The Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, 1880-2008

October 1995, Volume 105, Part 2

  • Lapides, Linda F., "Herbert Henry Hosmer, Jr." (293-299) View PDF
  • Moynihan, Kenneth J., "Can the Scholars' History Be the Public's History?" (301-313) View PDF
  • Kelley, Mary, "Designing a Past for the Present: Women Writing Women's History in Nineteenth-Century America." (315-346) View PDF
  • Stein, Stephen J., "Inspiration, Revelation, and Scripture: The Story of a Shaker Bible." (347-376) View PDF
  • Wasowicz, Laura, "The Children's Pocahontas: From Gentle Child of the Wild to All-American Heroine." (377-415) View PDF

April 1994, Volume 104, Part 1

  • McDonough, C. Jean, "Proceedings of the Semiannual Meeting." (7-8) View PDF
  • Dunlap, Ellen S., "Report of the Council." (9-15) View PDF
  • Herron Jr., John, "John Whitin Curtis." (17-19) View PDF
  • Tracy, Joyce Ann, "Frederick Williams Hequembourg." (19-20) View PDF
  • Billias, George Athan, "Russell Wallace Knight." (21-23) View PDF
  • McCorison, Marcus A., "Hall James Peterson." (23-25) View PDF
  • Choquette, Leslie, "Frenchmen Into Peasants: Modernity and Tradition in the Peopling of French North America." (27-49) View PDF
  • Felcone, Joseph J., "New Jersey Copyright Registrations, 1791-1845." (51-115) View PDF
  • Gura, Philip F., "Manufacturing Guitars for the American Parlor: James Ashborn's Wolcottville, Connecticut, Factory, 1851-56." (117-155) View PDF
  • Lamoureux, Marie E., "Index to Clerical Biographies in William Buell Sprague's 'Annals of the American Pulpit.'." (157-182) View PDF

October 1994, Volume 104, Part 2

  • McDonough, Catherine Jean, "Proceedings of the Annual Meeting." (191-193) View PDF
  • Dunlap, Ellen S., "Report of the Council." (195-201) View PDF
  • Williams, Peter H., "Report of the Treasurer." (203-227) View PDF
  • Bond, W. H., "Douglas Wallace Bryant." (229-235) View PDF
  • Katz, Stanley N., "Shelby Cullom Davis." (235-237) View PDF
  • McFeely, William S., "Billups Phinizy Spalding." (238-239) View PDF
  • Hench, John B., "Jeremiah Kaplan." (239-242) View PDF
  • Burns, Ken, "Baseball, the American Epic." (243-260) View PDF
  • Buell, Lawrence, "The Rise and 'Fall' of the Great American Novel." (261-283) View PDF
  • Seeman, Erik R., "'She Died Like Good Old Jacob': Deathbed Scenes and Inversions of Power in New England, 1675-1775." (285-314) View PDF
  • Kinane, Vincent, "'Literary Food' for the American Market: Patrick Byrne's Exports to Mathew Carey." (315-332) View PDF
  • Mares, Jeffrey Scott, "Cotton Mather's 'Problema Theologicum': An Authoritative Edition." (333-440) View PDF

April 1993, Volume 103, Part 1

  • Otto, Calvin P., "Proceedings of the Semiannual Meeting." (7-9) View PDF
  • Dunlap, Ellen S., "Report of the Council." (11-15) View PDF
  • Favretti, Rudy J., "Thomas Jefferson's 'Ferme Ornée' at Monticello." (17-29) View PDF


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