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Manuscript Periodical by Atkinson Academy Students

"The Weekly Offering," 1850.

Offering This manuscript volume is Vol. 3 no. 5 of a periodical produced by the female students of Atkinson (NH) Academy. Written in several hands, it has pieces on reading, the impermanence of life, and a humorous story entitled "Attempt at suicide" about a young man in the village who became "desperately hal-Lucy-nated with a pretty black eyed Miss." A few penciled marks indicate that this might have been corrected by a teacher, suggesting it might have been a project assigned to students.

In recent years we have been actively adding to our collection of these periodicals circulated in handwritten form. Some, like this, were produced at schools; some were done by individuals, and others were the products of small town lyceums that served more as social organizations for the young than as lecture hosting groups.

Atkinson Academy opened its doors in 1787, and in 1791 it became the second academy in New England to admit students of both sexes. This is a fine addition to our holdings of material relating to the academy, which also include manuscript records of the Academy's trustees from 1803-1945, the diaries of Rev. Stephen Peabody, one of the academy.s founders, and various catalogs and ephemeral publications.
Lee and Conway funds.

-Thomas G. Knoles, Marcus A. McCorison Librarian and Curator of Manuscripts

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