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Bell, J.T. Little Jem, the Rag Merchant. New York: Thomas Nelson and Sons; London: S.W. Partridge and Co., [ca. 1867].

Little Jim This transatlantic imprint is apparently an early collaboration of tract publishers Thomas Nelson and Sons and S.W. Partridge and Co. Little Jem is a classic tract tale of an impoverished boy trying to contribute to his mother's meager earnings as a seamstress by collecting and selling rags. Although falsely accused of theft, Jem's honesty and piety win the day. The chromolithographed cover of genteel children at play has nothing to do with the story, but it is an excellent example of Victorian illustration.
Purchased from John Gately. Harry G. Stoddard Memorial Fund.

-Laura Wasowicz, Curator of Children's Literature

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