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Chase, A. W. (Alvin Wood), 1817-1885. Dr. Chase's Recipes; or, Information for Everybody. Twenty-seventh edition. Ann Arbor, Michigan: Published by the author, 1866. Catalog Record | Enlarge Image | Adopt a Book Home

According to the title-page this morocco gilt edition would have cost $2.00, but the volume could also be purchased bound in cloth for $1.25, or paper covers $1. Dr. Chase’s Recipes advertised itself as having something for everyone: “An invaluable collection of about eight hundred practical recipes, for merchants, grocers, saloon-keepers, physicians, druggists, tanners, shoe makers, harness makers, painters, jewelers, blacksmiths, tinners, gunsmiths, farriers, barbers, bakers, dyers, renovators, farmers, and families generally.”

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