Very Troublesome Pieces of Paper

Very Troublesome Pieces of Paper

Sarah Howe, Diary, 1852-1869. 

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Sarah Emma Howe was born in Sterling Massachusetts in 1830 and married Luther Kendall Jewett.  In describing the purpose of her diary, Howe writes “In looking over my papers I find many connected with the Sunday School, while I have been under Miss Waite’s instruction, which I wish to retain and finding pieces of paper very troublesome, I copy them in this book.”  The first of her copied entries dates from 1844, when she would have been 14 years old.  Howe continued to fill the book with reflections on sermons, and her own thoughts on religion, morality, and death.  In one entry, she speaks of her Grandmother’s funeral – “…she has gone to another world, where all will go and be happy, if good while hear [sic].  Mr. Allen said it was not right to mourn when a good person dies.”  In later years, Howe returned to her journal and recorded deaths in her community in the late 1860s.  Also included at the end of the volume are poetry and miscellaneous notes including “Names of Books I wish to obtain.” 

Adopted by Henry Ciborowski and Family in loving memory of Elaine M. Ciborowski

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