Orange you glad I'm up for adoption?

Orange you glad I'm up for adoption?

Aurantia grove, Indian River, East Florida. Springfield, MA: Clark W. Bryan & Co., ca. 1871.
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The text on this circular promotes raising oranges for investment in the balmy Florida climate. Located northwest of Cape Canaveral, Aurantia Groves was typical of late nineteenth century Florida developments. Speculators bought up land and created lots for resale. Groves of orange trees were planted and could be managed from a distance, with a small financial investment. The circular lays out the details of prospective income and uses testimonials from previous investors as proof of success. They even quote Harriet Beecher Stowe's Palmetto Leaves. An 1888 editor of a newspaper in Springfield, Massachusetts (where this circular was published) wrote glowingly of a Mr. A.S. Dickinson's investment in Aurantia, which resulted in 100 boxes of oranges being shipped north in January and sold for 70 cents per pound.

Adopted by Cathy Corder

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