Unique Rainbow Deck of Recipe Cards

Unique Rainbow Deck of Recipe Cards

Home Receipts for Every Family and How to Use Them. Economical and Convenient, Arranged in a Series of Cards. [Irvington on Hudson, N.Y.]: W.A. Burnham & Co., 1875. 

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The only known copy of this unique format cookbook consists of a printed slipcase that holds a dozen cards printed on both sides on different colored paper adhered to boards.  Each card presents a group of recipes; one card has soups, for instance.  Along with the imprint information printed on the slipcase is the following dedication:

“To sister housekeepers, I have prepared my collection of Receipts, and had them printed on cards for greater convenience in the Kitchen. Each Card, arranged in alphabetical order, and the ingredients of [each?] receipt, [listed?] in the order as they should be used, so that any who can read could use them. -- Martha King.”

One can just picture a nineteenth century housewife propping one of the cards on her kitchen windowsill in order to more easily follow its instructions.

Adopted by Melanie Glynn in honor of Lisa M. Sutter

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