The Way to Save

The Way to Save

Gift to Young Friends or The Way to Good.  Edited by Sarah Josepha Hale.  New York: Edward Dunigan, ca. 1848-1857. Catalog Record | Enlarge Image | Adopt a Book Home

This is a compilation of didactic stories collected by Juvenile Miscellany editor Sarah Josepha Hale (1788-1879).  The wood-engraved illustration is from the story, “The Way to Save”--which contrasts the habits of the orderly James (pictured on the left), who saves his money for useful purchases, and his disorderly friend John, who we see on the right with a pile of broken purchases scattered at his feet.  James wisely saved up his allowance to buy a child-sized checker board that he brings over when he visits his spendthrift friend.  James responds to his friend’s amazement at the purchase by calmly explaining how he methodically saved his weekly sixpence allowance and his birthday half dollars until it grew to two dollars, the price of the board.   The illustration is framed in a border designed by engraver Robert H. Elton featuring vignettes from every story in the compilation: the checker board appears in the lower right corner.

Adopted by the Hewes Family in memory of Barbara Blood



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