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Diario del Gobierno de la Habana. Aug. 11, 1812.

The History and Adventures of Little Eliza One of the gems of the AAS newspaper collection is its Caribbean newspaper holdings. During the summer of 2009, we took advantage of an opportunity to purchase almost 130 issues of early Cuban newspapers.

Many highlight the mercantile activities (including slavery) of the region. Because of the harsh climate, the survival rate of early Cuban newspapers is very low and chances for acquisitions very rare. Besides Havana, this collection includes newspapers from the towns of Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Matanzas, and Puerto Principe.

Collection purchased from Adolfo Sarrias Enriquez. Harry G. Stoddard Memorial Fund.

~ Vincent Golden, Curator of Newspapers and Periodicals

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C.C. Baldwin "One day I am visited by a collector of ordination sermons; the next, by a collector of 4th of July orations; then comes a collector of geography; another wants religious newspapers; another wants every book printed in New York before 1700. I accommodate myself to all; for I want every thing and collect every thing, and I have more zeal than the whole of them: and in this way I am kept very busy."
~Christopher Columbus Baldwin
 3rd Librarian of AAS