Welcome to the Adopt-a-Book 2017 Online Catalog!

Update: April 6, 2017

After just a few hours, all but a few items from our 2017 Adopt-a-Book catalog were adopted! And 48-hours later, everything was pledged. We hit our goal of raising $10,000!  We are very appreciative of the generosity of all those who have participated.

For those still wishing to pledge (all supporters will be named in the Adopt-a-Book online catalog and the print catalog Radiant with Color & Art), we are still accepting contributions either through “Other Ways to Help” (right/bottom on mobile devices) or through tax-deductible gift supporting Adopt-a-Book. Checks should be mailed to the American Antiquarian Society, 185 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA 01609-1634 or you may donate online here.
Thank you for your support of this initiative!

This spring AAS is holding our tenth annual online Adopt-a-Book event! The Society’s curators, who are responsible for organizing and running the event, hear constantly from members, former fellows, book dealers, and friends of the Society about their enthusiasm for Adopt-a-Book. A hearty thank you to you all!

This year, to mark the tenth year of this popular event, we decided to change the focus from support for acquisitions to support for an exciting upcoming exhibition. In December 2017 the Society will send over 150 books, games, toys, prints, and watercolors to the Grolier Club in New York for our exhibition Radiant with Color & Art, which celebrates the production of the children’s book publisher McLoughlin Brothers.  All of the material in this year’s Adopt-a-Book online catalog is going to New York to be on display in the show. 

Please help us send these important treasures from our children’s literature and graphic arts collections to New York City, where they will be seen by bibliophiles, book collectors, artists, and students from December 6, 2017 to February 3, 2018.

Supporters will be recognized in the printed catalog for the exhibition as well as on the Adopt-a-Book page on the AAS website.  As in past years, you may donate in honor of someone (friend or family member – or you, if you’d prefer!) who values history, art or children’s literature as much as you do.

You may also make a tax-deductible gift to support our commitment to making the collections accessible through an exhibition! Checks should be mailed to the American Antiquarian Society, 185 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA 01609-1634.

For questions, please contact Lauren Hewes, Curator of Graphic Arts at lhewes@mwa.org.

Adopted Items:

Fairy Godmother to the Rescue!
Don't Shoot - It's Really the Princess!
He Just Wants to Go Home
Watercolor for Fawn in the Wood
The Prodigal Son
Send Original Art to New York!
Santa and the Reindeer Need a Lift to New York
Cinderella in Spanish
And the squaws and papooses ride...
A Visit from St. Nicholas
Cenicentilla o El Escarpin
May I Have this Dance?
Santa is a Careful bookkeeper
Cinderella and Her Prince
The Cats' Party
The Night before Christmas
"At the Ball," Watercolor
Those Ear Bows!
Ho! Ho! Ho! Adopt!
If the Slipper Fits…
"The Dance," Watercolor
Cover design for The Night before Christmas
"Trying on the Slipper," Watercolor
Adopt a Needy Family
Box this Book up for New York!
Tailored to Adopt
Aunt Louisa's Golden Gift
Christmas Boxes
Santa Claus and His Works
Here, Kitty, Kitty!
Yankee Doodle Went to New York
Wants to Go to New York Despite Broken Crown
Cover design for New, Child's First Book
Yankee Doodle
"Jack and Jill," from Mother Goose's Magic Transformations
Don't be a Glutton, Adopt!
Two for the Price of One
We For see...A Trip to New York
The Fat Boy, from Dickens' Pickwick
Lottie and Dottie, or The Twins
Friends of Batman?
Times in the Past When Stuff Took Place
Old King Cole
Three Wise Men from Gotham
History...in One Syllable Words
Help a Bear Go to New York
Bowling for Orphans
Bags are Packed, Ready to Go
The Story of Teddy the Bear
Brownie's Nine Pins Bowling Game
Robinson Crusoe
Listen to your Mother - Adopt!
Before Elsa and Olaf
Not Really Topsy
Mother! Oh, if she were only here...
Palmer Cox, Brownie Year Book
You Can't Tell a Book by Its Cover, But...
Laughing All the Way to New York
One of the Earliest Adoptions
Tanglewood Tales
Jingle & Jokes for Little Folks
Moses and the Wanderings...
Fantastic Beasts in New York?
Still Laughing...
Will Carry Water
Binding Design for Tanglewood Tales
Jingle & Jokes for Little Folks
Moll Pitcher at the Battle of Monmouth
Don't be a Silly Goose - Adopt!
Travels with the Old Maid
Down the Stairs to New York
Watercolor, Mother Goose
The Merry Game of Old Maid
Watercolor, General Putnam's Escape
Here is a Pretty Book
Copycats in New York
Flocking for Adoption
Lancaster Toy Books
Diverting History of John Gilpin
Small Birds
Jack's Colorful House
Elegance and Beauty
It is Your Patriotic Duty to Adopt!
History of the House that Jack Built
Watercolor for Fawn in the Wood
Young America's ABC...
Early Comic Book
A is for Adoption!
Pop Up Book Magic
Adventures of Mr. Tom Plump
Sunshine ABC Book
Winter, Little Showman's Series No. 2
This Little Drummer Boy Needs a Ticket to New York
Pocket Full of Rye (and Subway Tokens?)
Animal Parade to New York
The Little Drummer
Sing a Song of Six Pence
Royal Picture Gallery
Grandma Cheerly's Stories
Judge Me by my Cover
Behave and Adopt!
Grandma Cheerly's Stories
Aunt Louisa's Gift
Who Killed Cock Robin?
Cat with Fiddle Will Play for Bus Fare
Castaways Can Adopt!
Cock Robin
Aunt Louisa's Home Companion
Robinson Crusoe
Let's Read Together
Cinderella in Color: Take 1
Caves Full of Gems!
The Story of Poor Cock Robin
Cinderella or The Glass Slipper
Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp
Picture Primer
Cinderella in Color: Take 2
Fun with Scissors
The Child's Own Primer
Cinderella or the Glass Slipper
Animals To Be Cut Out, No. 2
Send this Broadside to New York!
Shall We Dance?
It Takes a Village
Valuable Books for Children and Youth
The New Pretty Village Toy
Santa Sells the Book

Story Books from A to Z

This Swiss Family Wishes to Move to New York
Christmas Joys
Children's Pictorial Alphabet
Swiss Family Robinson
Beware of Gluttony
Tough Irish Girl Sells Books
Votes for Women!
Life and Death of Rich Mrs. Duck
Little Annie Rooney
Paper Dolls
Bravery up for Adoption!
Beautiful and British!
Patriotism before World War II
Story of the American Fireman
Hind in the Woods
Our America, Little Stories
Canine Adoption Needed!
Playtime for Children
Adopt Buffalo Bill!
Bow Wow! Or Dog Stories
Over the Hills
A Peep at Buffalo Bill's...
How Not to Behave
Revolutionary War History
This is the Adoption Jack Built
Tom Tearabout
Story of a Fight
The House that Jack Built
Follow Me to an Adoption
Hut, Hut, Hike!
No Humbug, Adopt!
Watercolor for "Pied Piper"
Parlor Football Game
General Tom Thumb
1,001 Reasons to Adopt!
McLoughlin in California
Dress Me Up and Adopt!
Arabian Nights
Kindel & Graham
Minty Green
Little Jack Horner in Spanish
Eye-Catching Binding
Don't Be Sloppy - Adopt!
Juanillo Bocado
Mother Goose's Melodies
Disorderly Girl

Eye-Catching Binding 

We Love our Pets
Yes Sir, Yes Sir, I will Adopt!
Swiss Family Robinson
Children's Favorite Animals and Birds
Watercolor for "Baa Baa Black..."
Poor Cock Robin!
Cinderella: The Panorama
Camping Out
Cock Robin. Picture Series
Puss in Boots, Cinderella
Watercolor of Camp Fire Girls
Wake up, and Adopt!
Just Right - for Adoption!
Bowling for Dollars
Uncle Sam's Panorama...
Cover design, The Three Bears
Aunt Louisa's Delight
Should Have Used Baedeker's
Little Folks Cube



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