Let the Flowers Do the Talking  

Let the Flowers Do the Talking    

“Uncle Charlie” [Charles W. Seelye]. The Language of Flowers and Floral Conversation. Fourth edition. Eighth thousand. Rochester: Union and Advertiser Co., 1878.

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This beautiful blue volume makes a perfect adoptee for someone with a green-thumb. Books explaining the symbolism of various flowers were popular in the nineteenth century as gifts, along with their close cousins the annual gift books. The author of this book, “Uncle Charlie,” was more formally known as Charles W. Seelye and was the Rochester area botany enthusiast. In 1844 he established the Rochester Central Nurseries and throughout his life he edited periodicals and wrote a number of books in a familiar style on botanical and horticultural subjects, including "How to Grow Flowers," "How to Make a Lawn," the "Farmer's Handbook," even a game of cards designed to teach botany.

Adopted by Virginia G. Woodbury in honor of John Jeppson

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