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Book of martyrs, pen stabs and pencil scratches. Mansfield, OH: Coughlin & Wade, 1874.

image of item This very rare collection of caricatures in words (by "F. D. M.") and pictures (by "W. B. D.") lightheartedly skewers selected members of the 1874 Ohio State Legislature. Its perpetrators are as yet unidentified, though their initials (as well as their self-caricatures in the final illustration) should lead to their unmasking.

Adopted by Daniel A. Cohen, in honor of Joanne Chaison on the occasion of her retirement

-David Whitesell, Curator of Books

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C.C. Baldwin "One day I am visited by a collector of ordination sermons; the next, by a collector of 4th of July orations; then comes a collector of geography; another wants religious newspapers; another wants every book printed in New York before 1700. I accommodate myself to all; for I want every thing and collect every thing, and I have more zeal than the whole of them: and in this way I am kept very busy."
~Christopher Columbus Baldwin
 3rd Librarian of AAS