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Santa Claus Picture Book

Doings of Kriss Kringle

What better way to celebrate the Council's generous fiscal supplement than to purchase this picture book about Santa Claus! Featuring chromolithographs in muted tones of blue and green characteristic of McLoughlin picture books from the 1890s, this book portrays Santa as toy maker, responsible business man (he keeps carefully inscribed ledger books bearing the names of good boys and girls), and genial saint. He is aided by faithful brownies that help polish his tools and answer the telephone, which was the height of emerging technology in the 1890s.

To view more images of Kris Kringle in the AAS collections, visit the 2004 online exhibition Visions of Christmas.

Purchased from Helen Younger. Harry G. Stoddard Memorial Fund.

~ Laura Wasowicz, Curator of Children's Literature

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