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British Trade Cards, French Trade Cards, Unidentified


F = Folio


ABBEY, Dr. E.C.; pictorial puzzle advertisement for remedies for epilepsy, palsy, idiocy, insanity; Buffalo, N.Y., 1874.

ABADIE, MR.; terms of first course of French lessons at concert hall; price list; Boston, Mass., 1823

ACTON MILL, Acton, Mass.; card with sample of thread

ADAMS, JOSEPH; Manufacturers' agent; domestic hardware; New York, N.Y.

ADRIANCE, HENRY; Manufacturer of plain and ornamental blank books; Oswego, N.Y.

AIKMAN'S, W.; circulating library; books, letter cases, sold at British prices; Annapolis, Md., 1773

ALBERT, CHARLES, A.; Manufacturer of Mattresses, spring beds, etc. Jamestown, Chautauqua County, N.Y.

ALEXANDER & CARSTAIRS' wholesale and retail grocery store; Philadelphia, Penn.; image of ships at wharf

ALEXANDER, GEORGE, W.; job bookbinding; 7 Spruce St., near Nassau, N.Y.; simple line border - F -

ALLEN, IRA; stove and grate Manufactory; hot air furnaces, cooking ranges, and parlor store, Boston, Mass.

ALLEN, OTIS, L.; trunks, valises and carpet bags, wholesale and retail; Lowell, Mass.

ALLEN, R.H & Co.; farm and garden implements, tools, fertilizers, etc.; New York, N.Y.

AMERICAN HORSE COLLAR COMPANY NEW YORK; Manufacturers and dealers; patent rubber lined collars, saddles and pads; Boston, Mass., 1868

AMERICAN HOTEL; Jonas White, Jr.; lodging; Auburn, N.Y.

AMERICAN PRINT WORKS; Fall River, Mass.; fabric label with picture of factory in Fall River

AMERICAN PRINT WORKS; Fall River, Mass., 1853; fabric label with male and female allegorical figures on either side of medal from 1853 New York exhibition - F -

AMERICAN SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION; hymn and music books suited to Sunday-school and social religious meetings; 146 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Penn.; 152 Nassau St., New York, N.Y.; 5 Cornhill, Boston, Mass. - F -

AMERICAN SUNDAY SCHOOL; hymn and music books; Philadelphia, New York, and Boston

AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION COMPANEW YORK; W. G. Perkins, agent; 189 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 1855

AMES, D & J; Manufacturer of printing paper; Springfield, Mass.

ANDREWS, SANFORD & SMITH; millinery goods, wholesale dealers; 70 &71 Franklin St., New York, N.Y.

ANTHONY, JOSEPH; goldsmith and jeweler; ornate border; Philadelphia, Penn., ca. 1780-90

ANTIOCH BOOK ESTABLISHMENT; booksellers and stationers; Lawrance & Winchell; Yellow Springs, Ohio

APPLETON, BENJ. B; importer of hard-ware goods, brushes; 26 Union St., Boston, Mass.

ARCHER, JOHN W.; stationery, chart and nautical bookstore; Salem, Mass.

ARMSTRONG, SAMUEL, T.; printer and bookseller, 50 Cornhill, Boston, Mass.

ARNOT, J. & A.; livery stable and funeral business; St. Louis, Missouri; cameo card

ARTHUR & BURNET; account book Manufacturers, foreign and domestic stationery; 61 Wall St., N.Y., 1851.

ASH, THOMAS; fancy and Windsor chair Manufactory, wholesale and retail; 33 John St., New York, N.Y. image of Man loading chairs onto cart

ATKINSON, SAMUEL C.; seminary for young ladies; 265 South Front St., Philadelphia, Penn.; image of teacher pointing towards temple of learning

ATLANTIC DELAINE CO; W. Simpson, printer; fabric label with three allegorical figures. - F-

ATWILL & SNELL; Manufacturer and dealers of portable hop press; Waterville, Oneida Co., N.Y.

AUDENRIED, LEWIS & CO.; miners and shippers, anthracite coals; 57 Walnut St. Philadelphia; 86 State St, Boston; (From Earle Family Collection, AAS Mss. Dept)

AUSTIN, O.E; dealer in British, French and American dry goods; Brattleboro, Vt.

AUSTIN, SAMUEL; English and India dry goods; Union St., Boston; photocopy

AVERY, SAMUEL P.; dealer of fine arts; trade card designed and etched by George Cruikshank, 1873; 88 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y.


BAILEY, F.W.; book bindery; 68 Exchange St., Portland, Me.

BAILEY & NOYES; booksellers, stationers & book binders; 56, 58, 68 Exchange St., Portland, Me. (2 variants)

BAIZLEY, JOHN; steam-ship smithery, Machinist, and block and pump Manufacturer; 522 South Delaware Ave., Philadelphia, Penn.

BALCH, VISTUS; engraver; Cornhill Square, Boston, Mass. portrait of George Washington

BALDWIN, J; clock and watch, silver plate and jewelry store; Salem, Mass; Father Time and Neptune with examples of Baldwin's wares -F-

BAMMAN, H.; Eagle Tavern; Albany, N.Y.; 1821; Packard & Van Benthuysen, printers, Albany
BANKS & BROTHERS; law booksellers, publishers and importers; 144 Nassau St., New York, N.Y.

BARBER & PERRY; copper plate printers; 8 South Sixth St. Philadelphia, Penn. Published in Philadelphia Directory and Register, 1822. Portrait of Benjamin Franklin

BARCLAY, ANDREW; book binder; Cornhill, Boston, Mass.; engraved by Thomas Johnson, ca. 1765-7. (2 items) images of book binders working

BARKER, K.C & CO; dealers in cigars, pipes and tobacco boxes; billhead allegorical female figure seated on an outspread eagle. Hatch and Co, printers. Detroit, Mich. -F-

BARNES & PARKER; W.I. goods and groceries; Boston, Mass. N. Dearborn, engraver.

BARRETT, S. F.; wharfinger (the operator or Manager of a commercial wharfs)

BARRETT, W.E. & CO.; agricultural warehouse and seed store; Manufacturers and dealers in all farming tools and seeds; 32 Canal St., Providence, R.I., R.I.

BARREY & BIGELOW; Manufacturers and importers of paper hangings; date on bill: May 1, 1849, Lynn and Boston, Mass.; image of Manufactory and retail store -F-

BARTLETT & BREWER; druggists; 13 Cornhill, Boston; 1822, ms. date on bill: Aug. 10, 1822; image of sign of the Good Samaritan - A. Bowen, engraver -F-

BARTLETT & BREWER; chemist and druggists; 90 & 92 Washington St., Boston

BARTLETT & STONE; European and American piece goods; 26 Kilby St. Boston, Mass.

BATCHELDER & WOOD; steam printers; 159 Washington St., Boston, Mass.

BATE, T. & J. trade card pasted in John Burton, Lectures, 3rd ed., N.Y., 1794

BATES HOUSE; J. M. Haven, proprietor; Rutland, Vt. Printed by Tuttle & Co.

BATES, JOSEPH L.; stereoscopes with inventions and improvements; 120 Washington St., Boston, Mass.

BAZIN, ABRAHAM; hardware goods, looking glasses; 16 Cornhill and 9 Newbury St., Boston, Mass.

BAZIN, ABRAHAM; hardware goods, looking glasses; 1 Cambridge St., Boston - (2)

BAZIN, JOHN; hardware, looking glasses, and the 'quicksilvering' of looking glasses; 32 Cornhill, Boston

BAZIN, JOHN; hardware, looking glasses, and the 'quicksilvering' of looking glasses; 32 Cornhill, Boston; printed by N. Coverly, 1792

BAZIN, JOHN; hardware goods, broad and narrow axes, brass and princes metal andirons, cast iron wares and brushes; 39 Cornhill, Boston, 1806-09

BAZIN & APPLETON; hardware goods, brushes; 16 Cornhill, Boston

BAZIN AND POIGNAND; hardware goods, looking glasses, brushes, wholesale and retail; 39 Cornhill, near the Market, Boston, 1803

BEALE, JOHN C.; stationer, blank book Manufacturer, printer and lithographer; 78 Wall St. and 262 Broadway, New York, N.Y.

BEALS, J. J. & CO; clock Manufacturer; Haymarket Sq., Boston; border of clocks - F -

BEDFORD, JOHN; Manufacturer of files, saws, edge tools; Sheffield, England. Note in ms.: 273 Pearl St., New York
BEEBE, JAMES M. & CO.; importers of dry goods, and dealers in American woolens and cottons; 66 Franklin St., Boston; (From Earle Family Collection, AAS Mss.)

BELCHER & EASTBURN; taylors (tailors) & habit makers; 5 Court St., Boston, Mass.

BEAMENT, DEODATE; saddles and bridles; Wallingford

BEMENT, WILLIAM; hotel; Albany, N.Y.; 1819; Packard & Van Benthuysen, printers, Albany

BENJAMIN, W.E.; bookseller, libraries bought and sold; 744 Broadway, New York; N.Y.; image of bookseller and customer

BENT, SAMUEL W.; Marlborough thread, hosiery and glove store; 255 Washington St. Boston, Mass.; 1836

BIDDLE; R & W.C. & CO.; foreign and domestic hardware, cutlery, guns and heavy goods; 47 Market St. and 22 & 24 Jones' alley; Philadelphia, Penn.

BISHOP, THOMAS E.; hardware, cutlery, guns and dealer in American hardware; 89 Maiden lane; New York, N.Y.

BLAKE, EDWARD, Jun; English and India goods; 70 Cornhill, Boston, Mass.; ms. date on card: Feb. 16, 1792; oval wreath border with sprays crossing at top - F -

BLAKE, FRANCIS; Publisher, wholesale and retail bookseller and stationer; 58 Exchange St., Portland, Me. (2 variant copies)

BLAKE, WILLIAM B. & CO; bookseller and stationer; Papermill Village, N.H.; - F -

BLANCHARD, WILLIAM E.; linen goods; 97 Washington St.; late 62 Cornhill, Boston, Mass. Printed by John G. Scobie, State Street.

BLIVEN & DOUGLASS; American hardware; 5 Platt St., New York, N.Y.

BLODGET, CLARK AND BROWN; hardware and cutlery; 29 Pearl St., Boston, Mass.

BLUNT, E & G.W.; nautical establishment; 179 Water St., New York, N.Y. 1838 (in New American Practical Navigator by Bowditch (New York, 1837); engraved by W. Hooker.

BOARDMAN & HART; Manufacturers of Britannia block-tin and pewter ware; 6 Burling Slip, New York, N.Y.; decorated with pots and cups; engraved by D. R. Harrison

BOOTT & FARRON; importer of hats, gloves and hosiery; ms. date on bill: Jun. 16, 1809; Britannia holding shield, ships on the horizon -F -

BORDMAN, JOHN; hat and fur store; 56 Cornhill, Boston; Indian with pelt; hatmaker

BOSS, CHARLES D. & SON; lunch milk biscuit, cracker manufactory; New London, Conn. 2 variants with men at sea on one and oxen pulling sled filled with logs on other

BOSTON GLASS MANUFACTORY; Boston, Mass.; image of factory, glass objects, and tools; J. R. Penniman del. et. scrip.; W. B. Annin sc.

BOSTON AND LIVERPOOL CUNARD LINE; mail steamers; 99 State St., Boston, Mass.;

BOULDIER, J. J; advertisement for taking likenesses with physiognotrace; 32 South 3rd St., Philadelphia, Penn; 1796; aquatint portrait at top - F -

BOURNE; depository of arts, importer of engravings, fancy goods, ornamental stationery, drawing materials; 359 Broadway, New York, N.Y.; scene of Street fronts; engraved by Peter Maverick

BOWEN, ABEL; engraver; copper plate printing; Devonshire St., Boston, Mass.; female allegorical figure against large boulder; Boston in background; (2 copies)

BOWEN, ABEL; engraver on wood; Tremont St., Boston, Mass.; image of exotic animals

BOWERS, ISAAC; English, India & scotch goods; 17 Cornhill, Boston, Mass.

BOWLES, LEONARD C.; books and stationery; 362 Washington St., Boston, Mass.; from Unitarian Register, July 1832.

BOWLES & DEARBORN; book and stationery; 72 Washington St., Boston, Mass.; storefront with "Christian Examiner North American Review and Literary Gazette"; frontispiece to Always Happy (Boston: Bowles and Dearborn, 1827) -F-

BOYD, DAVID JR.; cloths cashmeres, vestings and tailors' trimmings; 32 South Fourth Street; Philadelphia, Penn.

BOYDEN'S; genuine court plaster; Boston, Mass.; cameo card

BRACKETT, JOSHUA; O. Cromwell's Head Tavern; School St., Boston; tavern sign with portrait of Cromwell; engraved by Callender; - F -
BRACKETT, JOSHUA; O. Cromwell's Head Tavern; School St., Boston; portrait of Cromwell; engraved by Paul Revere before 1771; filed with Paul Revere Engravings Collection, Graphic Arts Department

BRADFORD AND READ's; books and stationery; works on agriculture arts and commerce; 58 Cornhill, Boston, Mass.; image of agricultural implements (3 variants)

BRADFORD AND READ; law booksellers; 58 Cornhill, Boston, Mass.; figure of Justicia seated among volumes

BRADFORD, WILLIAM B.; wholesale and retail grocer. 23 & 24 India Street, Boston, Mass.; eagle above shield; vignettes of boxes of goods, ship, wagon and horses

BRADFORD, WILLIAM, B. Jr; wholesale and retail grocer; South Side Fanuel hall, Boston, Mass.; mss. date on bill: Aug. 6, 1816.eagle above shield; vignettes of boxes of goods, ship, wagon and horses - F -

BRADSHAW, SAMUEL C.; West India goods, cordials, groceries; 52 Hanover St., Boston, Mass.; dated 1822 on verso

BRADSTREET, SAMUEL; hardware goods imported from London; Charlestown, Mass., - F -

BRADSTREET AND STORY; importers of fashionable, fancy and staple goods; 13 Market Square, Boston, Mass.; mss. date on bill: Dec. 23, 1807; beehive with anchor and bales backed by a water scene - F -

BRAGG, AUSTIN; chocolate manufacturer, Danvers, Mass.; label with directions for hot cocoa

BRANDRETH'S BENJAMIN; vegetable pills; cleanses the blood for impurities; 417 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 1848; label

BRECK,WILLIAM; importer of hardware, furniture, knives, etc.; at the Golden Key near the Draw-Bridge, Boston, engraved by Paul Revere, 1770; filed with Paul Revere Engravings, Graphic Arts Department

BREWER & CARTER; wholesale and fancy goods store; 55 State St., Boston; ms. date on bill: July 9, 1798; allegorical female figure with anchor posed by a warehouse with ships on the horizon. Henderson, engraver, London, copper plate - F -

BREWER, CLARK & SON; smoking tobacco; 14 South Market St., Boston; label - circa 1849 - F -

BREWER, ELIAB STONE; fancy and staple goods; 414 Washington St., Boston; image of ship and bales of goods

BREWER, SAMUEL, N. & BROTHERS; druggists and apothecaries; 92 Washington St., Boston; scene of Good Samaritan. Calvin F.S. Thomas, printer, 30 North Market St., Boston, ca. 1835-36 - F -

BREWER, SAMUEL, N. & BROTHERS; (late Bartlett & Brewer); druggists and apothecaries, 92 Washington St., Boston; scene of Good Samaritan- F -

BREWER, SAMUEL N. 7 BROTHERS; (late Bartlett & Brewer); chemists and druggists; scene of the Good Samaritan; engraved

BREWER, THOMAS; English and India goods; 19 Cornhill, Boston; ms. date on bill: 1793; - F -

BREWER & TILESTON; publishers and booksellers; 131 Washington St., Boston

BRIDGENS, WILLIAM, H.; die sinker, engraver; steel and brass letter cutter; 189 William St., New York, N.Y.

BRIDGEMAN, J.S; surgeon dentist; Market, near Main St., Brockport, New York

BRIGGS, S.M, Mrs.; clairvoyante; 112 Christie St., New York, N.Y.

BRIGGS, WESTCOT & STARKWEATHER; importers of foreign hardware; 217 Pearl St., New York, N.Y.

BRIMMER, ANDREW; importer of India and European goods; 52 Cornhill, Boston; ms. date on card; Sept. 11, 1799; text on shield held by eagle
BRINLEY, EDWARD; druggist, medicines, paints, dye stuffs, etc.; 3 & 4 South side Old Faneuil Hall, Boston; four billheads, dated in mss. 1841, 1845, 1848; allegorical female figure with cornucopia; engraved by N. Dearborn - F -

BRINLEY, GEORGE; wholesale druggist and chemist, 3 South side of the Market, Boston, 1818; ms. date on bill: Nov. 7, 1818; a camel laden with gun arabic, held by an oriental figure; Wightman, engraver; F -

BROCKWAY, J.; surgeon dentist; Dartmouth Hotel

BROOKHOUSE, ROBERT; goldsmith and jeweller, Essex St., Salem; Masonic imagery; engraved by Samuel Hill; restrike made about 1934 -F-

BROOKS, GEO. J & CO; paper warehouse, printing materials; 123 Sansome St.,
San Francisco, California

BROWN, AULAY; clothing store; 326 Market Street, Philadelphia

BROWN, GOOLD; Cliff-Street School; instruction of boys; in rear of St. George's Chapel, Beekman St., New York, N.Y.

BROWN, WILLIAM; drug, medicine and chemical store; corner of Washington and Elliot Sts., Boston;: interior of store, two statues, etc. -F-

BROWN, WILLIAM; druggist and apothecary; 481 Washington St., Boston; ca. 1832

BROWN, WM. A., JR. & CO.; No. 117 Milk Street, Boston

BRUCE, DANIELS & RAPP; dealers in rosewood, mahogany and fancy woods; 202 & 206 Centre, 138 Baxter & 213 Hester Sts., New York, N.Y.

BRUCKLACHER, LOUIS; wholesale & retail dealer in umbrellas & parasols; steam grinder; 133 North Clark St., Chicago, Illinois; circular design of tools

BRUFF, BROTHER & SEAVER; importers and jobbers of foreign and American hardware; guns, rifles, pistols and sporting articles; 44 Warren St., New York, N.Y.; map on verso

BUCK, M & J.H.& CO.; machine works for working wood; Lebanon, N.H.

BUCKMASTER, THOS. O; saddle harness and trunk manufacturer; Hudson and Spring Sts., New York, N.Y.

BUFFALO FEMALE ACADEMY; bill for tuition; books, globe, map and quill pen in corner; dated in mss.: Oct. 1, 1865 - F -

BUFFUM, ARNOLD; pain extracting and healing balsam; 112 Broadway, New York, N.Y.; label

BULL; E.W; drugs, medicines, wines; Hartford, Conn., Conn.; image of Good Samaritan

BULL, J.N; manufacturer of and dealer in harness, saddles, bridles, whips, blankets; 472 Main St., Springfield, Mass; vignette of horse and sulky; wood engraving p>

BULLARD, O.C; landscape architect; 122 Macon St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

BUMSTEAD, JOSIAH; bed-bunts, English and American bed-ticks, looking glasses, feathers, American paper hangings; 53 Marlboro St., Boston, dated on verso in ms.: March 9, 1795.

BUMSTEAD, JOSIAH; paper staining manufactory, drapery, feather beds, mattresses, fringes, etc; 68 Cornhill, Boston; dated on verso in ms.: Aug. 23, 1817 -F -

BURBANK PAPERMILL; original cut in AAS; proof by Alden Johnson, 1962; AAS also has impression in ream wrapper collection; image of native American- F -

BURDETT, JAMES, W.; books and stationery; 27 Court St., Boston; ms. date on bills: Dec. 17, 1838; Oct. 2, 1829; medallion portrait of Benjamin Franklin, in fur cap, surmounting a shelf of books; 2 copies - F -

BURLINGAME, C.A; manufacturer and dealer in light carriages, Amesbury, Mass.; price list; Mar. 24, 1879 -F-

BURNHAM; bookstore, antique, modern and foreign circulating library; 58, 60 & 64 Cornhill, Boston; ca. 1830-1840; 3 copies

BURNTON; bookstore; 298 Bowery; 92 Fourth Ave., New York, N.Y., ca. 1866

BURRILL, NATHAN; book store, stationery, bookbinding, printing: image of printing press and other accessories - F -

BURTSELL, PETER; bookbinder; 95 Beekman St., New York, N.Y. Elkanah Tisdale, engraver; two female allegorical figures on either side of portrait bust of Benjamin Franklin

BUTLER, HENRY, H.; druggist and apothecary; Kenduskeag Block, Bangor, Maine; J. Gibson, Lith., 39 Beekman St., N.Y.; shells and flowers in corners

BUTLER, KEITH & HILL; importers of hardware, table cutlery; dealers in pig and sheet lead, lead pipe; 188 Milk St., Boston

BUTTIKOFER, JOHN; piano forte manufacturer; 102 Elm St., New York, N.Y.


CALDWELL & CO; fresh tripe, hermetically sealed, also put up meats, fruits, vegetables; newburyport, ma
CALDWELL & GHRISKEY; hardware, commission merchants; 16, 18 north fifth st., philadelphia
CALLENDER, JOSEPH; boston tea store; 40 marlboro st. ( near old south); tea, gun powder, wine, brandy, gin; ms. date on bill: may 29, 1811 - beaded boarder with flowers on each 4 corners
CALLENDER & JENKINS; cuperfine cloths, cassimers and waistcoating; 4 state st., boston; ms. date on bill: sept. 3, 1806; jan. 30, 1806; feb. 18, 1813; july 20, 1815; april 17, 1816; signed; corner pictorial: "alligorical or grecian female" leaning against anchor with stream of ribbon from hand; metal engraving - 5 - F -
CAMMEYER & ACOCK; copper plate printers; library; 10 st., philadelphia
CAMPBELL, JAS; antiquarian bookstore; 62, 64 cornhill, boston
CAMPBELL, W.O & CO; compartment milk pan; manufacturers and proprietors; richford, vt
CARGILL, CHARLES; dealer in paper hangings, boarders, curtains; 495 and 497 high, near knight st., providence, ri (2)
CARGILL, JOHN M.; cabinet-maker; no.?, high-street, providence, ri
CARNES& CHOATE; boys clothing; 7 & 9 milk st; opposite the "old south"; ms. date on bill: jan. 1, 1860; pictorial: two small boys in fancy dress; wood engraving -F -
CARR, EDWARD W.; Screws, seal presses, sawmill cranks, anvils and smith work, wholesale and retail vises; 158 race st. philadelphia,
CARSON & HALL; watchmakers, silver smiths and jewelers;. 34 state st., ny, ny
CARY, G&J; celestial and terrestrail globes; 86 st. james st., london; price list with information of new globes for sale - F -
CARY, ISSAC H. & CO; comb, jewelry and fancy goods store; 54 washington st., boston; ms. date on bill: sept 14, 1831; pictorial of examples of combs - F -
CASS, JOHN; manufacturers of horse and hand rakes, grain cradles and scythe snaiths; woonsocket, ri
CERMENATI & BERNARDA; carvers, gliders, picture frame and looking glass manufacturers; 2 state st., boston
CHAMBERLAIN, R.; european and india goods; 2 newbury st., boston
CHANDLER, S.W & CO.; engravers and lithographers; 204 washington st., boston
CHAPIN, M.D, Mrs.; city bonnet warehouse; fashionable millinery and mourning bonnets; 254 washington st., boston
CHARD, STEPHEN; boot, shoe and trunk store; 29 union st., boston
CHASE, A.B & CO.; manufacturers of strictly high-grade pianos
CHASE, DANIEL W. & CO; wholesale and retail dealer in fresh meats, hams, cheese, lard, ect; 49 myrtle ave., brooklyn, ny
CHEEVER, NATHANIEL, M.D; physician and surgeon; university of the state of ny; trinidad de cuba
CHICOPEE PRINTS; madder styles; h. lawrence; 83 williams st., new york ( engraver)' pictorial: n. americans with captive camping scene; madder ( eurasian climbing plant - the dye made of it) a lithograph print - lible - F -
CHILDS & LARKIN; variety store, english and india goods
CHILSON, GARDNER; furnaces, ranges, dampers and stoves; 99 and 101 blackstone st., boston
CHURCH, WILLIAM; daguerrean artist; miniatures, views, copies; in: john morison, counsels to a newly wedded pair (1832) - G800 M861 C832 (A.A.S call #)
CHURCHILL, H.W; wood engravers; 88 state st., albany, ny
CHURCHILL, COLLAMORE, & CO.; china and glass warehouse, importers of crockery glass china; 186 washington st., boston
CHURCHILL, COLLAMORE, & CO.; china and glass warehouse; corner of franklin st., boston; no date; pictorial: a female figure with anchor posed with vases, bottles, etc in front of large cask, with a sea scene behind. copper plate. 2nd copy with engravers sig. w.& k.s. text of bill cut off. - F -
CHURCHILL & ROGERS; american hardware; 8 dey st., ny, ny
CITY HOTEL; m. kendall proprietor; springfield, ms.
CLAFLIN, H.B. & CO.; crockery and glassware, ladies' shoes, rich fancy and staple dry goods; 4 granite row, ny, ny
CLAPP & CORY; (successors to a.a. leland); musical merchandise; 106 westminster st., corn. of dorrance st., directly opp. howard block., providence ri.; conventional boarder with pictorial of musical instruments in center - F -
CLARK, ALFRED C.; engraver, wedding invitations, crests, coats of arms; book plates; 45 sage-allen building, hartford, ct
CLARK, WILLIAM; saddler, cap and harness maker; raleigh, nc
CLAY, DANIEL; cabinet work; makes all kinds at his shop in greenfield, ma; nov. 4, 1794
COALE, E.J & CO.; booksellers and stationers, 4 calvert st., baltimore, md
COGGESHALL & STEWART; booksellers and stationers; school, miscellaneous, theological; 17 westminster st., providence, ri
COLMAN, WM. A; english books and prints; importer of fine engravings and choice works; 205 broadway, ny, ny
COMER'S NAUTICAL INSTITUTE; 139 washington st, (corn. of school st); boston; list of terms; pictorial; sextant and man of ship using it; other side ad of accounting; printed on blue paper - F -
CONSTABLE, WOOD Y.CA.; manila; a woman in native dress, weaving; wide fruit and flower boarder; black on pink
COOK & ALDRICH; hatters and furriers; 147 washington st., op. old south church, boston; pictorial; inteNior of store; ezra t. allen. engraver - F -
COOKE, OLIVER D; books and stationary, blank works, bound and sold; hartford, ct
COOPMAN, LACHARIE & CO; merchants; baltimore, md; jack of hearts picture on back, in color.
CONARY, A.R; west india goods, boots, shoes and rubbers, dry goods; blue hill falls, me
COOP & PEAR; upholsters; 387 washington st., boston
CORNELL & HURLBERT; stove manufacturers, cooking, parlour & lehigh stoves; 16 union st., boston
COZANS, PHILLIP J.; publisher and bookseller; 107 nassau st., ny, ny
COVERLY, KNAPP & CO; importers and wholesale dealers in foreign and domestic hardware and cutlery; 39 pearl st., boston
CRATHERN & CAVERHILL; wholesale hardware merchants; custom-house square, montreal, canada
CRAWFORD & STOCKBRIDGE; stationers, bookbinders, paper rulers and blank book manufacturers; statesman building, concord, nh
CRAWFORD HOUSE; white mountains, nh; recently of the lafayette house, franconia notch, nh
CREHORE, ANDREW; superfine eagle; harry the VIII and merry andrew cards, boston; made and sled by thomad crehore; ms. date on card: apr. 10, 1826; pictorial: design for playing card in green ink pn uncut sheet of brown paper - rubber stamp(?) - F -
CREHORE, THOMAS; card-maker, boston
CROCKER & BREWSTER; booksellers, publishers and printers; 47 washington st., ms. date on bill: dec. 3, 1841 - corner pictorial: storefront - signed - 2 (1 photocopy of nov. 12, 1833) - F -
CROMWELL, HENRY; hardware and cutlery, 79 barclay-street, near greenwich-street, new york, ny
CROSBY & NICHOLS; wholesale and retail booksellers and stationers; 117 washington st., boston, ma
CROYDON; printer, bookseller, umbrella maker and (?) teignmouth circulating library; pictorial - j. richard sculpt; exeter
CUMMINGS, DANIEL; dealer in woodenware, mars, brooms; 42, south market st., boston
CUMMINGS, H.T; apothecary and chemist; 432 & 434 congress st., east of state house, portland, me; ms date of bill; may 7, 1867; pictorial, implements applicable to the buisness, gibson & co, cincinnatti - wood engraving
CUMMINGS, HILLARD & CO; publishers, bookesllers and stationers; 134 washington st., boston; ms date on bill: aug. 11, 1826; masthear with eagle - printed by fenner of london - 2 - ( 1 photocopy: aug. 17, 1825) - F -
CUNNINGHAM, HENRY; coach and chaise laces, upholstery goods, military ornaments; 3 milk st., boston
CUNINGHAM, REUEL; manufacturer of pencils; sold by principle booksellers; ny, ny
CURRIER, N; wholesale prints, looking glass manufacturer; 62 conrner wood & 4th st., pittsburg, pa; ms date on bill: sept 3, 1848; original in bill heads / thomas kennedy - F
CURTIS, A.C & Wm.; one ream; newton lower falls, ma
CURTIS, E.S; blue black ink; 9 park sq, boston; uncut sheet - white faunt with blue background - wide conventional boarder on all sides - shaped like a box - F -
CUSHMAN; ornamental hair maker, also cuts hair; 70 newbury st., boston
CUSHING, LEVI L.; carver; 79 broad st., boston (card engraved by n. dearborn, 20 state st., boston)
CUTLER, JOHN; importer of braziery, ironmongry, cutlery, etc; sold st the golden cock, marlboro st., boston; pictorial: store sign with goldne cock & name + 1759 above and below; from boston postboy & advertiser: 6 / 17 / 1765 - F -



D.N. & CO; Franklin, Mass.

DAKIN, JONATHAN.; scales and mathematical balance maker; Boston. Photocopy of item at Massachusetts Historical Society.

DAKIN, J.H; architect, Clinton Hall, New York, N.Y. illus. of Greek temple

DAMRELL & MOORE; printing and book binding; cards, circulars, bills lading; music bound; 16 Devonshire St., Boston

DARLING, HOLMAN & CO; Manufacturers of grass and grain scythes; Millville, Mass.

DAVID, WILLIAM; boot and shoe manufactory; 172 Lake Street, Chicago

DAVIES, EDGAR W.; book and job printing; commercial blanks, pamphlets, cards; 65 Broad St., Boston. Printing press with motto: "The Tyrants Foe, The Peoples Friend"

DAVIS, ELIAS; goldsmith and jeweler; 11 1-2, Union St., Boston

DAVIS, HALL L.; lithographic printer and stationer, Portland, Maine; large building (city hall?) and pile of books - F -

DAVIS, G.W.; standard gold leaf; 37 Hawley St., corner of Franklin, Boston

DAVIS, HANNAH; nailed bandboxes; Jaffrey, N. H.

DAVIS, JAMES; copper and brass-founder, 1812; 19 Union St., Boston; ms. date on bill: Dec. 16, 1812 -F-

DAVIS, JOHN J. P.; daguerreotype artist; 34 Tremont Row, Boston

DAVIS, R.; carver, guilder and frame maker; corner of Vvesey and Church St., New York; engraved by Peter R. Maverick; photocopy

DAVIS, SAMUEL; importer of Lancashire files and tools manufactured by Peter Stubs; 146 Washington, corner of Milk St.; Boston

DAVIS & CENTER; commission and forwarding merchants; Albany, N. Y.; [Packard & Van Benthuysen, prints, 472 South Market St., Albany, N. Y., 1820-1824?]

DAVIS & CENTER; forwarding and transporting merchants; Albany, N. Y., 1820; Packard & Van Benthuysen, printers, Albany, N. Y.

DAY, ALFRED G.; saddle, harness and trunk manufacturer; 421 West Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md.

DAY; H.W; books for choirs, singing schools and musical societies; 8 Court Square, Boston

DEAN, JOHN; bookbinder and stationer; Front St. between Walnut and Chesnut St., Philadelphia; engraved; portrait of Jonathan Swift; books, etc. in elaborate setting; ca. 1769-1782.

DEAMER, JAMES; spectacles and canes; 38 Maiden lane, New York, New York

DEARBORN; NATHANIEL; engraving and printing; 104 Washington St., Boston

DEBAUN, JOHN A.; designer and printer; Tallmans, Rockland Co., New York

DEBEUST, J. & E; housekeeper's furnishing store; 129 South 11th St., Philadelphia; ms. date on bill: Oct. 1860 - signed; examples of water urns, coffee pot and silverware, etc - F -

DEBLOIS, GEORGE; imports and sells general assortment of European and India goods; Dock Square, Boston

DEBLOIS, GILBERT; importer of hardware from England, India, Scotland, Holland; opposite School St, near the late Rev. Dr. Sewall's Meeting House, Boston; photocopy
- F -

DEBLOIS, LEWIS; importer of English goods, cutlery ware, books; Dock Square, Boston, 1757;: storefront with eagle perched atop pillar with frame; Rococo border; engraved by Thomas Johnston; photocopy -F-

DEL NOCE, GENNARO; saddler, harnesses, cap and trunk maker; 73 Court St., Boston

DICKEY, A.O; operative dentist; Lowell, Mass., 1845

DICKINSON, A.; miniature painter; 158 Broadway, New York, N.Y.; engraved by Gideon Fairman

DICKINSON, D.; miniature painter; 5 Chesnut St., Philadelphia; Cupid writes text on tree trunk

DICKINSON, S.N.; book and job printing; 52 Washington St., Boston, (14 trade cards of various designs and colors), 1840s

DICKINSON, S.N; printer; 52 Washington St., Boston; pictorial - scrolled border at sides and printing press at top; engraved by D. L. Glover - 2 copies on green and white; ms. dates on bills Aug. 25, 1845 and Nov. 11, 1846 - F -

DICKINSON, SAMUEL; book and job printer; 52 Washington St., Boston; - F -

DICKSON, JOHN, JR.; improved hat former; 185 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

DILWORTH, BRANSON & CO.; importers and dealers in foreign and domestic hardware and cutlery; 59 Market St., Philadelphia

DIX, BENJAMIN P; dealer in boots, shoes and clothing; [N.p].; storefront - F -

DOLE, WM, H.; West India goods, groceries, country produce, wholesale and retail dealer; Bangor, Maine.

DONALDSON, JOSEPH; 72 North Second St., Philadelphia; eagle on shield

DONNELLY, PETER & CO.; auctioneers and commission merchants; 392 North Market Street, Albany, April 1821; Packard & Van Benthuysen, printers, 472 South Market Street, Albany, N. Y.

DORMAN, JAMES A; dealer in musical instruments, sheet music, church music books; Worcester, Mass.; a volcano spouting instruments with people catching them; text follows - F -

DOUGHERTY, A; patent playing cards, patenter; flags, 1861; 2 different designs

DRESSER; GEORGE; dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers; 176 Main St., Worcester, Mass.

DUDLEY, E.T; dealer in millinery and straw goods, embroideries, laces, veils, jewelry; Hubbardston, Mass.

DUNSON, GEO. E; Clinton House; west side of Broadway, opposite Pavilion Grounds, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

DUPEE, HENRY F.; assortment of drugs, medicines, groceries, wines; Fore-Street, Head of Ingraham's Wharf, Portland, Me.

DUREN, H.; dealer in nautical instruments; 39 Burling Slip, New York, N.Y.

DURGIN, PARK & CO.; Market dining rooms; 30 North Market & 31 Clinton St., Boston; opened in 1874

DUROSS BROTHERS; printing establishment; Black Horse Alley, Philadelphia

DUTTON, E.P & CO; publishers, booksellers and stationers; 106 Washington St.; image of globes, maps and nautical or mapping instruments; ms. date on bill: Jan. 8, 1859 - F -

DUVAL, PHILIP; apothecary and druggist; E Street, Richmond, Va.


EAGLE BOOKSTORE; books, stationery, picture frames, periodicals, fancy goods; Concord, N.H.; William H. Fisk, proprietor

EAGLE PENCILS; manufacturer of pure lead by steam power; view of factory at top, eagle below; embossed gold on black - F -

EARLES GALLERIES; looking glass warerooms; 816 Chestnut St., Philadelphia

EATON, JAMES B; manufacturer and seller of jewelry, silver spoons, gold beads, watches, etc.; 42 Cornhill, Boston -F -

ECKLEY, J. & D; tobacco and hardware merchants; 17 Merchants Row, Boston; ms. date on bill: June 22, 1810; vignette of hardware items with ship in background - F -

EDWARDS, HENRY F; architectural iron, constructive and ornamental metal work; Corner of Foster and Cypress Streets., Worcester, Mass.; bill head with picture of residence - F -

EGLESTON & BATTEL; iron merchants; 166 South & 267 Front St., New York, N. Y.

ELIOT, SAMUEL; importer of linen, wool, silk and cotton goods; 36 Cornhill and Wilson's lane, Boston -F -

ELLIS, H.; jewelry, fancy goods, books and stationery; 823 Broadway, New York, N.Y.

ELLIS, ORLOPP & CO; importers and dealers in hardware, cutlery, guns; 217 Pearl St., New York, N.Y.

ELLISON, ABRAHAM; bookbinder; head of Bull's Wharf, Sevenstar Lane, Boston; 1771-1774. Ad was printed in The Psalms of David by Isaac Watts, Boston, A. Ellison, 1773.- F -

ELY, MRS.; boarding; 4 Sands St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

ENDICOTT, GEORGE; lithographer and seller of pianos; 152 Fulton St., New York, N.Y., 1835-1845

ENDICOTT, GEORGE & WILLIAM; lithographers, 59 Beekman St., New York, N.Y., 1845-8

ENDICOTT, GEORGE & WILLIAM; lithographers, 22 John St., New York, N.Y., 1845-48

ENDICOTT, WILLIAM & CO.; lithographers, 59 Beekman St., New York, N.Y.. 1848-1851

ENDICOTT, WILLIAM & CO.; lithographers, 59 Beekman St., New York, N.Y.; billhead with vignette of store front; 1848-1851 -F-

ENGLER, ARTHUR; engraver of bookplates on steel and copper; 12 John St., New York, N. Y.

ESTABROOK, D.F.; Manufacturer of paper boxes, envelopes, combs, shoes, shelf boxes; 265 Main St., Worcester, Mass.

ESTES & LAURIAT; booksellers and importers; 143 Washington St., Boston, 1872-3

EUSTIS, JANE; English and India goods; near the Town House, Boston; wide Rococo border with scrolls; bill on back - ms. date: April 17, 17 69 - F -

EVANS, HOWELL; card, job and fancy printing; 4th St. below Chesnut, Philadelphia; storefront; printed in color; ca. 1852 - F -

EVANS, T.C; advertising agent; 129 Washington St., Boston

EWER, LAZARUS; boot and shoe manufacturer; Aurora, town of Scipio, N.Y.[?]; printed by Samuel Wood, 1817-20.

EXCELSIOR PRINTING PRESSES; printing presses for businesses and amateur printers; manufactured by Kelsey & Co., Meriden Conn.

EXCHANGE BOOKSTORE; books, old, new, bought, sold, and exchanged; 77 State St., Boston, Mass. From a newspaper

FAIRBANKS & CO, E. & T.; scale manufacturer; St. Johnsbury, Vt.; view of factory

FAIRBANKS & CO., E. & T.; scale manufacturer; St. Johnsbury Vt.; view of factory with men shopping for scales; L. H. Bradford & Co., printer - F -

FAIRBANKS, J. L. & CO; stationers and account book manufacturers; 288 Washington St., Boston - F -

FAIRBANKS, JOSIAH L.; stationery warehouse; 136 Washington St., Boston

FARRON, SAMUEL; importer of hats, gloves and hosiery; billhead with Athena and ships behind; ms. date on bill: July 7, 1807 - F -

FAY, C.J; druggist, dealer in chemicals, perfumes, varnishes; Hammonton, N.J.

FELT, DAVID & CO; Stationers Hall; 82 State St., Boston; ms. date on bill - April 21, 1829;vignette of bookcase with bust of Shakespeare, inkwell, etc; R. Schoyer, engraver, 245 Pearl St., New York -F -

FENNELL, MR.; instruction in reading and speaking; Pleasant St., Boston

FENNELL, WM., JR.; copper plate printer; 18 Library St., Philadelphia

FIELD, LUCIUS & CO; carpeting in all qualities and grades; Brimhall's Block, 56 High St., Clinton, Mass.

FITZ, AARON; saddler, harness and trunk maker; Fish Street, Portland, Maine, 1807

FLAGG, E. H.; copying press - F -

FLAHERTY, THOS. & CO.; pianos and organs; 280 Washington St., Boston; illus. of store front; 1872

FLINT & CARTER; hardware and cutlery; 72 Kilby St., Boston (2 cards)

FLORENCE MANUFACTURING CO; Florence, Mass., billhead dated: Oct. 13, 1868; vignette of the factory - F -

FOBES, C. P. & CO; manufacturers of sashes, doors, blinds, and cedar pails; Crown Point, N.Y.

FOGG, FREDERIC; photographic artist; 46 Washington St., Salem, Mass. photocopy

FOLSON, GILMAN & POPE; manufacturers, importers and dealers in paints, oils, colors, glue, glass; 63 & 65 Broad St., Boston, Mass. envelope

FORD, ROBERT M.; copper plate printer; 118 Market St., Philadelphia; engraved by R. Tiller, Jr., ca. 1822.

FORD BROTHERS; agricultural machinery; contract for pruning and hedge shears; Oneonta, N.Y.; vignette of factory and foundry; 1871 -F-

FOSTER, C. & CO.; hardware and dealers in paints, oils; 222 Main St., Worcester, Mass.

FOSTER, GIDEON; chocolate manufacturer, Salem, Mass.

FOSTER & HARDY; wholesale and retail 'provision' dealers; 193 & 195 Hanover St., Boston, Mass.

FOWLE, HENRY; clothing store; 16, 18 & 24 Washington St., Boston, Mass.; printed by Propeller Press, 21 Cornhill, Boston, Mass.

FOX; English and India goods; 16 Cornhill, Boston, Mass.

FOX & BARNES; cigars; 1882; Main St., Palmer, Mass.; - F -

FRANCK, FREDERICK & CO.; San Francisco

FRANKLIN HOUSE; hotel with stable; corner Main and Second St., Dayton, Ohio

FREDERICK; family portrait gallery; 770 Broadway, corner of 9th St., New York

FULLERTON, JAMES; hardware, hollow ware, axes, scythes, paper, etc; 1&2 South Market St., Boston; billhead with view of Faneuil Market from Boston harbor - F -


GARDNER, PROF.; genuine New England soap; portrait of Prof. Gardner holding his soap in center -F-

GARFIELD, JAS. W.; clock, watch, jewelry and fancy good store; Barre, Mass.; printed by Patriot Press

GARRETT, H.; manufacturer of boots, shoes, leather and rubber shoes; 59 Brady St., Davenport, Iowa

GAUBERT, MME.; French millinery and fancy dress maker; 221 Chesnut St., Philadelphia; image of women and child in elegant dresses; ms. Date on bill: 1836; Perkins Sc.

GAUBERT, MME.; [French millinery and fancy dress maker]; ms. date on bill: June 15, 1839 -F- (same image)

GAVIT & CO.; engravers and printers; 57 State St., Albany, N.Y.; 1859; illus. features reproductions of calling cards of first fourteen presidents -F-

GAY, AARON, R.; stationery warehouse; manufacturer of blank account books and dealer in fine staple stationery; 130 State St., Boston

GAYLER, C. J.; manufacturer of fire proof iron chests and bank safes; New York; ms. date on bill; May 15, 1834 - F -

GAYLORD, MARTIN; American clothes, merchant, tailor; South Market St., Albany, N. Y.; vignette of woman next to spinning wheel

GEER, ELIHU; see Geer's Hartford, Conn., Directory, 1844, for embossed trade card pasted on inside back cover
GEYER, FREDRICK WM.; sugar-refiner; Boston

GENESEE FALLS HOUSE; public house; Portageville, N.Y.; ms. date on bill; Nov. 10, 1840; William Bingham, proprietor

GILMAN BROS.; proprietors, Dr. Seth Arnold's balsam; Nov. 4, 1872; Boston, Mass.

GILMORE, B.F.; trunks, traveling bags and wagon cushions; 239 Westminster St.; [N.p.]; 2 items; vignettes of elephants

GODDARD, MR.; penmanship instruction; [N.p.]

GOLDING CO.; toy parlor printing press manufacturers; 183 to 193 Fort-Hill Square, Boston, Mass.; image of man and boy using the press; ca. 1879 -F-

GOLDTHWAIT, SNOW & KNIGHT; carpet store; 43, 45 Washington St.; Abram French & Co., importers of china, glassware, 151 &153 Milk St; Braman, Shaw & Co.; upholstered parlor furniture, 27 Sudbury; Wm. W. Webb, light carriages, Cedar St., North Cambridge, Mass.; notice for the World's Peace Jubilee at the Coliseum in Boston, June 17, 1872, on verso

GOODRICH, H.A.; hats, caps and furs; 2 Hotel Block, Fitchburg and 3 Union Block, Brattleboro, Vt.

GOODRICH & HUNTINGTON; merchant tailors; 15 State St., Boston; ms. date on bill: Nov. 26, 1830; vignette of fabric on shelf - F-

GOODWIN, T.; household hardware; 7 Marlborough-Street, Boston - F-

GORHAM & CO; silversmiths, 12 Steeple St., Providence, R.I.; 4 Maiden Lane, New York.

GRANT, MOSES; English goods imported; upholstery, waterfowl and goose feathers, 6 Union St., Boston. Photocopy from the Massachusetts Historical Society

GRANT, SAMUEL; at the crown and cushion in Union St., near the town dock; restrike; engraved by Thomas Johnston

GRANTS PAPER HANGING WARE HOUSE; paper stainer; near the Old Market, Boston; ms. date on bill; Feb. 10, 1824; image of men decorating wall paper -F -

GRAY, GEO. H. & DANFORTH; commission and hardware merchants; Purchase St. and Broad St., Boston

GRAY, SAMUEL; saddler; 145 Washington Street, Boston

GREEN, H. H.; type founder and printers' warehouse; 128 Fulton St., New York; 17 Canal St. Row, New Orleans; image of printing press and Liberty

GREEN & EDWARDS; job printers and publishers of the Youngmen's Journal; Detroit, Mich.; envelope

GREENE, D.; dealer of hats, caps, furs, boas, umbrellas, mittens, leather and hide trunks; 4 Market Square, Boston; ms. date on bill; Dec. 17, 1842 - F -

GREENE MFG CO.; image of Revolutionary War era officer with horse; Providence, R.I., R.I. - F -

GREENLEAF, GEO. R; English goods; 15 Union St., Boston; dated on verso 1797

GREENOUGH, NATH'L; European goods; 31 Cornhill, Boston

GREENNWOOD, ISAAC; ivory turner; North End, Boston; engraved by Paul Revere, 1771; filed with Paul Revere's Engravings, Graphic Arts Department

GRIDLEY & NOLEN; variety store, English, India and hardware goods; 54 Fore St., Boston; engraved by Seymour; vignettes of ships; dated on verso 1793

GRIGGS, LEWIS; provision dealer, country merchants; Cincinnati, Ohio

GRIME, JAMES S.; silk, cotton & woolen dyer; 10 State St., Boston; printed by E. C. Beals, 10 State Street, Boston

GRINNELL, PETER & SONS; dealers in paints, oils, varnishes, window glass and hardware; 51 South Main St., Providence, R.I.

GROOM, THOMAS; importer of English and French stationery and accounting books; 82 State St., Boston; engraved by D. L. Glover; image of store front

GUESTS, GEORGE; drug and medicinal store; medicine chests; N. E. Corner of Seventh & Chesnut Sts.; ms. date on bill; Jan. 1, 1828; engraved vignette of eagle and medicine chests; Tiller Sc.

GUILD & HARLOW; dealers in drugs and medicines, paints, oils and varnishes; corner of Exchange and York Sts., Bangor, Maine

GULLIVER, LEMUEL; stationer, chart and nautical bookseller; 82 State Street, Boston; vignette of book shelf with books, quill pens, globes, etc.; engraved by R. Schoyer, New York


H.S. THOMAS & CO; manufacturer of pruning and hedge shears; Westchester, Penn.; contract for payment for E. H. Robbins of Wells Bridge, New York; Oct. 28, 1871 (?) - F

HAINES BROTHERS; New York; G. H. Kendall, engraver and printer, 285 Broadway, N.Y.; image of antique ruins

HALE & CO; independent mail arrangement; office at Brackett Hutching's Store, 4 Market St., Portsmouth, N. Y.

HALE, MR; academy for young ladies; English, Latin, Greek and astronomy; Winter St., Boston; printed date on bill; May, 1820

HALE, J. E.; photographer, Seneca Falls, N. Y.

HALE & GOULD; manufacturer of wood seat chairs and settees; 17 & 18 Front St., Charlestown, Mass.

HALL, HENRY; manufacturer of and dealers in India rubber and gutta percha goods; corner of Milk & Congress Sts., Boston; ms. date on bill: Feb. 21, 1862 and Feb. 24, 1863; 2 versions; vignette of two men in rainstorm, one wears a rubber raincoat - F -

HALL, JOHN W.D; hats, caps, furs, boots and shoes; 2 Main St., Taunton, Mass.

HALL & WELD; dyestuff store; 1 Union St., Boston; 1813-20

HALLET & CUMSTON; pianoforte manufactory; 339 Washington St., Boston; ms. date on bill; May 11, 1858; signed - F -

HAMILTON WOOLLEN CO; mousseline delaines and cashmeres; gold metal awarded to by the American Institute, 1852; Southbridge, Mass.

HAMLIN, WM.; manufactures and repairs compasses, quadrants and sextants; l131 S. Water St., Providence, R.I.; image of shipping scene; engraved by Hamlin; restrike

HAMLIN, W. & J.; jeweler and fancy goods; Providence, R.I.; engraved by Hamlin; Justice and examples of silver goods

HANCOCK, JOHN; commission merchant; engraved by Corbould & Hornsley, 37 Foster Lane, [London?]; image of allegorical figure with anchor; Boston - F -

HANCOCK, THOMAS; bookseller; Bridge St., near Town Dock, Boston; photocopy

HANCOCK, WILLIAM; upholstery warehouse; 37-49 Cornhill,; Boston; ms. date on bill; May 19, 1829; vignette of an elaborate couch, with a Latin motto on the headboard: "Per artes ex colere vitam; (see Boston annual register, Boston directory 1828 for this same cut) - 3 - F -

HAND, THOS. J.; commission merchant, leaf tobacco; 62 Pine St., New York

HAND, THOS. J.; commission merchant; 130 Water St., New York

HAND, THOS. J.; shipping and commission merchant; Baltimore

HARDY, J. P. & F.; artists and photographers, Bangor, Maine

HARNEY'S; news depot and circulating library; 373 Market St., St. Louis, Missouri

HARRIS, JONATHAN; English, India, French, Dutch and Spanish goods…with braziery, cutlery and other hard wares; 24 Cornhill, Boston; ms. date on bill; Aug. 18, 1790; view of 24 Cornhill, showing people passing on board walk - F -

HARRISON, J. S.; peristaltic lozenges, Salem, Mass.; printed by Pendleton, Boston

HARRISON, JAMES; musical circulating library; Maiden lane, New York; long festoons depending from masks at top; a dolphin top center, ridden by Father Time with a guitar; Engraved by Amos Doolittle, New Haven - F -

HART, HENRY; card manufacturer for export, London; image of jester; dated 1799 in mss. - 2- (1 in F)

HARTS, WOBURN & BOSTON RAILROAD EXPRESS; Post Office, Woburn; 8 Court St., Boston

HARTFORD MARBLE YARD; monuments, grave stones or cables; Augustus Thacher; Hartford, Conn., May 9, 1825; newspaper advertisement

HARTSHORN, C.; hat, glove, hosiery store; 68 Washington, St., Boston; engraved by Abel Bowen

HARRINGTON & BRIGGS; dealers in foreign and American hardware, house trimmings, carpenters' tools; 257 High St., Providence, R.I.

HASTINGS & COLLAMORE; importers of china, glass and crockery ware; 31 Marlboro St., Boston

HATCH & THOMPSON; wholesale and retail dealers in European and American dry goods, carpeting; 40 Main St., Bangor, Maine

HAWES, WILLIAM; coach and chaise maker; in Quaker Lane, opposite the Friends Meeting, Boston; photograph from London 1766 imprint - F - 2 - one from inside front cover of: Andrew Wakeley, The Mariner's Compass Rectified; London, 1766

HAYDEN, T; gold and silver jewelry; 15 Fore St., Boston; engraved in London ; restrike; - 2 - F -

HAYS, HENRY; seal and copper plate engraver and printer in general; formerly of 958 Regent St., London; now at 343 Broadway, New York

HEATON, A; gun maker; 214 Greenwich St., New York; two elegant gentlemen with rifles and hunting dogs
HEATON & DENCKLA; American and foreign hardware commission merchants; 33 Commerce & 8 North St., Philadelphia; printed by Evans

HEATON & DENCKLA; hardware commission merchants; 34 Commerce Street, Philadelphia; printed by Evans

HERON & MACY; ship and ornamental carving; 189 Cherry St., New York

HERSEY, LEWIS; cordwainer; 8 Summer St., Boston; printed by Putnam & Hunt, 41 Washington Street; ca. 1829- F -

HENNINGER, CHARLES; undertaker; 716 Penn St., Reading, Penn.; envelope with cut of coffin on it

HEWITT, JAMES; musical repository; 59 Maiden Lane, New York; angel holding shield with text; 1801-1811

HEYWOOD & DAVIS; English & West India goods; Concord, Mass.

HILDRETH, YOUNG & CO; the pennellograph, painted only at their art studio; 3406 Market St., Philadelphia

HILL'S; lending library; 2 Place d'Armes, Montreal, Canada

HILL & CARR; manufacturers of ladies' and gentlemen's boots and shoes; 34 Market St., Portsmouth; text flanked by allegorical female figures with a bouquet of footgear below; Mudge & sons, Prints, Boston; - F -

HILL & MARTIN; dealers in new and second hand books, engravings, music and stationery; 70 St. Francois Xavier St., Montreal, Canada

HILLIARD & BROWN; booksellers; Boston; ms. date on bill; Dec. 21, 1831; view of a building ; engraved by Carter Andrews & Co., Lancaster, Mass. - F -

HILLIARD, GRAY & CO; publishers, booksellers and stationers; 134 Washington St., Boston; ms. date on bill; Aug. 23, 1827 and Mar. 21, 1829; pictorial; spread eagle with symbols and shield; engraved by Fenner, London; 2 copies - F -

HINDMAN, CALDWELL, F; upholsterer; 556 Washington St., Boston

HOFFMAN & HARRISON; blank book Manufacturer and fancy bookbinders; 75 State St., Albany, N. Y.

HOGAN, DAVID, M.; blank book manufacturer and stationer; 100 Walnut St., Philadelphia

HOGAN, JAMES & CO; blank book manufacturers, printers and stationers; N. E. Corner 4th & Walnut Sts, Philadelphia

HOGAN & BECHTEL; blank book manufacturers, stationers and printers; 85 South Fourth St., Philadelphia -2-

HOGAN & THOMPSON; account books and stationery; 108 Chesnut & 50 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia - 3-

HOLDEN BROTHERS; dealers in patent novelties, removed; and insurance of fine goods; 102 Washington St., Boston

HOLDER & BROOKS'; waltz and quadrille band; music furnished for balls, assemblies; Mass.

HOLLAND, HENRY & CHARLES; commission merchants; New Orleans, Louisiana; printed by Hutchins, Liverpool

HOLLINGSWORTH, J. M.; manufacturer of patent manilla and other papers; 35 Devonshire St., Boston

HOLLIS, THOMAS; druggist, Boston; original and genuine 'essence of soap' for coat collars, and removing grease, tar, paint, etc; - F -

HOLYOKE & LOREN; importers of teas, spices, etc.; 8 Dock Square, Boston; an oriental package, canister of tea, etc. with the masts of a ship flying the American flag just visible behind foliage; Blake, sculpt; Change Alley, London; 179- ;

HOLMES; stereoscope; 120 Washington St., Boston - see Bates, Joseph L. -

HOLMES, H. H.; patentee and manufacturer of Holmes' furniture springs for car seats, backs, and spring beds; 659 College Ave., Elmira, N. Y.

HOMES, HENRY; importer of hardware; 33 Union St., Boston

HOMESTEAD, THE; an agricultural journal published weekly by Geo. D. Rand, Hartford, Conn., edited by T. S. Gold, H. A. Dyer and Mason C. Weld; ms. date on bill Sept. 15, 1859, March 1, 1860 and Feb. 21 - F -

HOOKER, WILLIAM; nautical instrument maker and chart seller to the U. S. Navy; 202
Water St., New York; image of eagle on globe; engraved by W. Hooker

HOOKER, WILLIAM; chart and quadrant store; sextants, quadrants, spy-glasses, etc.; 202 Water St., New York; Feb. 1818 - 2 - 1 in folio (dated Oct. 1820); vignette of store front

HOOMAN & HEINEMANN; importers and commission merchants; 43 New St., New York; printed by Wm. W. Rose, 17 Wall St., New York

HOPKINS, J. D.; manufacturer of and dealer in harness, saddles, bridles, &c.; 70 Allegheny St., Hollidaysburg, Penn.; vignette of man racing sulky

HOPKINSON, FRANCIS; Front St.; superfine and coarse cloths with all suitable trimmings; engraved by James S. Smither; photostat with date April 11, 1769 on verso;
- F -

HOPSON, W. F.; designer Cnd engraver on wood; drawings for photo-engraved half-tone and relief plates; 133 Lawrence St., New Haven, Conn.; engraved by C. V. WeSd

HORTON, J. S.; historical writing and ornamental engraver; corner of Baltimore and South Sts., Baltimore; from Matchett's Baltimore directory, 1842; photocopy - F -

HORTON, HALL & CO.; importers of hardware and cutlery; 112 & 114 Milk St., Boston - 3 cards

HOWARD, E. & CO.; watch and clock manufacturers; Boston

HOWE, W. & E.; printers; 39 Merchants Row, Boston

HOWE & BROWN; importers and dealers in foreign and domestic hardware; 219 Greenwich St., New York

HOWLAND, W. & I.; dealers in hardware and ship chandlery; Walnut Street Wharf, New Bedford, Mass.

HUNT, ISAAC L.; importer and dealer in foreign and domestic hardware and cutlery; 215 Pearl St., New York - 2 cards

HUGHES & BEEBE; manufacturers and dealers in cabinet furniture, chairs, looking glasses &c.; 112 High St., Columbus, Ohio; printed by Calvert in Detroit, Mich.


IVES, L. & WHITE, O; American manufactures; 83 Chatham St. and 144 Water
St., New York; engraved by Peter Maverick



JACKSON, WILLIAM; importer of textiles and other household equipment; next to the Town House, Boston, ca. 1770; filed with Paul Revere's Engravings, Graphic Arts Department

JANUARY, BENJAMIN; stationer and bookbinder; Front St., Philadelphia

JARVES; cabinet, chair and clock case maker; 76 Newbury St., Boston; 1787; photocopy from Massachusetts Historical Society

JENKINS, JOSEPH, W.; superfine cloths; 4 State St., Boston; ms. date on bill Oct. 24, 1825 & April 1, 1829; engraving of female allegorical figure with anchor and ship; 2 copies - F - 2

JENKS, JOHN; imports and sells all kinds of fashionable goods, wholesale and retail; Essex St., Salem; 1802; photocopy; Peabody Essex Museum

JOHNSON, JACOB; wholesale and retail bookseller and stationer; 147 High St., Philadelphia; images of books on four shelves

JOHNSON, WILLARD; manufacturer of over shot, breast and tub wheels; Orange, Mass.

JOHNSON, A. J.; publishers of atlases, maps, books, and steel engravings; Johnson's New Atlas; "to the subscribers to Johnson's New Atlas," circular for 1868 edition - F -

JOHNSON, NATHANIEL; at the sign of the coffee-pot, 16 Court St., Boston; ms. date on bill Jan. 30, 1802; vignette of coffee pot - F -

JOHNSON, WM.; commission merchant and dealer in foreign and American wool; 128 Maiden Lane, New York

JOHNSTONE & VAN NORDEN; booksellers; 133 Cherry St., New York, Nov. 13, 1824

JONES, JOHN B.; importer of watches and jewelry, military and fancy goods; 37 Market St., Boston

JONES, BALL & POOR; silversmiths and jewelers; 226 Washington and Summer St., Boston; interior view of store

JONES, LOWS & BALL; gunsmiths; 123 Washington St., Boston

JONES & SMITH; manufacturers of paper hangings; 12 Courtlandt St., New York

JORDAN, MARSH & CO; 242 to 250 Washington St., Boston; dry goods and carpets, French millinery and upholstery goods - F -

JUDD, ANSON; United States mail and citizen coach; South Third St., Philadelphia; vignette of coach and horses

JUVET TIME GLOBE; Canajoharie, N. Y.; L. P. Juvet, James Arkell, W. J. Arkell and A. G. Richmond, proprietors; letterhead with globe at left - F -


KALLENBACH, P. J; Canton, Stark Co., Ohio; saddles and harness; written in both German and English; sheet of labels; - F - 2

KNABE, WILLIAM & CO.; manufacturers of pianos; 350 West Baltimore St., Baltimore; vignettes of piano and gold medal of the Maryland Institute.

KAST, PHILIP GODFRID; importer of drugs and medicines; Salem, Mass.; ornamental pillar with a swinging sign showing a lion working a pestle in a mortar; engraved by Nathaniel Hurd ; original with Nathaniel Hurd engravings in Graphic Arts Department
- F -

KEERL, HENRY & SON; drugs, paints and patent medicine; no. 233 Market St., Baltimore; ms. date on bill; Sept. 26, 1811; engraved bust of bearded man labeled Celsus; - F -

KELLY & HUDSON; 5 Congress St., Boston; eagle with "E pluribus unum" written on banner held in beak; 2 copies dated 1828; - F -

KELSEY & CARPENTER; merchant tailors; 253 Main St., Hartford, Conn.

KEMP, ROBERT H.; boot and shoe store; 792 & 794 Washington St., Boston

KENDALL, M.; City Hotel; Springfield, Mass.

KENNEDY, THOMAS; looking glass manufacturer; dealer in variety goods, clocks, combs; agent for Nathaniel Currier's prints; 62 Wood Street; dated Sept. 13, 1848. -F-

KEWIN, EDWARD; dealer in confectionery, fruits, nuts, etc; 93 Main St., Rochester, N.Y.: bowl of fruit; imprint: From Flour City Bag Warehouse, 25 West Main St., Rochester, N.Y. - F -

KIBBE, CRANE & CO.; steam refined wintergreen lozenges; Corner of Sanford & Market Sts., Springfield, Mass.

KIDDER, SAMUEL & CO.; under Washington Hall, Charlestown, Mass.; medicine, dyestuffs, paints and perfumery; printed by Howe & Norton, 14 State St., Boston- F -

KIDDER & CO.; wholesale dealers in liquors, wines, cigars, tobacco and sperm and whale oils; 17 & 18 North Market St. and 17 Clinton St., Boston

KIMBALL, B.S.; steam towing on the Delaware Bay, River and Schuylkill; 127 Walnut St., Philadelphia; vignette of steam ship

KIMBALL & SARGENT'S; cabinet, sofa, chair and patent windlass bedstead Manufactory and furniture ware-rooms; 4 Holyoke Place, Essex St., Salem Mass.; ms. date on bill; Jan. 30, 1836; pictorial: elaborate sofa or couch with the motto: "Per artes ex colere vitam" on the bolster ( same cut as on William Hancock trade card) - F -

KIMBEL & CABUS; cabinet manufacturers and decorators; 7 & 9 East 20th St., New York, N.Y.

KIMBERLY, THOMPSON; tailor; from Boston; corner of Main and Front Sts., Worcester; 1829

KING, GEDNEY; mathematical instrument Maker; 10 North Row, Boston; vignettes of eagle, nautical instruments, and ships

KING & BAIRD; English and German job printing office and stereotype foundry; 9 Sansom St., Philadelphia; ms. date on bill: Jan. 27, 1852; vignette of printing office - F -


KINNICUTT & CO; importer of hardware and dealers in paints, oils and glass; 162 Main St., Worcester; engraved by G. Boynton

KIPLING, R. & H.; importers wholesale dealers in mock and precious stones, jewelry and fancy goods; 60 Maiden Lane, New York

KNEELAND, JOHN; commission store; European goods, beef and pork; 15 Butler's Row, Boston; 1789 - trade card and newspaper advertisement -

KNEASS, JOHN; engraver and copper plate printer; 8 South Eighth St., near Market, Philadelphia; image of woman wearing a laurel wreath

KNODLE, JOSIAH; plain and fancy job printer, Boonsboro, Maryland; letterhead with date and daily diary entries on verso; image of interior of shop;- Nov. 2, 1869, Aug. 9, 1873 and July 26, 1873 - F - 3

KNOWLES, G.; importer of English fabrics - F -

KNOWLES, G.; taffeta from England; text in French

KNOX, HENRY; London bookstore, Cornhill, Boston; trade card filed with Nathaniel Hurd engravings in Graphic Arts Department

KOLLNER, AUG.; artist, pictorial and business designs; 432 Walnut St., Philadelphia;
card with photograph of original pen drawing; 1865

KUHN, JOHN; superfine cloths, cashmeres and waist corseting; 12 & 13 State St., Boston; Feb. 5, 1815


LABADIE & BARSTOW; druggists; corner of Market and 22nd St., Galveston, Texas

LABOUR FOR LABOUR ASSOCIATION; genuine golden tincture, fine black ink, oil of wormseed and lemon acid; labels on single sheet; Philadelphia - F -

LANE, NATHAN & CO.; stationers, painters and account book manufacturers; 69 Wall St., New York

LANNUIER, AUGUSTE; distiller and confectioner; 100 Broadway, New York; ms. date on bill Feb. 4, 1796; oval landscape scene; text on shield supported by two allegorical figures; engraved by Peter R. Maverick - F -

LANSING, S. G. & W.; hardware merchants, importers and dealers in English, American and German hardware, cutlery, guns; 50 Courtlandt St., New York

LARKIN, EBENEZER; book and stationery store; 47 Cornhill, Boston; 1789

LARKIN, E., JUN; bookseller and stationer; 50 Cornhill, Boston

LARKIN, SAMUEL; books, paper, mariner's compass, quills, jack knives, etcetera for use of by seamen; Portsmouth, N.H.

LARKIN & MORRILL; rappee snuff; Byfield, Mass.; vignette of an Indian, seated just above a waterfall - F -

LAWRENCE, JERH.; celebrated eye-salve

LAWRENCE & CO.; Cocheco Co. or Dover Mfg. Co, Dover, N.H.; label for bolt of fabric with two female figures holding bolts of fabric next to printing machine; 1866- F -

LEARNED, LYDIA; general goods; raisons, rice, molasses, spice, good indigo and wire; near the sign of the punch-bowl; ca. 1770

LEE; THOS.; merchant tailor; State St., Albany, N. Y.; vignette of female figures; V. Balch engraver; Rawdon, script.

LEE & SHEPARD; illustrators and publishers; 47 Franklin St., Boston, Mass.; advertisement for Our Little Ones

LEITH & BRYANT; merchant tailors and dealers in all kinds of broadcloths, cassimere; 1 Blake's Block, corner of Main and Elliot Sts., Brattleboro, Vermont

LELAND, Samuel, R; music store; 205 1-2 Main St., Worcester, Mass.; 2 copies

LETTON, R [alph]; "taker of profile likenesses,…" filed with Silhouette Collection

LEVY, ALBERT; architectural decorative books; monuments, jewelry, architecture, decoration, etc.; 77 University Place, New York; view of building drawn by Faure; engraved by J. Sulpis

LILLY, WAIT, COLMAN & HOLDEN; printers, publishers, booksellers & stationers, wholesale and retail; 85 Washington St., Boston, & 6 Exchange St., Portland; ms. date: Dec. 6, 1832; image of man reading by overhanging lamp; Eddy, script; printed by Pendleton, Boston -F-

LINCOLN, FREDRIC W., JR.& CO.; nautical instrument makers; 126 Commercial St., Boston; vignettes of books and instruments

LINCOLN, F. W., JR. & CO.; nautical instrument makers, Boston; vignettes of tools and ships; eagle

LINCOLN AND EDMANDS; theological and miscellaneous bookstore; Bible warehouse; 53 Cornhill, Boston; view of store front

LITTLE & SHAPLEIGH; commission merchants; 62 Exchange St., Portland, Maine

LIVERMORE, GEORGE; wholesale and retail dealer in teas and West India goods; 22 Merchants Row, Boston; vignette of man in Chinese costume next to shipping crates

LIVINGSTON, WM. H. & CO.; importers and dealers in hardware, cutlery, heavy goods and planes; 60 Barclay St., New York, N.Y.

LIVINGSTON, WELLS & POMEROY'S EXPRESS; Auburn, New York (?); label, showing transportation by boat and railroad - F -

LLOYD, CHAS. B.; looking glasses wholesale and retail; 38 Cornhill, Boston

LONGHURST & PORTER; European and Indian goods; Union St., Boston

LORING, BENJAMIN & CO.; blank book manufacturers, stationers, chart and nautical booksellers; 122 State St., Boston; images of books, inkwell with quill pens, rolled map; engraved by Nathaniel Dearborn

LORING, SHORT & HARMON; wholesale and retail booksellers, stationers and dealers in paper hangings; 474 Congress St., Portland, Maine - 2 variant cards

LOTHROP'S; studio of fine photography; life sized crayons and portraits in oil a specialty; 43 North Eighth St., Philadelphia

LOWNES, JOSEPH; goldsmith and jeweler; 130 Front St., Philadelphia; elegant frame with urn and tea pot; 1785-1817

LUCE, HERVEY; saddle, harness, cap and trunk maker; Cooperstown, N.Y.; engraved by Elisha C. Tracy (ca. 1778-Dec. 8, 1827)

LYMAN, CHAS. H.; book, card and job printing house; High St., Holyoke, Mass.; ms. date on letter: Dec. 20, 1869; printed in color - F -

LYON, WM. P. & SONS; manufacturer and wholesale dealers in envelopes and writing papers; 25 Beekman St., New York - 2- one a card and the other an envelope with view of store front


McADAMS, J. & W.; patent account book accelerator; 7 & 9 Water and 31 Devonshire Sts., Boston - 2 - (1 in folio)

McALLISTER, JOHN; spectacles, hardware in general, whips and canes; 48 Chesnut St., Philadelphia; vignette of compass and spectacles 4 varying examples; restrikes - 2 in F -

McCALLUM, JAMES; potato digger and planter combined; on exhibition at Exposition Building, Chicago; vignette of machine

McFARLANE, JONATHAN.; clock, watch and jewelry ware-house; 59 Cornhill, Boston; ms. date on bill; July 18, 1812; allegorical figures of Time and Hope, holding watches, flank the text; above, a clock, balanced by figures and symbols; engraved by W. Barber - F -

MACKAY & CO.; fancy goods shop; Cornhill, Boston; engraved by Cox, London

McKINNEY & CO.; furniture, chair, carpet and upholstery; Main St., Memphis, Tenn.; cameo card printed by G. F. Hall, Cincinnati

McWHOOD, E.; book binder, 142 Fulton Street, New York; 1854 -F-

MAGNER, M.; livery stables; El Dorado St., Stockton, Cal.

MALQUIT; artist and braider in human hair; Washington Shell, Hoboken, N.J.

MANN, SWIFT & CO.; straw works; New York; women's hats; engraving of factory with town setting; July 24, 1837 - F -

MANSION HOUSE; B. & R .R. Lowell, proprietors; corner of Fayette and Washington Sts., Utica, N.Y.

MARCH, ANGIER; books, stationery, charts, etc; 13 Market Square, Newburyport, Mass.; interior of store showing wallpapers and books on shelves

MARCH, JOHN S.; book and job printing; 8 Wilson's lane, Boston; vignette of printing press at top with an angel seated above - F -

MARDEN & KIMBALL; book and job printers; 3 School St., Boston - F -

MARDEN'S; eating-house; Spring Hill, Portsmouth, N.H.

MARSCHING, J. & CO.; importers of bronze powders and gold, silver, and metal leaf; 48 John Street, New York; card has samples. - F

MARSH, JOHN & CO; account book manufacturers. & dealers in English and French stationery, fancy articles; 96 & 98 State St., Boston; ms. date on bill; Sept. 10, 1831; vignette of globe, map, etc. - F-

MARSHALL & BRUCE; bookbinders and blan1 book manufacturers; 23 Deaderick St., Nashville, Tenn. - F -

MARYLAND; curiosity shop; rare old books, coins, medals, autographs; 105 East Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md.

MASSI, F. & CO.; military, jewelry & fancy store; Penn. Ave. between 9th & 10th St., Washington; ms. date on bills; July 5, 1831 & Nov. 30, 1831; silverware grouped on a table, with flags, swords, etc. - F -


MATHEW'S; compound for horses and cattle; 156 Commercial St., Boston; ms. date on billhead, used for a personal letter; April 16, 1874; man holding a horse and bull - F -

MAURICE, WM. H.; blank book manufacturer and stationer; 108 Chestnut St., Philadelphia

MAVERICK, ANDREW; copper plate printer; 34 Liberty St., New York; engraved by Peter Maverick

MAVERICK, ANDREW; copper plate printer, 21 Liberty Street, New York; vignette of woman in boat

MAVERICK, PETER; bank note and other engravings, lithography; 149 Broadway, New York - F -

MAVERICK, SAMUEL; engraver and copper plate printer, 73 Liberty St., New York; portrait of Benjamin Franklin

MAVERICK & WISSINGER; practical lithographers; 176 Fulton St., New York

MAY, SAMUEL; importer of hardware goods; 1 Broad St., Boston

MAY & CO.; hardware, tools and metals; 1 Broad St., Boston

MEDBERY, A. B.; screw and clamp manufacturer; East Windsor, Berkshire County, Mass.

MEMORIAL ART WORKS; monuments, tablets, etc.; Stamford, Conn.

MENTZ, GEORGE W.; bookbinder and bookseller; 71 Race St., Philadelphia

MERCKELL, JOHN H.; variety fur store; 69 Newbury St., Boston; engraved by Seymour; vignette of muff

MEREDITH, JOHNATHAN; tanner and currier; 37 South Third St., Philadelphia

MERLE, BRIGHT & CO.; cotton brokers; 5 Hanover St., New York

MERLE, GOURIE & CO.; cotton and exchange brokers; 5 Hanover St., New York

MERRIAM, ANN P.; instruction for young ladies in drawing, plain and ornamental needlework; 732 Washington St., Boston; Dec. 23, 1831

MERRIAM, G. & C.; books and stationery; Springfield, Mass.; vignette of children going to school

MERRILL'S; India rubber court plaster; chemist; 59 Salem St., Boston

MERRIMACK MANUFACTURING CO.; textiles; Lowell, Mass.; two vignettes showing processes; bolt label - F -

MIDDLEBURY COAL CO.; dealers in summit bank coal; Cleveland, Ohio; ms. date on bill; July 9, 1873; image of summit bank coal train - F -

MIDDLETON, E. C.; dealer in books, engravings, stationery, engravings; steel and copper plate printer; Odd Fellows Building, Cincinnati, Ohio; Washington and staff watching the fording of a gun; engraved by S. B. Munson & Jas. B. Smith - F -

MILLER, H. W.; dealer in hardware, nails and glass; 46 Main St., Worcester

MILLER, WM. & GURDON; wholesale and retail grocers for families and shipping; 110 Front St.

MILLS & FORRISTALL; importers and wholesale dealers in English, French and German fancy goods and toys; 28, 30 Federal, & 105 Congress St., Boston; 1862

MILLS & THORP; nautical instruments; New York; vignette of Native American and sailor flanking a coat of arms with two beavers and nautical objects

MINOT, F. M. & J.; coach and chaise makers; Water St., Boston; ms. date on bill; Aug. 5, 1795; image of a variety of carriages; festoons and ribbons draping the text; engraved by Samuel Hill -F-

MIRROR & STEAM; printing works; Daily Mirror and American and the Weekly Mirror and Farmer; Manchester, N.H.

MOEN, A.R; agent for the sale of R. Hoe Co.'s saws, asbestos, fire proof safes, etc; 222 Pearl St., New York; 1839; images of safe and saws - F -

MOLLER, CHAS. & CO.; importers of chromolithographs, imitations of oil paintings, shades, gloves, cases, etc; 860 Broadway, New York

MOORE, BENJAMIN I.; dry goods wholesale and retail; 121 William St., New York; ms. date on bill; May 6, 1796; photocopy of original owned by Michael Zinman - F -

MOORE, J. D.; pianofortes, melodeons, sheet music and musical instruments; 207 Main St., Worcester

MOORE, THOMAS; engraving and lithography - see Atlas of Plates Illustrating the Geology of the State of Maine, 1837

MOORE, THOMAS; engraving and lithography; 304 Washington St., Boston; vignette of fountain

MOORE, THOMAS; visiting and business cards engraved and printed; 204 Washington St., Boston; successor to Pendleton; vignette of fountain; wrapper for visiting card engraved for Mrs. R. F. P. Fiske - F -

MOORE, COLLINS & CO.; manufacturers of washing fluid; 67, 69, 71 Ann Street, Boston; dated 1851; illustration of woman washing clothes and clothes drying on the line with lightning; -F -

MORANGE, BENJAMIN; medicated oil silk; Greenwich St., New York; E. Conrad, printer, 4 Frankfort St. - F-

MORGAN, QUACKENBUSH & CO.; American, English and German hardware, cutlery and guns; 30 Courtlandt St., New York

MORRILL, JAMES; English, India and other goods; 21 Cornhill, Boston; smaller one dated Aug. 31, 1797; - 2 - 1 in F (photocopy of one at BPL, printed by E. Russell)

MORRILL, SILSBY & CO.; publishers, binders and booksellers

MORRIS & IRELAND; fire and burglar proof safes and bank locks; 64 Sudbury St., Boston; vignette of safe; printed by Wm. H. Brett & Co.

MOSELEY, DAVID, C.; saddle, cap, and harness maker; 16 Marlboro St., Boston; vignette of coat of arms; man by saddle; engraved by Cushman

MOSELEY & STODDARD; centennial milk-pan and cooler; Poultney, Vermont

MUNGER, GEORGE; manufacturer of slate goods; 122 Grove St.; New Haven, Conn.; verso is slate

MUNROE & FRANCIS; juvenile library; 4 Cornhill and 90 Newbury St. - 2 one in F -

MURPHY, JAMES; European, India and fancy goods; 50 Marlboro St., Boston; - 2 - 1 in F; ms. date on bill (folio) Oct. 8, 1814; engraved by Wighman; allegorical figure of Justice



NASH, DAVID; tavern, 202 North Market Street, Albany; May 1822; Packard & Van Benthuysen, printers, Albany

NAZRO, HENRY, J. & CO.; office and warehouse; 121, 123 & 125 East Water St., Milwaukee, Wisc.

NELMS, HENRY & SONS; gold leaf, gold bullion and bronze powder; 46 & 48 North Seventh St., Philadelphia; ms. date on bill; Feb. 7, 1877; office building with establishment date (1842) and list of products sold - F-

NETTLETON, CHARLES; notaries, public and commissioners; 117 Broadway, New York; patriotic imagery - F -

NEW ENGLAND MUSEUM; eleven spacious halls and apartments, 100 wax figures, curiosities of nature, art, antiquities, … 76 Court St., Boston

NEW LINE; canal boats; Albany, N. Y., April 1810; [Packard & Van Benthuysen, printers, Albany

NEW PROUTY; printing presses; 352 Washington St., Boston; product description with price list; 1878 - F-

NEW YORK CHAIR CO.; manufacturers of cane and wood seated chairs; 436 Canal St., New York

NEW YORK OBSERVER; free sample, $3.15 a year; 37 Park Row, New York - 1876

NEWTON, I.; panacea, a great purifier of the blood; Norwich, Vermont

NICHOLS & POOR; English and India goods; 9 Cornhill, Boston; ms. date on card; May 12, 1798 - F-

NICHOLS, LYMAN & CO.; importers of French and English, and dealers in American dry goods; 80 Milk St., Boston

NEILSON, WARDWELL & CO.; importers and wholesale dealers in foreign and domestic hardware; 241 Pearl St., New York

NEILSON, WARDWELL & CO; foreign and domestic hardware; 241 Pearl St., New York

NEWLIN, MARSHALL & CO.; importers of hardware; 151 Market St., Philadelphia,

NICHOLS, C.W.; cigars

NICHOLS, WILLIAM; paper manufacturer; Leominster, Mass.

NOLON & CURTIS; clock dials; Washington St., Boston; Father Time holding a sun dial; designed by John R. Penniman; engraved by Harris, circa 1812

NORTH & WARRIN; manufacturers of superior ink powders and liquid ink, drugs, medicines, chemicals and dye stuffs; Franklin Place, Philadelphia; eagle with banner; packages of products on wharf

NORTHFIELD INSTITUTE; Rev. William Jones will open the Northfield Institute; Sept. 6, 1858.

NORTON, JEWETT & BUZBY; hardware merchants; 49 Broadway, New York

NOYES, ALBERT & CO.; stoves, stovepipe, tin and sheet ironware; 17 & 19 Central St., Bangor, Maine



OAK HILL; clothing - boys, fall and rich furnishing goods for gents and ladies; Boston; embossed card printed by Dickinson

OAKES & DARLING; manufacturers of blank account books and importers of English and French stationery; 20 State St., Boston

ODIN, GEORGE; hardware goods wholesale and retail; 5 Dock Sq., Boston; dated 1817 on verso

ODIN, JOHN; imports and sells hard-ware goods; 11 Dock Sq., Boston; ms. dates on variants: May 14, 1801; Nov. 19, 1804; Jan. 18, 1814 - 3 in F -

ODIORNE, GEORGE & SONS; iron nails and brads from the Malden Manufactory;
97 Milk St., Boston; ms. date on bill; Dec. 13, 1834 - F -

OLD UNION LINE; steamboat Bellona; Letson & Davison, proprietors, July 6, 1820; Philadelphia; printed by Southwick & Van Pelt, New York

OLD & WESTERN LINE; sloops; 2 cards for Commerce and Gold Hunter; Albany, N. Y.; [Packard & Van Benthuysen, printers, Albany, N. Y.]

OLIVER, WILLIAM B.; sperm oil, tin ware & furnishing store; 19 Union St., opposite Marshall St., Boston - F -

ONION & WHEELOCK; manufacturers and importers of guns, rifles, pistols, gun material and sporting apparatus; 99 Maiden Lane, New York

OLMSTED, L.D. & CO.; fancy and staple dry goods; 142 Lake St., Chicago; view of store front

OSBORNE, GEORGE JERRY; printer and stationer; Gnttenberg's head, Newburyport, Mass.; miniature portrait at top with ornate frame; ca. 1793 - F -



PAGE, JOHN; hat manufacturer - see Philadelphia Directory and Register, 1821 front.

PALMER, H. H.; portfolio paper file for newspapers, periodicals, music; 15 Central Exchange, Worcester, Mass. - 2 -

PALMER, JOSEPH; spermaceti candles; Germantown, near Boston; reproduction of the Massachusetts Historical Society print, 1957; engraved by Nathaniel Hurd; AAS example with Nathaniel Hurd Collection in Graphic Arts Department - F-

PALMER & BROWN, DRS.; dentists and manufacturers of mineral teeth; Octagon Building, Fitchburg, Mass.; in G566.P176.D853, copy 2

PALMER & KEITH; choice teas, cigars and groceries; 111 Superior St., Cleveland; vignette of Chinese man carrying tea

PARCHER, J. F. & SON; stair builders; 146 Dudley St., Boston Highlands; photocopy from Robert Riddell: The Elements of Hand-Railing; Philadelphia: Claxton, Renisem and Haffelfinger, 1870 -F-

PARKER, CHARLES. S.; book, card, and job printer; New Budget Building, Main St., Woburn; Jan. 2, 1864

PARKER, E.; medical bookstore; 178 Market St., Philadelphia; vignette of globe and books on shelf; engraved by J. Yaeger

PARKER, R. H.; Salem, Mass.; 1810 - eagle attacking a rattle snake and a swan on the opposite side of the card; C. H. Parker delt. et Sc.

PARKER, S. H.; piano fortes, music, and book store; 164 Washington Street; vignette of piano forte

PARKER, WILLIAM; paper and bookseller; 5 Exchange Street; crossed out and replaced with 18 Dock Square; Boston., July, 1815

PARKER & PLIMPTON; printers, booksellers and binders; Mechanics' Block, Main St., Holliston, Mass., 1851; cover of pass book - F -

PARKER & WHITE; agricultural warehouse and seed store; 8 and 10 Gerrish Block, Blackstone St., Boston

PARKER, GANNETT & OSGOOD; agricultural warehouse and seed store; 47 and 59 Blackstone St., Boston

PARMELEE, E., M.D.; homoeopathic physician; residence, practice place, Main St., Canton, New York

PARRIS, ALEXANDER; architect and engineer; Boston 3 variants, - F-

PARRISH, DUNNING & MEARS; account books for banks, public offices and merchants; 30 North Fourth St., Philadelphia

PARSONS & CO; exterminator; image of women fainting and running from rats and cockroaches coming out of the woodwork - F-

PARTREE & PARKER; city bill posters; 20 Bank St., Waterbury, Conn.; 1877; vignette of bill posters at work

PASSMORE, THOMAS; tin manufactory wholesale and retail; corner of Seventh & (?) (no. 228), Philadelphia; trade card mutilated - F-

PATTEN, RICHARD; mathematical instrument maker and nautical charts and books; 180 Water St., New York; image of ship and instruments

PEABODY, JOHN J., DR.; gun and locksmith and dealer in powder, shot, balls, etc; 414 D Street, Washington, D. C.; ms. date on bill; April 17, 1866; text flanked by two circular designs, showing articles of the trade; H. Polkinson & Son, printers; - F -

PECKHAM; dining room for ladies and gentlemen; 18 Brattle St., Boston; view of Boston Harbor

PEIRCE, JOSEPH; imports from England, Scotland and India; King Street, Boston; 1789 - F -

PEIRCE, JOSEPH & SON; import and sell, wholesale and retail English and India goods, also musical instruments, strings, reeds, &c.; 58 Cornhill, Boston

PENNIMAN; Masonic drawing, painting, drawing, standard painting; designs for diplomats; in the rear of 577 Washington St., Boston; vignette of flags; engraved by Annin & Smith

PERKINS; antiquarian bookstore; 56 Cornhill, formerly Market St., Boston - 1834

PETTIT; eye salve and American cough cure; sold by F. J. Smith and Sons; Collinsville, Conn.; comic vignette of man applying salve to one eye

PHILLIPS; circulating library, stationery and bookstore; 22 So. 4th St., Philadelphia; image of two allegorical figures; engraved by Harrison Junior

PHILLIPS, JONATHAN; complete assortment of hardware; 1 Ann St., Boston; ms. date on bill; Oct. 13, 1802; an oval wreath of ribbon and foliage top center, - F -

PHILLIPS, SAMPSON & CO; publishers, importers and jobbers; school and miscelaneous books; 13 Winter St., Boston; envelope with view of store

PIERCE, L.W.; attorney and counselor at law; Winchendon, Mass.

PINKHAM, LYDIA, E.; vegetable compound, positive cure for all painful complaints and weaknesses of the female population; Newtonville, Mass.; image of Brooklyn Bridge

PIPER. W. H. & CO.; from the cargo of the Anglo-rebel blockade runner MINNA for sale by W. H. Piper & Co., 133 Washington St., Boston

PORTER, CHRISTOPHER; hat manufacturer; 109 Orange St., Boston; fancy design by J. R. Penniman; engraved by Annin, Smith & Chorley

PORTER, C. H.; wholesale and retail stamp dealer; Winona, Minn.; envelope

PORTER, HORACE & CO.; fashionable jewelry; 60 Washignton St., opposite Court St.; Boston

PORTER, RUFUS; handbill - "correct likenesses," filed with silhouettes

POST, CHARLES, C.; dealer in stoves and stove furniture; Hinesburgh, Vermont; on verso illustrated advertisement for Josel Stevens & H. J. Ruggle's patent dairy stove

POTTER; vegetable catholicon; "a wine glass half full morning & evening, to be increased or diminished as it affects the bowels"; vignette of two lions flanking monument with flasks engraved by P. E. Hamm; restrike

POTTER, W. W.; stationer; 66 Chesnut St., Philadelphia; two alphabets and set of numerals; - F -

PRATT BROWN & CO.; furniture and upholstery; 27 and 29 Water St., Cleveland; view of store front

PRATT & CO.; wholesale manufacturers of every variety of cane seat chairs; Newburgh, Cuyahoga County, Ohio; cameo card with vignettes of chairs

PRATT & COLLANS; marble works; mantels, monuments, head stones, wash stands, table tops; 3 Old Market St., Worcester

PRAY, JOHN H.; variety cloth store; 48 Washington St., Boston; ms. date on verso; Nov. 5, 1831 - F -

PRENTISS, HENRY; umbrella and musical instrument manufacturer; 52 Court St., opposite the N. England Museum; view of front of store

PRESCOTT & CHAPIN; dealers in coal, wood and bark; Liverpool Wharf, Boston
2 variant cards

PRIES, ADOLFO & CO.; Malaga; (a sweet brown fortified wine from málaga, spain) - F

PROUTY, GEORGE W. & COMPANY; printing presses; 352 Washington St., Boston; 1878; image of press - F -

PRUYN, VOSBURGH & CO.; importers and dealers in hardware, cutlery, iron, steel, nails; 39 State St., Albany, N. Y.

PUNDERSON & GRISAND; lithographers, book and job printers; New Haven, Conn.; vignette of elk

PUTNAM, GEORGE P.; book publisher and importer; 155 Broadway, New York; Dec. 15, 1848

PUTNAM, L. B., DR.; druggist; Broadway opposite Washington St., Saratoga Springs, New York

PUTNAM, DAVIS & CO.; blank book manufacturers, and stationers; 389 Main St., Worcester

PYLE, JAMES.; dietetic saleratus; label with views of fields and interior of store



RADDIN, F.L & J.A; genuine scented rappee snuff; Saugus, Mass.; facsimile

RAPPE, DR, A; invaluable eye-salve; Canton, Market St., Stark County, Ohio; product description written in both German and English (see Kallenabach) - F -

RATCHFORD, WILLIAM; gun smith; 39 Middle St., Boston; dated August 9, 1801 on verso

RATHBONE; oyster and ice cream saloon; 94 Main St., Norwich, Conn.

RATZ, FREDERICK G.; manufacturer and tuner of pianos and organs, dealer and repairer of musical instruments; 86 Grand St., New York; Burroughs, printer, 113 Fulton St., New York - F

REED, H. J.; photographic artist and stock dealer; corner of Main and Front St., Worcester

REEVES, B. & SON; manufacturers of bedsteads and a general assortment of furniture, 89 and 91 St. John St., Philadelphia

REED, H. T. & CO.; grocers; corner of So. Market St., Boston and Parkers Block, Needham

REILLY, J. J.; photographer; Yosemite Valley, Cal.

RESTAURANT LAFAYETTE; international exhibition; moderate prices and best in fare; Lansdowne Valley, 1876

REVERE, PAUL & SON; cast bells and brass cannon of all sizes, and all kinds of composition work; Boston; T. Clarke engraver; restrike

REYNOLDS, A. G; copper plate printer; 149 Pearl St., New York

REYNOLDS, F; outfitter; 153 Broadway, New York; heraldic, with text in diamond shape as a border - F-

REYNOLDS, J.R & CO; label for double strong ale

RHODE ISLAND; bleach and cambric works; Providence, R.I.; fabric label

RICE, W. E. DR.; surgeon chiropodist; 212 Broadway, New York

RICE, PITMAN & CO.; trunks, valises and traveling bags; 82, 84 and 86 Union St., Boston; vignette of trunk and bags

RICHARDS, I. D. & SONS; sherry; cork branded; 87 and 89 State St., Boston

RICHARDSON, EDWIN; manufacturer of scythes of all patterns; Fitchburg, Mass.

RICHARDSON, WILLIAM; wholesale and retail English goods; 66 Cornhill, Boston; ca. 1790

RICHARDSON, WILLIAM; large assortment of lustrings, broadcloths - cassimeres, and linens; 65 Cornhill, Boston; 1802; floral border - 2 -F -

RICHARDSON & WALKER; English goods; 65 Cornhill, Boston; ms. date on cards; oct 8, 1796; Aug. 10, 1797; Dec. 14, 1797; Aug. 31, 1798; conventional border; also listed at 66 Cornhill, Boston - 5 - all in F -

RICHARDSON & WALKER; European and India goods sold wholesale and retail; 66 Cornhill, Boston

RICKSECKER, THEODORE; Dentaroma for clean sound white teeth, rosy gums, sweet breath; New York

ROBERTS, WILLIAM; hat maker; 233 Water St. near Crane Wharf, New York; photocopy; engraved by Peter Maverick; vignettes of man and woman with hats

ROBINSON, C. N.; looking glass manufacturer and importer of French and English plate glass engravings; 248 Chesnut St., Philadelphia; engraved by Latham in New York

ROBINSON, HENRY R.; lithographer; 52 Courtlandt Street, New York; dated 1840 -F -

ROBINSON, RODMAN, C.; upholsterer, saddle, harness and trunk maker; Broad St., Newport, R.I.

ROBINSON, W. A.; Onondaga Temperance House; corner Church and Salina Sts., Syracuse, N.Y.; printed by Archimedean Print

ROCKWELL, E. & S. S.; watches and silver plate; 192 Broadway, New York

ROCKWELL, J. W.; Mansion House, 349 North Market Street, Albany, N. Y.; May 5, 1820; Packard & Van Benthuysen, printers, Albany

ROGERS, PEET & CO; clothiers; Broadway and Broome St., New York; vignette of statue of soldier on tall pedestal

ROOSEVELT, SAMUEL; importer of hardware and cutlery and manufacturer of looking glasses; 3 Platt St., New York

ROPES, H. & CO.; stereoscope manufacturer; publisher of stereoscopic views; 323 Broadway, New York

ROSE, WILLIAM W.; stationer and blank book manufacturer, lithography in all its branches, cards and engraving; 19 Wall St., New York

ROSENBUSH, J.; optician, importer and manufacturer of optical and mathematical instruments; 172 ½ Main St., Worcester; engraved by S. B. Congdon

ROULSTONE, J; riding school, Boston; ms. date on bill; Dec. 30, 1819; two women on horses being instructed by man in center; W. W. Clapp, printer - F-

ROULSTONE, MICHAEL; metal sash manufactory; plumber and glazier; Boston; vignettes of products; engraved by S. Harris

ROUSE, HENRY & CO.; wholesale and retail dealers in teas, groceries and provisions; corner of Union Ave. and Mill St., Rondout, New York; vignette of ship

ROWLAND; Florentine compound, Boston

RUSSELL, ODIORNE, & CO; publisher; subscription form for Life and Writings of Washington by Jared Sparks; ms. date on bill; Jan. 31, 1835; image of the Evacuation of Boston, from a revolutionary medal - F-



SAILOR, SAMUEL; ship carver, scrolls, caps, eagles, tobacconist figures; 128 South Second St., Philadelphia; image of Native American statue

SALEM LEAD CO.; D. G. Batchelder, supt.; Salem, Mass.; on verso: J. H. Riley Agent, Portsmouth, N. H.

SANBORN & CARTER; publishers and wholesale dealers in books and importers of stationery and paper hangings; 55 Exchange St., Portland, Maine

SANDERS, MISS; seminary; reward ticket; dated on verso Oct. 1, 1821

SCHAEFER & KORANDT; German booksellers, publishers, importers and stationers; South West corner of 4th and Wood Sts., Philadelphia; view of store

SCHAYER, JOHN; French boot and shoe manufacturer; 44 Congress St., Boston

SCHOONMAKER & VAN DINE; (successors to James Johnson) ship bread and cracker
bakers; 110, 112, 114 & 116 Beekman St., New York

SCOFIELD, FARNUM & CO; commission merchants, manufacturers and delivery
agents of American hardware; 7 Platt St., New York

SCOFIELDS, PHELPS & HOWARD; drapers and tailors; 88 Broadway, New York

SEBRING, ISAAC; land office; Chateaugay, N. Y., May 10, 1824; [Packard & Van Benthuysen, printers, Albany, N. Y.

SEIXAS, JACOB L.; importer and jobber of fancy and staple dry goods; 8 Warren St., New York

SHAW, R. L.; mathematical instrument manufacturer; 222 Water St., corner of Beekman, New York; vignette of instruments

SHAW, APPLIN & CO.; furniture manufacturers; 27 Sudbury St., Boston

SHELTON, JOHN; saddle, cap and trunk maker; 45 Congress St., Boston

SHEPLEY, S. & C.; general assortment of school, miscellaneous, and blank books, Bibles, testaments; Fitchburg, Mass.; memorandum book cover - F-

SHIPMAN, ASA L. & SONS; improved adhesive letter and invoice file; 25 Chambers St., New York

SHOEMAKER, M. & CO.; children's furnishing emporium and wholesale and retail manufacturers of children's clothing; ms. date on bill; May 27, 1868 and Oct. 29, 1870;
2 - F -

SHREVE, CRUMP & LOW; engravers and stationers; 432 and 434 Washington St., Boston

SIMMONS, GEORGE, A.; manufacturer of sperm, whale and lard oil, and sperm candles; oil works on Newton St., counting room, 21 Long Wharf, Boston

SIMPSON, JOHN, K; importer of upholstery goods; 1 Ann St., Boston; vignette of Boston buildings engraved by Hoogland

SLARK, DAY & STAUFFER; American hardware; 203 Pearl Street, New York

SLATER, SAMUEL & SONS; manufacturers of cotton warps, yarn and threads; Webster, Mass.

SMALLWOOD, T.; cabinet maker and upholsterer; Boston; vignettes of furniture

SMITH, CHARLES, A & CO.; merchant tailors, Old State House, Boston; vignette of Old State House

SMITH, FRANKLIN, W.; importer of hardware and cutlery; 32 Dock Sq., Boston

SMITH, JOHN, A.; machine cards by water power; Leicester, Mass.; Oct., 1833

SMITH, P.; dealer in books and stationery; 184 North 4th St., St. Louis, Missouri

SMITH, STEPHEN; counting room furniture; 44 Cornhill, Boston; ms. date on bill; Nov. 19, 1847; vignette of furniture; A .C. Warren, Engr., 15 Tremont Row; - F -

SMITH, WM E.; job bookbindery; 65 Exchange St., Portland, Maine

SMITH, WILLIAM, H.; Philadelphia; engraving by John Sartain ; vignette of four allegorical figures with scrolls, a globe, paint and a harp

SMITH, WILLIAM, H.; premium letter cutter and die sinker; over 87 Washington St., Boston

SMITH & REID; state book binders and manufacturers of blank books rule to any pattern; Augusta, Maine

SMITH & REID; state book binders and manufactory of blank books, ruled to New York pattern; Augusta, Maine

SMITH & TOWER; shipping and commission merchants. Importers of California, China, Japan and India goods; 96 Wall St., New York

SNELL & BROTHERS; manufacturers of augers and auger bits; Fiskdale, Mass.

SNOW, P. M.; oyster and refreshment saloon; 31 Congress St., Portsmouth, N.H.; printed by Propeller press, Boston; vignette of Uncle Sam striding

SOUTH RIVER CUTLERY CO; manufacturers of cutlery; Conway, Mass.; label engraved by T. Chubbuck, Springfield, Mass.

SOUTHWORTH & HAWES; daguerreotype artists; 5 ½ Tremont Row, Boston; 2 variant cards one with image of stereoscope

SPRAGUE & PHELPS; manufacturers and dealers in cabinet furniture, upholstery goods, etc.; 143 and 145 Main St., Worcester, Mass.

SRISHEIM, L.; optician; importer and manufacturer of optical and mathematical instruments; 172 Main St., Worcester, Mass.; vignettes of instruments - 2 - (1 in folio)

STARK, DAY & STAUFFER; purchasers of American hardware; 203 pearl St., New York- (upstairs)

STARR, BURKETT & CO.; importers, wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods, carpeting, paper hangings, etc; 386 Main St., Hartford, Conn.

STAUFFER, J.; solicitor of patents, draughtsman and wood engraver, rooms over the Athenaeum; Lancaster, Penn.

STEARNS, W. B.; wholesale and retail dealer in books, stationery, paper hangings, fancy goods, engravings, etc.; 69 Exchange St., Portland, Maine

STECHERT & WOLFF; German booksellers and importers of all kinds of European literary works; 2 Bond St., New York

STEPHENSON & WEST; glass painters and stainers; 492 Broadway, New York; vignette of Gothic structure with note that the stained glass windows received an award in 1843

STEARNS, THOMAS & CO.; hat manufacturers; 22 Cornhill, Boston; vignette of allegorical figures engraved by A. Bowen - 2 -

STEDMAN, EBENEZER; book, chart and stationery store, wholesale and retail; Newburyport, Mass.; vignette of books and writing instruments; photocopy

STEINMETZ, JUSTICE & CO.; commission merchants and importers, foreign and domestic hardware; Philadelphia

STETSON, PRINCE & CO.; tavern keeper; State Street, Newburyport, Mass.; engraving of hotel with horses and carriages; Hooker delt. et sculpt. -F-

STEWART, J; hatter, Watterloo. [Albany, NewYork?]; monumental base with symbols of America and hat; landscape background with canal boat; Balch, Rawdon & Co., Sc.
- F -

STEWART & BLOODGOOD; attorneys; Milwaukee, Wisc.

STICKNEY, MOSES, P; combs and jewelry; 72 Washington St., Boston

STILLWELL, A.H.; shipsmith, machinist and block maker; Philadelphia; vignette of ship

STONE, FRANK; with S.B. Robinson & co; importers and manufacturers of buttons; 265 Broadway, New York

STORY, BRADSTREET & WLLIAM.; importers of European goods;13 Market Sq., Boston

STOW & SMART; importers, jobbers and dealers in foreign and domestic hardware, cutlery, guns, etc.; 37 Warren St., 128 Pearl, New York - 2 variant cards-

STRINGER & TOWNSEND; publishers, general booksellers, dealers in cheap publications; 222 Broadway, New York

STRONG'S; trunk factory; 1 Bleecker St., New York; vignettes of eagle and trunks

STUART, EDWIN, S.; the largest old book store in America; 9 South 9th St., Philadelphia; image of man on ladder reading

STURGIS, SAMUEL; hat maker; Fore St., Boston

SULLENDER & PASCAL; hatters; 8 South St., Philadelphia; vignette of hat stand with hats; printed by Joseph H. Bryson, 607 Chestnut St., Philadelphia; dated 1868 in mss.

SUMNER, SAMUEL; china, glass, crockery and jappaned wares; 1 State St., Boston; ms. date on bill; Feb. 22, 1798 - F-

SWAIN, EARLE & CO.; tropical mills; teas, coffee and spices; 7 Broad St., Boston; 187-

SWEETSER BROTHERS; scotch snuff, No. 3, 5th Dist., Boston; vign. engraved by Abel Bowen of Native American smoking next to barrel

SWETT, HUBBARD W.; books, plays, periodicals; 128 Washington St., Boston

SWIFT, GEORGE H., Dr.; dentist and taxidermist; Manchester, Vermont

SWORDS, GEORGE H. & CO.; importers and dealers in hardware and cutlery; 40 Dey St., New York

SYPHER & CO.; antiques, furniture, bronzes, porcelains, silver ware; 593 Broadway, New York; vignette of helmet with feathers



TABER, CHARLES & AUGUSTUS; booksellers, stationers and dealers in charts and nautical instruments; 45 Union St., & 2 Purchase St., New Bedford, Mass.; wide floral border -F -

TABER, WM. B. & CO.; cabinet furniture, feathers, beds, mattresses, looking glasses and looking-glass plates; 175 and 179 Main St., Worcester

TABER & LAWRENCE; successors to Partridge and Taber; furniture ware rooms; opposite Central Exchange, Worcester

TALLMADGE, JOHN S.; attorney; Lyons, New York; [Packard & Van Benthuysen, printers, Albany, N. Y. 1820-1824?]

TARRANT; effervescent seltzer; 278 Greenwich St., New York; vignette of allegorical figures and eagle

TAYLOR, SAMUEL; book binder and stationer; Corner of Market and Water St., Philadelphia; attributed to Henry Dawkins or James Smither by Harold E. Gillingham in article in Penn. Magazine of History and Biography, July 1929. -- 2 -

TAYLOR, H. N. & J. E.; dealers in melodeons, violins, flutes, clocks, watches, jewlery and fancy goods

THAXTER, SAMUEL; mathematical instrument maker; 49 State St., Boston; vignette of sailor holding quadrant

THAXTER, SAMUEL & SON; importers of and dealers in nautical and surveying instruments, charts, nautical books, etc; 125 state St., Boston; 3 variant cards, one with view of building and one with statue of sailor holding quadrant

THAYER, NATHANIEL; ship-chandler and rope maker; 32 State St., Boston; ms. date on bill May 25, 1814; vignette of anchor with coil of rope; Russell & Cutler, printers -F -

THAYER, READ & PECK, manufacturers of sash, doors, window frames; Fort Edward, New York

THOMAS, ANDREWS & PENNIMAN; book and stationery store; Albany, New York; small portrait of Benjamin Franklin at top; - F-

THOMAS, JOSHUA; books and stationery; Boston, 1796; vignette of shelf with books and writing instruments; above portraits of Johnson and Shakespeare; photocopy

THOMAS, ROBERT B.; Bookbinder and stationer; Sterling, Mass.; printed by Nathaniel Coverly, 1792

THOMPSON, ISAAC; wholesale and retail druggist; southwest corner of Market & Second Sts., Philadelphia; ms. date on bills, April 22, 1828 & Jan. 23,1835;; eagle with perched on kegs and boxes; 2 - F -

THOMPSON & CO; proprietors of Dr. Dadd's celebrated horse and cattle medicines; 97 Union St., Boston; ms. date on bill; Oct. 21, 1859; image of horses being treated - F-

THURSTON, BROWN & CO.; printing house; 111 Exchange St., Portland, Maine, ca. 1872; image of a costumed advertiser, blowing a horn from which hangs a banner with text

TIFFANY & WILKINSON; manufacturers and dealers in straw goods, artificial flowers, millinery goods; 215 Washington Street, Boston; printed by Ela

TILLEY, BENJAMIN, J.; newspaper, sheet music and periodical depot; 122 Thames St., Newport, R.I.

TILLINGHAST, HENRY L; lithographic and copperplate printing; 9 & 12 Market Sq., Providence, R. I.; ms. date on bill; Dec. 17, 1856 -F -

TILTON, GREGORY, & RICHARDSON; importers and wholesale dealers in foreign and domestic dry goods; 29 and 31 Federal St., Boston

TITCOMB, JOHN; English, India, French and American goods; 10 Market St., Portsmouth, N. H.

TITUS & HICKS; wholesale dry goods store; 246 Pearl St., New York

TODD, JOSEPH C.; engineer, machinist and founder; manufacturer of jute binder twine and jute bagging; mills in Paterson, N. J.; office, 36 Dey St., New York

TODD, S.J. & CO; chemist and druggist; wholesale and retail country dealers and physicians orders; 5 doors west of the Centre Market, Washington; engraved vignette of interior of store by B. Chambers, Washington

TOMPKINS, ORLANDO; apothecary; 271 Washington st, corner of winter St., Boston

TOMPSON, WILLIAM, M.; engraver; 169 William St., New York

TONGE; CHRISTOPHER; manufacturer of blacking in cakes, balls and liquid; 103 North 3rd St., Philadelphia; image of man blacking boots

TOWER, WM. S; manufacturer of wooden toy ware; South Hingham, Mass.

TOWER, WILLIAM S.; toy bazaar; Main and High Sts.; South Hingham, Mass.; image of wooden tower with children's toys around base; engraved by McKechnie

TRACY, JOHN; cordage; Quaker Field, Newburyport, Mass.; rope border around buildings and ships; engraved by Joseph Callender

TREGEAR, H.D.; water-proof hat manufacturer; 77 Newbury St., Boston; image of dog fetching its master's hat; 2 copies; J. R. Penniman del.; I. Chorley sculp.

TREMONT; paper company; Boston?

TRICKETT, WILLIAM; stationer and book-binder; next door to the coffee house, Philadelphia; photocopy of original at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania -F -

TROTH, HENRY; wholesale druggist; 222 Market near Seventh St., Philadelphia; ms. date on bill; April 14, 1829; engraving of two female figures, one handing spray of leaves to the other; eagle, shield, etc; water scene with ship as background; R. Tiller, Jr., sc.; - F -

TROTTER & DOUGLASS' LINE; shipping; Albany, N. Y.; [Packard & Van Benthuysen, printers, Albany, 1820-1824]
TROW, JOHN, F.; the writing and printing reform; phonetic & general publisher; 49 Ann St., New York; envelope sent to Rev. Elias Nason, Natick, Mass.; envelope

TROY HOUSE; Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania; Geo. H. DeWitt, proprietor ; image of hotel; -F-

TUCKER, JOHN C. & CO.; successors to Van Wagenen & Tucker; hardware, cutlery and fancy goods; 60 Dey, and 180 Greenwich St., New York

TUFTS, HENRY, A. & CO; commission merchants for cotton and woolen mills; 131 Milk St., Boston

TURNER, JOHN; European and India goods; 182 Pearl St., New York; ms. date on bill; May 4, 1790; engraved by J. Smither; photocopy of item owned by Michael Zinman - F -

TRYON, G.W; gun manufactory; proof cut for a trade card; the American shooters Manual, 1827; 175 North 2nd St., Philadelphia; image of two hunters and dogs flanking pedestal

TYLER, J.E.; commission merchant; 44 Long Wharf, Boston; vignette of eagle

TYLER & PIERCE; attorney and counsellors at law; Winchendon, Mass.


UNION ROCKLAND LAKE; ice company; 194 Chamber St., 108 Wall St. and 157 Bleeker St.; Rinier C. Wortendyke & Co. image of ice wagon and ships

UNION VOLUNTEER REFRESHMENT SALOON; foot of Washington St., Philadelphia; image of the saloon with military, men and women around it - 2 -


VALENTINE, PETTINGELL & CO.; agents and commission merchants; boots, shoes, straw bonnets, domestic goods; 164 Pearl Street, New York

VANCE, JONATHAN & THOMAS; booksellers and stationers, 178 Market St., Philadelphia

VINTON, ELISHA; dealer in woollen, linen, silk and cotton goods; 403 Washington St., Boston; H. L. Devereux, printer, Devonshire Street - F-

VOSE, ELISHA & JOSHUA; hat maker; 42 and 14 ½ Cornhill, Boston; vignette of hats; J. R. Penniman del.; A. Bowen sc.

VOSE, RODNEY; lumber and shipping commission merchant; Water St., Albany, New York


WAKEFIELD & HOWE; painted pails, tubs, buckets, etc; 29 & 30 North MarketoSt., Boston; vignette with examples manufactured items

WALDO, JOSEPH & DANIEL; wholesale and retail hardware; King Street, Boston; dated 1749, a year after the two Waldo brothers formed their partnership; neatly engraved text lists about 250 items for sale; engraved by James Turner - F - (see collection for complete description)

WALKER, JOSEPH; southwestern rail-road bank checks; stationer's hall, 89 East Bay, Charleston, S.C.- 2 -

WALKER, JOSEPH; stationer's hall; dealer in paper, stationery and account books; 87 east bay - border with intricate bell shaped flowers

WALKER, EVANS & COGSWELL; stationers, printers and binders; Charleston, S.C.; flier for Philadelphia centennial exhibition - vignette of blank book holding additional volumes

WALKER & TAPLIN; marble, granite and Isle La Mott stone works; Burlington, Vermont; image of a group of among monuments; wood engraving

WALLACH, WILLY; wholesale and retail stationery; 36 Park Row, New York

WALLER & KREPS; 342 Broadway

WALPOLE EMERY MILLS; excelsior metal polish; 114 Milk St., Boston -F -

WALSH, MADAME; fashionable millinery and dress making; 167 Court St., Boston; image of saleswoman showing hats
WALTON BROTHERS; railroad, army and navy supplies; 96 Liberty & 41 Church St., New York; ms. date on letter; Sept. 9, 1874; vignette of train; - F -

WARNER, R. & CO.; wholesale dealers in wooden ware, brooms, brushes, baskets, Mats, etc; 14 Commercial Street, Boston

WARREN, M. C. & CO.; importers and dealers in hardware and cutlery, carpenter's tools, building materials, etc; 9 Dock Sq., Boston

WATERMAN, MELZAR; silk, cotton, woolen and linen dyer; 388 Washington St., Boston

WATERS, ASA & SON; pistols; Millbury, Mass.

WATSON, EDWARD; importer and manufacturer of rich jewelry and silverware; corner of Washington and Milk Sts., Boston

WATSON, JOSEPH; amateur printing presses; 73 Cornhill, Boston

WATT, ARCHIBALD; "commerce promotes the arts and sciences"; engraving of female allegorical figure with anchor and barrels; New York

WAY, WILLIAM & CO.; importers and jobbers of hardware, cutlery and guns and manufacturers of planes and mechanics' tools; 180 Broadway, New York

WEAVER, EMMOR, T.; silver smith and sword mounter; Masonic aprons, hangings, sashes, medals; 11 North 4th St., Philadelphia; engraved by Tiller

WEBB, JOSEPH; importer of hardware and cast iron; Oliver's Dock, Boston; engraved by ul Revere, 1765; filed with Revere's Engravings, Graphic Arts Department

WELLES, ALFRED; importer and manufacturer of lamps, watches, cutlery, plated ware, etc.; 69 Washington St., Boston

WELLS, A. & G. H.; house, sign and ornamental painters; Franklin Sq., Norwich, Conn.

WETHERILL, SAMUEL; manufacturer of white and red lead; 51 & 65 North Front St., Philadelphia; ms. date on bills; May 6, June 30, Aug. 4, 1829; vignette of eagle on boxes of glass and barrels of lead; 3 - F -

WEST, JAMES; glass painter and stainer; 6 Wall St., near Broadway, New York; engraved vignette of gothic structure

WEST, ROBERT; couch, sofa and chair manufacturer; 55 S5th St. near Walnut St., Philadelphia; image of couch and chair engraved by H. S. Tanner

WESTERN CANAL LINE; shipping; Albany, March 1822 and April 1, 1823; [Packard & Van Benthuysen, printers, Albany]; 2 items

WHALL, WILLIAM; gun-smith; Atkinson St., Boston; photocopy; oval design with guns, cannons and swords surrounding text; ca. 1780 - F -

WHEELER, JOHN, H.; mathematical and optical instrument manufacturer; 220 Water St., New York; vignette of sailing ship; engraved by R. M. Gaw

WHITE, CHARLES; druggist and apothecary; 230 Washington St., Boston; 2 labels

WHITTEMORE, GEORGE, A.; Ring's vegetable ambrosia for gray hair; E. M. Tubbs & Co., Manchester, N. H.

WHITWELL, I. P.; wholesale and retail druggist and apothecary; 48 Newbury St., Boston; vignettes of containers of drugs

WHITWELL, WILLIAM; hardware; 10 Dock Sq., Boston; ms. date on bill; Oct. 7, 1803; elaborate frame - F -

WIGAN; ( no trade or address given); wide border with eagle; 2 varieties; - F -

WILDER, C. A.; manufacturers and dealers in wooden ware; no address

WILCOX, GEORGE; attorney and counsellor; 2 Nassau St., New York

WILLARD, AARON, Junr.; patented and warranted timepieces; Washington St., Roxbury, Mass.; "directions for putting up the timepiece". Other pieces engraved by Paul Revere and filed in the Graphic Arts Department with Revere's Engravings

WILLARD, BENJAMIN; clock manufactory; Grafton, Mass.; facsimile -

WILLARD, SIMON; description of trade card - see card for complete information - 2 cards follow with more info.

WILLARD & LANE; eagle stove polish; Taunton, Mass.; image of the factories on wharf with a ship and carriages

WILLIAMS, JONATHAN JR; English goods; Ann St., Boston; date on bill; Aug. 30, 1773; engraved by Darley, 39 Strand, [London] - F -

WILLIAMS, R. P. & C.; book seller and stationer; 79 Washington St., Boston; text superimposed on a map of Boston

WILSON, JAMES; printing, bookbinder and stationer; 105 Market St., Wilmington, Delaware; 2 copies, one dated 1825

WILSON, N.,DR.; serpentine spring auxiliators; 215 Washington St., Boston

WILSON, WILLIAM; tailor, habit maker, men's mercer and woollen draper; 5 Court St., Boston
WILSON, WILLIAM W.; engraving and plate printing; 123 Washington St., Boston - Michael Zinman collection - facsimile

WILSTACH, BALDWIN & CO; printers, lithographers, binders and stationers; 141 and 143 Race St., Cincinnati, Ohio

WINSLOW, CHARLES; English, French and Canton goods; 7 Cornhill, Boston; printed by Henry Emmons

WOLCOTT, JAMES A.; dealer in pianos, melodeons, sheet music, musical instruments; 221 Main St., Springfield, Mass.

WOLFE & BISHOP; importers and dealers in hardware, cutlery, guns, pistols; 87 Maiden Lane, New York

WOOD, B. B.; importer and dealer in watches, clocks and jewelry; 139 Washington St., Boston; 1843 (?); S. N. Dickinson, 52 Washington Street, Boston, printer - F-

WOOD, MARK, H.; centennial nutmeg grater; centennial exhibit at B. 23 Agricultural Hall; Barrington Centre, R.I., 1876

WOOD, T. W; music store; 83 Thames St., Newport, R.I.

WOODFORD, O. F.; toys, games and fancy articles; image of children playing on an outing with parents; 309 Washington St., Boston; 2 cards, one printed by Morse & Tuttle

WOODS, SAMUEL H.; apothecary; envelope with allegorical figures at left; 39 Tremont Row, Boston - 2 envelopes dated 1853

WOODWARD, ARTEMAS; brush-maker; Medfield, Mass.; dated on verso 1806

WOODWARD & CROSS; nurserymen; office, 77 & 79 Clark St., Chicago; nurseries, Rochester, New York; letterhead dated Feb. 8, 1875; vignette of man planting seeds -F -

WOOLSON, T.; patent cooking stoves; instructions for use and cleansing - F-

WOOSTER & VANALST; commission merchants and manufacturers' agents; 92 John St., New York

WRIGHT, GEORGE, W.; jobber and retailer of fine ready made clothing and gents' furnishing goods; 53 and 57 Westminster St., Providence, R.I.


YALE, ERWIN, R.; manufacturer of Japaned lamps and pocket lanterns, plain and Japaned tin ware; Meriden, Conn.; images of lamps and lanterns

YEAGER, J; engraver; Juniper St., Philadelphia; image of allegorical figure

YOUNG, R. T; improved adhesive letter, invoice and music file; 140 Fulton St., New York; image of a letter file; patented June 7, 1853

YOUNG, WILLIAM; saddle, harness, & trunk maker; 41 Broadway, New York; rococo border with examples of trade; a saddle horse at lower right corner; W. Griffiths fecit; (1814-1819) - F-

YOUNG & CONVERSE; express company; 10 Court Sq., Boston; and Railroad Depot, Woburn, Mass.

YOUNG AMERICA; clothing store; 232 Main St., Winsted, Conn.; cartoon of boxing match

YOUNG LADIES' SCHOOL; (Richard G. Parker, principal); Chauncy St., Boston, 1856


ZIMMERMAN & LANGE; imported general and neat European dry goods, glass and china, etc.; Savannah, Georgia; image of merchants on wharf loadingbarrels; designed by Longandyk and engraved by Sallieth & Sansom

British Trade Cards

ADAMS, MRS. AND MISSES; school, Liskeard, England, January 1811

ARBUTHNOT, JAMES, JUNR.; apothecary, Peterhead; engraving of chemist and patient

BALSAMIC COURT PLASTER; London; label with crest flanked by two allegorical figures; also envelope with royal crest

BEST FINE PINS; (1816?); wood engraving, red ink on white paper - F-

CROYDEN; printer and bookseller, circulating library; Tergrimouth; Engraved by J. Richard, Exeter

GORDON, WILLIAM; bookseller and stationer; Upperkirk, Aberdeen, Scotland

HODSON; bookseller, stationer; Belfast, England; engraved by J. Thompson


PATENT WINDSOR SOAP; view of Windsor Castle

WESTLEY, R. H.; bookseller and stationer; No. 159 The Strand, London

WILSON, WILLIAM; bookseller and stationer; Dublin, Ireland


French Trade Cards

FABER, A. W.; lead pencils; 1867

HILTON, ROBERT; typographe [printer]



UNIDENTIFIED REBUS; "to be washed"; 758 South Third St., Philadelphia

BEST FINE PINS; wrapper for box of pins; image of queen in center of design -F

IMPROVED HYGEIAN MEDICINES; for the whole system; $1.00; grecian picture with esculapius and hygeia curing the ailed

EMBOSSESILOUETTES; Queen Victoria and two of a scene of a shepherdess

SUPERFINE ROYAL LONDON PINS; elaborate paper wrapper with wide floral and crested border; allegorical figure of Britannia in center - F-

TEMPRANCE HOTEL; formerly eagle hotel; College St., Montreal

VISIT THE 7000 MOVING FIGURES; illustration of two children drawing or painting by Pratt

Two items with equestrian themes: harness, saddle and whips; horse and rider with examples of items below

Folder of photographs of binders' tickets and printers' trade cards


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