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United States Historic Scenes


United States Historic Scenes Collection Inventory

Box 1 - Exploration and Colonization

Folder 1 Explorers: De Soto, Hudson, Cortez, Balboa, Pizarro, Marquette, Gasca, De
      Vaca, Ericson
Folder 2 Christopher Columbus
Folder 3 Exploration Age Miscellaneous
Folder 4 Jamestown Colony Images
Folder 5 Pilgrim Images
Folder 6 Landing of Rodger Williams
Folder 7 Colonial Virginia Miscellaneous
Folder 8 William Penn Images
Folder 9 Colonial Massachusetts Miscellaneous
Folder 10 General Colonial Miscellaneous


Box 2 - French and Indian War

Folder 1 Native American Miscellaneous Images
Folder 2 Battle of Louisberg and Champlain's Campaign
Folder 3 Attacks on Pequot, Naraganset, Yamsees, and Schenectady
Folder 4 Braddock's Campaign
Folder 5 Seige of Qubec
Folder 6 Battles of Cowpens, Guilford, and Miami
Folder 7 Brookfield, Pontiac's War, Mason's Campaign
Folder 8 The Burgoyne Campaign
Folder 9 French and Indian War Misc


Box 3 - Revolutionary War, Part I

Folder 1 George Washington, This is Your Life (Random pictures of George Washington      doing anything but fight battles)
Folder 2 Boston Massacre
Folder 3 Boston Tea Party
Folder 4 Battles of Lexington and Concord
Folder 5 Battle of Bunker Hill and the Siege of Charlestown
Folder 6 Continental Congress and the Signing of the Declaration of Independence
Folder 7 Battle of Camden, Kign's Landing, and the British Landing at New Jersey
Folder 8 Battles of Long Island and Stoney Point
Folder 9 Evacuation of the British from Boston Harbor (Or, an excuse to take a day off in      Boston)
Folder 10 Battles of Brandywine, Bennington, and Harlem
Folder 11 Assault on Quebec
Folder 12 Valley Forge
Folder 13 Battle of Trenton


Box 4 - Revolutionary War, Part II

Folder 1 Battle of Germantown
Folder 2 Battle of Princeton
Folder 3 Battle of Saratoga
Folder 4 Battle of Monmouth
Folder 5 Battle of Eutaw Springs/Creek
Folder 6 Naval Action Between the Serapis and the Bon Homme Richard
Folder 7 Battle of Yorktown
Folder 8 Revolutionary War Naval Miscellaneous
Folder 9 Revolutionary Flags
Folder 10 Revolutionary War Miscellaneous


Box 5 - War of 1812 and the Mexican American War

Folder 1 Naval Action between the Constitution and the Gurriere
Folder 2 War of 1812 Miscellaneous
Folder 3 Battle of New Orleans
Folder 4 Battle of Monterey
Folder 5 Battle of Buena Vista
Folder 6 Battle of Palo Alto
Folder 7 Mexican War Miscellaneous


Box 6 - The Civil War

Folder 1 The Attack on Ft. Sumter
Folder 2 Attack on Mass. 6th Regiment Passing Through Baltimore
Folder 2.5 Battles of Rich Mountain, Pea Ridge, Chickamauga, and Rocky Face Ridge
Folder 3 Manassas (First Bull Run)
Folder 4 Battles of Lookout Mountain and Wilson's Creek
Folder 5 Port Royal
Folder 6 Battles of Malvern Hill, Cedar Mountain, and Fair Oaks
Folder 7 Battle of Mill Spring/Creek
Folder 8 Battle of Antietam
Folder 9 Battle of Roanoke Island
Folder 10 Battles of Pittsburg Landing and Balls Bluff
Folder 11 Battles of Shiloh and Newbern
Folder 12 Battles of the Wilderness and Chantilly
Folder 13 Battle between the Merrimac and The Monitor
Folder 14 Capture of Ft. Donelson
Folder 15 Battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville
Folder 16 Battles of Gettysburg and Williamsburg
Folder 17 Battle of Vicksburg
Folder 18 Attack on Ft. Hudson, Cumberland Gap
Folder 19 Surrender at Appomattox
Folder 20 Civil War Naval Miscellaneous
Folder 21 Civil War Miscellaneous
Folder 22 Pictures of Boats that don't seem to fit anywhere
Folder 23 Political Scenes


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