Running the Gamut

Running the Gamut

Howard, Chilon, Music Manuscript in The Gamut: Or, Scale of Music, ca. 1790.

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This well-used copy of  The Gamut; Or, Scale of Music, (Hudson, New York: A. Sloddard [i.e. Ashbel Stoddard], n.d.) is apparently unrecorded.  Ashbel Stoddard (1763-1840) was born in Saybrook, Connecticut and apprenticed with printers in Hartford.  He commenced business as a bookseller in Hudson, New York and in 1785 began publishing the Hudson Weekly Gazette in partnership with Charles R. Webster.  The following year Stoddard became the lone publisher, and he continued the paper until 1803.  Stoddard was active as a printer in Hudson for the rest of his life.

The earliest known publication of The Gamut was in Windsor, Vermont in 1795.  Between 1795 and 1815 editions were printed in Canandaigua, Lansingburgh, Otsego, Troy, Utica, and Albany, New York, as well as Hartford, Connecticut. The work contained blank leaves ruled for music in the back.  This copy bears the name of Chilon Howard.

Adopted by David W. Dangremond in Honor of Lisa Compton Bellocchio

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