I Must have the Name of your Decorator!

I Must have the Name of your Decorator!

 By Thomas A. Bailey, Auctioneer … Will be Sold, to Close the Estate of Mrs. Hannah Walker. Philadelphia: Ledger Job Printing Establishment, 1866.

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This intriguing broadside records the dispersal of Hannah Walker’s estate which included the contents of a restaurant, a barber shop, a cigar store, and a small theater, all on South 3rd Street in Philadelphia.  The sale includes all the fixtures, furniture and sets/scenery, about 80 gallons of alcohol and over 1,000 cigars from stock.  The broadside also tabulates works of art, including 13 paintings, 99 framed colored lithographs, 53 framed engravings, and 15 photographs. 

Adopted by Steve Bolick

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