French Lesson

French Lesson

Charlier Institute. French and English Institution for young gentlemen, under the direction of Prof. Elie Charlier ... New York: S.W. Green, 1869.
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The annual catalog for what was then perhaps New York's most highly regarded prep school. Then on East 24th Street, the Charlier Institute accepted both day and boarding students, offering them a wide range of educational opportunities. Unusually, foreign language instruction was paramount; indeed, "FRENCH IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE SCHOOL for ALL YOUNG AMERICANS." Included is an outline of Charlier's educational philosophy; the school rules, fees, and curriculum; a roster of current students; and a list of all alumni with their present occupation and location, if known. Charlier boasts in particular of his ability to prepare students for West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy. "Cubans and South-Americans" may enroll, up to the yearly quota of ten students. At end is an advertisement for Charlier's complementary "Institution for Young Ladies," recently opened on East 33rd Street.

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