary People

Additions to the G. & C. Merriam Business Records, 1818-1860. 

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G. & C. Merriam Company, printers, booksellers and publishers in Springfield, Massachusetts, was established in 1831 by brothers George (1803-1880) and Charles (1806-1887) Merriam.  The company specialized in school books, law books, Bibles, and dictionaries.  In 1843 they bought the copyright for Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, revised it, and promoted it in large quantities.  The success of this venture brought G. & C. Merriam to the public’s attention and their business expanded considerably.  This small collection of five letters contains business correspondence to the firm, one early letter from 1834, one from 1844, and three letters dating from 1845.  A few of the letters mention Webster’s Dictionary, one correspondent demanding “You had better send 10 Webster vols. To New York in place of the small numbers you first mentioned…”    This collection is a significant addition to the Society’s Merriam collection and more generally to its strong manuscript holdings in book trade, printing and publishing history.

Adopted by Michael Winship in memory of Hal Miller

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