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Cartes-de-visite Inventory, by Box

Portraits: Men
Box 3, Spa-Z


Sparks, Jared
Sprague, Hon. A. B.
Sprague, Charles and son
Stanton, E. M.
Stanwood, Jacob
Stedman, Dr. Charles H.
Stedman, John W.
Stevens, Alexander H.
Stoddard, Charles Warren
Storrs, Rev. Richard S., Jr.
Sturgis, Charles Wilkins
Sturgis, Francis S.
Sturgis, Dr. Frederick R.
Sturgis, George Robert Russell
Sturgis, Henry Howard
Sturgis, Henry Parkman
Sturgis, James
Sturgis, James Perkins
Sturgis, John Hubbard
Sturgis, M. P.
Sturgis, Robert Shaw
Sturgis, Russell, Jr.
Sturgis, Dr. Russell, 3d
Sturgis, Samuel Parkman (or Samuel S.)
Sturgis, William and wife
Sumner, Hon. Charles
Swain, Roger W.

Taber, William
Taney, Chief Justice Roger B.
Tappan, John G.
Taylor, Bishop
Thomas, Rev. George N.
Thomas, William
Thompson, Dr. James H.
Thompson, Stephen
Thoreau, Henry David
Thorp(?), Jacob
Thorp, James H.
Thorp, Thomas
Ticknor, Prof. George
Tiffany, Edward D.
Tilton, Theodore
Tismmer, E.
Blind Tom
Toombs, Robert
Train, George Francis
Tucker, Prof. Edward
Tuckerman, Charles Keating
Tuckerman, Earnest
Tuckerman, Edward
Tuckerman Edward, 2d
Tuckerman, Frederick M.
Tuckerman, H. H.
Tuckerman, Henry T.
Tuckerman, Joseph
Tupper, Martin F.
Tyler, Dr.
Tyng, Stephen Higginson (1800-1885)

Valentine, Philipp J. J.
Vanderbilt, Cornelius
Van Nostrand, David
Vedder, Elihu

Wachtel, Theodor
Wagner, Cal(?)
Wakefield, Horace P.(?)
Wales, G.
Walker, A. G.
Wallack, Lester
Ward, Alex
Ware, Dr. John
Ware, Rev. John F. W.
Warren, E.
Warren, William
Washburn, Rev. Francis T.
Washington, President George
Washington, President George, wife Martha Custis Washington, her daughter and her son
Wayland, Francis
Webster, Daniel
Weeks, Charles F.
Weld family relative
Welles, Gideon
Wells, E. M. P.
Wells, Samuel
West coat of arms (?)
West, John
West, Samuel
Wheeler, Andrew
Wheeler, Hon. William A.
White, Aaron
White, William Howard
Whitney, G.
Whittier, John G.
Whittlesey, Charles
Wigfall, Louis Trezevant
Wightman, Mayor
Wilder, Sampson Vryling Stoddard
Members of family of Alexander T. Wilkinson
Williams, Dr. H.
Willis, Nathaniel Parker
Willis, William L.
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, John
Wilson, Rev.
Winslow, Dr.
Winslow, Rev. Hubbard
Winslow, Jesse
Winsor, Paul
Winthrop, Robert C.
Winthrop, Thomas L.
Winthrop, Theodore
Wood, Mayor Fernando
Wood, George
Wood, George G.
Woolsey, Theodore D.
Wright, Thomas
Wynne, Thomas Hicks

Yates, Hon. Richard
Young, Brigham

Zerrahn, Carl



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