Congregational Sermons

Congregational Sermons

Huse, Jonathan, Papers, 1795-1842.

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Jonathan Huse (1767-1853) was born in Methuen, Massachusetts and was graduated from Dartmouth College in 1788.  In 1795 he became minister of the Congregational church in Warren, Maine.  In the late 1820s a growing number of members of his congregation became interested in Hopkinsianism and a movement began to form a second Congregational parish in Warren, whereupon Huse offered to rescind his contract with the society, an offer which was accepted.  Thereafter Huse continued as minister for the dwindling first parish on a year by year basis.

This collection includes various documents relating to Huse’s ministry, as well as thirty nine sermons he preached between 1798 and 1832. Most of the sermons are numbered (499 is the highest number in the present group) and as was a common practice among New England ministers, many were preached in more than one location over a period of years.

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