Let’s Play with Mamma!

Let’s Play with Mamma!

Lovechild, Mrs.  The Christmas Tree and Other Stories for the Young.  Philadelphia: Charles H. Davis, ca. 1849. Catalog Record | Enlarge Image | Adopt a Book Home

This is a compilation of short Christmas stories for children; Christmas as a child-centered holiday was a fairly new idea in antebellum America, because of what was considered to be its Catholic roots by descendants of the New England puritans.  The Christmas Tree was published in Philadelphia just as many Germans fled the political tumult on the European continent to settle in Philadelphia, and they brought their Christmas traditions (including the Christmas tree) with them.  As a result, Philadelphia became a publishing center for children’s Christmas books.  The frontispiece shows an attentive mamma playing with her children, giving visual emphasis to the text’s goal to entertain children.  

Adopted by Gary Vaillancourt



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