Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting

Hunters and Trappers, Their Perils and Adventures.  New York: Sheldon, Blakeman & Co., ca. 1856-1859. 

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Imperialism, adventure, and natural history come into ready play in this frontispiece taken from Hunters and Trappers, which includes the story of Mr. Cornwallis Harris’ hunt for giraffes in the wilds of South Africa.  Note how Mr. Harris is dressed in Western apparel, while is native guide is shirtless; both sport modern rifles.  The giraffes appear in the distance.  The giraffe (also known as the cameleopard) was standard fare in children’s picture guides to animals, but this is an early depiction of them being the objects of game hunters.  This copy bears the bookseller’s stamp of J.N. Waggoner, who ran a shop in Galena, Illinois.     

Adopted by Brett Mizelle in Honor of Bill and Bernice Schrank

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