A School Book for Hattie

A School Book for Hattie

Winsor, George Jr., Ledger, 1845-1868. 

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George Winsor, Jr. (1790-1880) lived in Duxbury, Massachusetts, and married Hannah Delano in 1817.  Winsor was a captain of merchant vessels, including the Delano and the brig United States.  This ledger begins in 1845 with the accounts of Enoch Train & Co. and Augustus Hemenway. These pages show entries such as money collected from passengers and money received or paid in New Orleans, Liverpool and Boston.  The ledger then jumps to 1867 and follows family expenses through 1873. The ledger is filled with interesting expenses such as tickets for carriages and trips to Boston, medicine, lobster, “washer woman,” "Penny Post Man," the Boston Herald newspaper, a school book for Hattie, tickets to a banquet in Weston, travel for daughter Frances, Geo. Peabody photograph, a parish tax paid to Josiah Moore, payment to J.S. Lorings for a deed, and a contribution to a soldiers' monument in September of 1869. 

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