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Illustrated Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes. (Turner & Fisher's Golden Toys.) New York and Philadelphia: Turner & Fisher; Boston: James Fisher; Baltimore: J.B. Keller, [ca. 1850]

This is a classic example of Turner & Fisher's output as a producer of affordable, brightly colored picture books in the 1840s and '50s. This compilation of nursery rhymes is new to the AAS collection; it intersperses such popular rhymes as Jack Sprat with descriptions of commonly played games like Blind Man's Buff, giving the modern reader a precious glimpse into the world of nineteenth-century children's play.

Nursery Rhymes

The back cover of this well-used copy has a fascinating advertisement for operas, almanacs, and conversation cards published by Turner's & Fisher, along with "Juvenile books in immense varieties." This book was acquired in a lot with 48 other children's pamphlets.
Purchased from Aiglatson Books. Harry G. Stoddard Memorial Fund.

-Laura Wasowicz, Curator of Children's Literature

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