Have a (snow) Ball!

Let’s Have a (Snow) Ball!

Tonna, Charlotte Elizabeth.  The Snow-Ball.  New York: Methodist Episcopal Sunday School Union, ca. 1860-1869. Catalog Record | Enlarge Image | Adopt a Book Home

Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna (1790-1846) was a British children’s tract writer whose work was widely published in the United States.  Although many of her books were soberly didactic tales, this simply-worded story describes the joy felt by both a mother and her children when playing in the snow.  Miss Tonna writes of the mother, “She loved to see her children out in the fine frosty weather, enjoying the fresh air … and she knew that healthful play was good for their bodies and their minds too.”  Such sentiments are echoed today by First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to get American children to embrace physical play outdoors.

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