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Cartes-de-visite Inventory, by Box

Worcester: Men
Box 11: Taber - Wyman


Taber, W. B.
Taft, Calvin
Taft, Lyman T.
Taft, Col. P. W.
Taft, S.
Tainter, Daniel
Taylor, R. C.
Taylor, Samuel
Tenny, F. T.
Thaxter, Levi
Thayer, Adin
Thayer, Benjamin
Thayer, Eli.
Thayer, Lewis
Thomas, Hon. Benjamin F.
Thomas, Isaiah
Thompson, Alexander Y.(?)
Thompson, C. O.
Thompson, G. F.
Thurber, C.
Titus, J. A.
Tolman, Albert
Tourtelott, S. D.
Tower, Horatio N.
Trask, A. J.
Trumbull, Charles P.
Trumbull, George A.
Trumbull, Joseph
Tucker, J. E.
Twitchell, Ginery(?)
Tyler, A.

Upham, F.
Upham, Joel
Upton, C. A.

Vaill, E. W.
Valentine, Gill
Verry, G. F.
Verry, Horace

Wadsworth, Henry C.
Waite, Horace Mansfield
Waldo, Daniel, Sen.
Waldo, Daniel
Walker, A. G.
Walker, Asa.
Walker, Benjamin
Walker, Rev. Edward A.
Walker, Gilbert
Walker, J.
Walker, J. H.
Walker, Matthew
Wall, James H.
Waller, David
Ward, Col. A.
Ward, Artemas
Ward, Daniel
Ward, George H.
Ware, A. P.
Warren, F. W.
Washburn, Charles
Washburn, Charles F.
Washburn, Eaph.(?) Samuel(?) A.
Washburn, Gov. Emory, L.L.D.
Washburn, H. S.
Washburn, Henry S.
Washburn, Ichabod
Washburn, Ichabod and Charles
Washburn, John D.
Washburn, Nathan
Washburn, Philip M.
Webb, Courtland
Weeks, George
Wellington, E. W.
Wellington, T. W.
Wells, Charles B.
Wesson, Frank
Wesson, R.
Weston, David
Wetherell, John W.
Wetmore, Samuel
Wheeler, C. A.
Wheeler, G. W.
Wheeler, Nelson
Wheeler, William A.
Wheelock, S. P.
Whitcomb, David
Whitcomb, G. H.
White, Charles
Whiting, C. B.
Whiting, C. H.
Wilder, Alexander H.
Willard, Calvin
Willard, F.
Willard, Sidney
Willard, William
Williams, Hartley
Williams, Lemuel
Williams, W.
Williams, W. A. (?)
Winslow, S.
Winslow, S. C.
Winthrop, Thomas L.
Witherby, Calvin K.
Witherby, Edwin T.
Witter, H. M.
Witter, John
Wood, A.
Wood, C.
Wood, Harry S.
Wood, Joshua
Woodward, D. M.
Woodward, Henry
Woodward, R.
Woodward, R. S.
Woodward, Samuel
Woodward, Dr. Samuel B.
Woodworth, J. S.
Workman, Dr. William
Wyman, C. F.
Wyman, Horace



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