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Bank Note Collection Inventory

Index of other online collection inventories and finding aids

Box 1  Nineteenth-Century Currency
Folder 1   Alabama Private Currency
Folder 2   Arkansas Currency, 1861-1865
Folder 3   California Private Currency
Folder 4   Connecticut Private Currency
Folder 5   Delaware Private Currency
Folder 6   District of Columbia Private Currency
Folder 7   Florida Private Currency
Folder 8   Georgia Private Currency (Atlanta- Augusta)
Folder 9   Georgia Private Currency (Augusta- Macon)
Folder 10   Georgia Private Currency (Milledgeville- Savannah)
Folder 11   Illinois Private Currency
Folder 12   Iowa Private Currency
Folder 13   Indiana Private Currency
Folder 14   Kansas Private Currency
Folder 15   Kentucky Private Currency, Non- Confederate
Folder 16   Louisiana Currency
Folder 17   Maine Private Currency
Folder 18   Maryland Private Currency
Folder 19   Massachusetts Private Currency (Boston only)
Folder 20   Massachusetts Private Currency (Amherst- New Bedford)
Folder 21   Massachusetts Private Currency (Newburyport- Worcester)
Folder 22   Michigan Private Currency
Folder 23   Mississippi Private Currency, Non- Confederate
Folder 24   Missouri Private Currency, Non- Confederate
Folder 25   Nebraska Private Currency
Folder 26   New Hampshire Private Currency
Folder 27   New Jersey Private Currency

Box 2  Nineteenth-Century Currency
Folder 1   New York Private Currency (Albany- New York City)
Folder 2   New York Private Currency (Owego- Williamsburgh)
Folder 3   North Carolina Private Currency Non-Confederate
Folder 4   Ohio Private Currency
Folder 5   Pennsylvania Private Currency
Folder 6   Rhode Island Private Currency (Johnston- Westerly)
Folder 7   Rhode Island Private Currency (Hopkinton- Burrillville)
Folder 8   South Carolina Private Currency Non-Confederate
Folder 9   Tennessee Private Currency Non- Confederate
Folder 10   Texas Private Currency Non-Confederate, Utah
Folder 11   Vermont Private Currency
Folder 12   Virginia Private Currency
Folder 13   United States, 1862+
Folder 14   Fractional Currency, 1862-1876
Folder 15   U.S. Fractional Currency, Leaflets and Clippings
Folder 16   Unidentified Private Currency
Folder 17   Confederate States of America, Fractional by States, $1- $5
Folder 18   Confederate States of America, $10- $500
Folder 19   Canada
Folder 20   Folio- zeroxes of Rhode Island Currency from RHS

Box 3   Eighteenth-Century and Confederate States
Folder 1  Specimens from 1750-1790
Folder 2  Specimens from the Confederate States

Box 4  Miscellaneous Items
Folder 1   Paper Currency- Business Tokens
Folder 2   Paper Currency- Cartoons
Folder 3   Paper Currency- Foreign
Folder 4   Toy Money
Folder 5   Emergency Currency, 1932 (Wooden)
Folder 6   Emergency Currency, 1932-33 (Paper)
Folder 7   Promissory Notes, receipts
Folder 8   Bank Note Advertisements- Books, Printing, etc.
Folder 9   Bank Note Advertisements- Boots and Shoes
Folder 10   Bank Note Advertisements- Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, etc.
Folder 11   Bank Note Advertisements- Clothing
Folder 12   Bank Note Advertisements- Daguerreotypes, Photographs
Folder 13   Bank Note Advertisements- Greetings
Folder 14   Bank Note Advertisements- Groceries, Drinks, etc.
Folder 15   Bank Note Advertisements- Fractional Size
Folder 16   Bank Note Engraving- Hotels and Restaurants
Folder 17   Bank Note Engraving- House Furnishings
Folder 18   Bank Note Engraving- In Memorium
Folder 19   Bank Note Engraving- Political Cartoons
Folder 20   Bank Note Engraving- Promissory Notes
Folder 21   Bank Note Engraving- Remedies, Dentistry
Folder 22   Bank Note Engraving- Theatres
Folder 23   Bank Note Engraving- Transportation
Folder 24   Bank Note Advertisements- Miscellaneous
Folder 25   United States Treasury Warrants- Eighteenth Century and Later
Folder 26   Paper Currency- Counterfeit
Folder 27   Paper Currency- Redford Glass Company
Folder 28   Embossed Paper
Folder 29   Letter Sheets
Letter Seals