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Nathaniel Hurd Collection


Nathaniel Hurd Collection Box Inventory

Compiled by Alexandra Resnick, 2007


1. "Joseph Sewall, D.D. Pastor of the Old South Church Boston." Half-length portrait (4 3/8" x 7 3/8"), showing the subject wearing clerical dress, is framed within an oval. Below the oval is the Sewell Coat of Arms. The inscription at the bottom of the image reads "vita bene acta efficit senectutem jucundam." Two copies.

2. "The Reverend Joseph Sewall.DD." Smaller portrait (2 3/8" x 4 1/8") situated in a similar framing device. The subject's clothing differs slightly from the above, and the coat of arms is absent.

3. "Mr. Bernard & Mr. Oxnard present their Compliments." Restrike of ball invitation for the Harvard graduating class of 1767, 6 " x 4 ". The text is framed by pairs of columns and decorative curlicues. An account of the life of Edward Oxnard has been written on the reverse by his grandson.

4. "Philip Godfrid Kast." Photographic negative of engraved trade card, 5 5/8" x 7 ". Text describes goods sold by Philip Godfrind Kast at his store in Salem, Massachusetts, "at the sign of the Lyon & Mortar". An illustration of this signpost borders the left of the card, with the sign itself extending into the center of the text.

5. "London Book Store Cornhill, Boston." Photocopy of trade card, 5" x 3 ", for Henry Knox, a bookbinder and bookseller. A narrow decorative border surrounds the text.

6. Currency conversion table. An image of Justice, attired in contemporary dress but holding the traditional scales, is enclosed by a semicircular frame. An inscription within the frame reads "Jam redit et Virgo; redeunt Saturna regna." To the left of this central image, a vignette shows a man bringing a bag of money to be converted by another man, who sits at a desk with a ledger. At right, another vignette shows two men gesturing toward a ship.

7. "Thomas Hutchinson, Esquire." Engraved Massachusetts military commission (22 " x 17 ") appointing John Gallison first lieutenant of the third military company of foot in Sutton, Massachusetts. Includes calligraphic ornaments as well as elaborately decorative lettering.

8. "Courtship and Marriage." Optical illusionary engraving (7 " x 9") depicting a smiling couple who, when turned upside-down, appear to be grimacing with disgust. Two poems below the image describe the transformation: during courtship, "each Look gives joy each Kiss is sweet" while after marriage "love ends when once you'r [sic] Man & Wife."

9. Engraved bill of exchange from Massachusetts Bay, 9 " x 7 ", with decorative column of fruits and flowers at left as well as calligraphic swirls and ornamental text.

10. "Britons behold the best of kings." Engraved card (5 7/8" x 4 ") proclaiming the greatness of the English crown. Two hands extend from clouds at top left to hold a banner, on which a poem is written: "The man resolv'd, & steady to his trust / Inflexible to ill, & obstinately just." At center is a profile half-portrait of George III; at right, a cherub holds a laurel wreath. Below, more text is situated on the face of a decorative pedestal, flanked by two more portraits: at left, "the right honourable William Pitt" and at right "Major General James Wolfe. The British hero."

11. "Sperma-ceti Candles Warranted pure." Photostat of engraved trade card, 6 " x 5". Advertisement for spermaceti candles, for sale at the store of Joseph Palmer & Co. in Boston. The text at top is repeated below in French; between the two paragraphs is a vignette of a whale and, in the background, a group of whalers in pursuit of another. The highly decorative border includes fruit, flowers, a smiling face, and the Palmer coat of arms.


12. "Sperma-ceti candles Warranted pure." Photostat and photographic negative of engraved trade card, 7 7/8" x 6". Advertisement for George Rome in Newport, Rhode Island, written in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian. A highly decorative border surrounds the text, including whaling spears, a woman's face, and three vignettes of whales and whaling boats.

13. Two photographs of compass (diameter 5"), at the center of which is a small circular engraving of a harbor with lighthouse. The compass has eight points, one of which is in the shape of a fleur-de-lis, and degrees numbered around the circumference.

14. Photostat of trade card for Spermaceti Candles sold by Nicholas Brown & Co. An image of a whale is at the center of the card and a decorative border surrounds the text.


15. Alleve, Thomas
16. Andrews
17. Apthorp, East
18. Apthorp, Stephen
19. Apthorp, Thomas
20. Atkinson, Theodore
21. Atkinson, George
22. Atkinson, Henry
23. Brown, Thomas
24. Brown, William
25. Chandler, Joh, Jr.
26. Chandler, Rufus
27. Child, Thomas
28. Courtenay, Henry
29. Dana, Francis
30. Dana, J. Freeman
31. Dana, Samuel
32. Dana, Richard Henry
33. Dana, Richard Henry
34. Dana, Edmund Trowbridge
35. Dana
36. Danforth
37. DeBlois, Lew
38. DeBlois, George
39. Dering
40. Dering, Thomas
41. Dering, Thomas
42. Dering, Thomas
43. Dering, Henry P.
44. Dering, N.H.
45. Dering, Nicoll H.
46. Foster, Isaac
47. French, Jonathan
48. Green, Francis
49. Greene, Benjamin
50. Greene, Thomas, Jr.
51. Greenleaf, William
52. Greenleaf, William, Junr.
53. Hale, Robert
54. Harvard College (six variations)
55. Hoar, Richard
56. Hobby, Jonathan
57. Holyoke, Edward Augustus.
58. Hooper, Joseph
59. Hooper, Stephen
60. Hooper, William
61. Hubbard, William
62. Hurd
63. Jackson, Jonathan
64. Jarvis, Leonard, Junr.
65. Jenkins, Lewis
66. Jenkins, Mary
67. Jenkins, Robert
68. Loring, John J.
69. Lowell, John
70. Marchant, Henry
71. Marston, John
72. Miller, Joseph
73. Miller, Jo
74. Miller, John
75. Miller, Lucretia E.
76. Oliver, Andrew
77. Osborne, Peter (photographic reprint)
78. Pace, Henry
79. Page, Samuel
80. Palmer, Thomas
81. Phillips, John
82. Phillips Academy
83. Potter, William J.
84. Price, Ezekiel
85. Rogers, Nathaniel
86. Thomas Grainger. Sexton. (restrike)
87. Simpson, Jonathan
88. Smith, William
89. Smith, Samuel
90. Spooner, Joshua
91. Storer
92. Tracey, Nathaniel
93. Tyler, Andrew
94. Vassall, Joh, Esq.
95. Walker, Edward
96. Wentworth
97. Wentworth, John
98. Wentworth, John 3d
99. Wentworth, Paul, Gent
100. Wentworth, Paul
101. Williams, Henry
102. Williams, John C.
103. Wilson, David
104. Wilson, James


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