Box 5

David Claypoole Johnston Chalk, and Pen and Wash Drawings



Box 5 Folder 1.1 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Outdoor Gymnasium]; pen and wash. (21 x 31 cm). 1826.

Pen and ink sketch for the later lithograph entitled “Gymnastics” (click here for catalog record); image features an exterior scene of numerous men outside of a Surgeon’s office; visible in the window is a man with a saw; there is a man putting up broadsides one of which is for “Ready Made Coffins”; one man enters with a leg tucked under his arm; there is one man climbing a pole while another holds up his wooden leg; several are on ladders and others tumbling over balance beams and other equipment. One man on a swing collides with one on a ladder; behind them is a fence.




Box 5 Folder 1.2 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [An Accidental but candid confession]; pen and wash. (19.5 x 21.5 cm). ca. 1819.

Interior scene of a shop; central in the scene is a young man behind a counter; in front of him is an angry man crumpling a piece of paper in his hand, his hand raised. On the desk before them is an account book labeled “Subscription names for Militia Muster Vol 8” as well as several other pieces of paper; behind him are lithographic stones and engravings; one says “10,000 impressions militia muster sold for cash”; behind them looking on is a crowds of people, two men holding a print. Balloons display the following conversation “How can you sell them our Militia Muster?” “25 cents each” “Well I’ll take on but I tell you what any man that would buy such a thing is a d-n rascal & none but a d-n rascal would sell em” “The very man himself by heavens!”. Note a print in the background looks similar to the engraving in Box 4 Folder 3.1.


Enlarge [side one only]


Box 5 Folder 1.3 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Interior scene at a dining table]; pen and wash. (14 x 18 cm). No date.

Interior scene at a dining room table; there is a young boy reading to a man from an open book and a man on the right end pouring from a glass into the mouth of a young boy; another one holds a book open on his lap; sleeping under the table is a dog; to the left is a pianoforte. In the background are sketches of doors and what appears to be framed artwork on the walls. On the reverse are several sketches one labeled “Sarah”.




Box 5 Folder 1.4 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Home Drinking Scene]; pen and wash. (20.5 x 24.5 cm). No date.

Interior scene at a dining room table; there is a woman pouring beverages into a glass; to the right a man pouring a drink into a young child’s mouth; in the center is a woman holding a baby; to the left is a pianoforte and frames on the wall. See also Box 8 Folder 55 and Box 8 Folder 56.





Box 5 Folder 1.5 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Study for “A Foot Race”]; pen and wash. (32.5 x 32 cm). 1824.

Exterior scene featuring numerous men wearing top hats in the center of a circular path; running is a man who looks like Andrew Jackson wearing high boots and carrying a sword in the crook of his arm; others are John Quincy Adams and those running for president in 1824; balloons with light pencil words are above and a domed building which looks like the White House in the distance. Image is labeled at bottom “Jackson Cartoon”; see record for finished political cartoon here.




Box 5 Folder 1.6 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Anti-masonic cartoon, election of 1832]; pen and wash. (22 x 29.5 cm). 1832.

Interior scene featuring a long table with animals in clothing crowded around it; some seated some standing; a dog who looks like the president is standing holding a rolled scroll; one is holding a banner which reads “No secret societies”; several of the animals have conversation balloons; on the wall behind them is a clock. Note: see similar image from alternate angle in Box 5 Folder 1.14.




Box 5 Folder 1.7 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [The Pledge]; pen and wash. (14.5 x 19 cm). No date.

Exterior scene featuring a man and woman on top of a raised pillar; the woman is handing a paper called “The Pledge” and pen over to the man; on the façade of the altar is an image of two men helping a man to his feet; behind are two buildings; to one to the right is dilapidated with a broken sign; the one to the left a temperance house and has a long line of people around it. Pencil annotations of a formula are on the lower right. See also Box 6 Folder 1.5.






Box 5 Folder 1.8 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Young child with various art]; pen and wash. (14.5 x 19 cm). No date.

Image of a young child wrapped in a cloth writing on a board; behind the board is a framed piece of art; in front of a book and an easel with paint; in front of the child is a book labeled “Annual” and to the left a book entitled “Historical prints portraits” a globe and a rolled item labeled “Maps Charts”; the child has his face turned towards the viewer. Note: image may be for a membership certificate.




Box 5 Folder 1.9 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Study for Galaxy of Wit]; pen and wash. (14.5 x 19 cm). 1827.

Image of a line of men in various costumes and outfits; one is dressed in Scottish clothing; one is dressed as a Roman in robes; one has a long overcoat and fishing pole and one is dressed in colonial era clothing; central in the scene is a large man in a hat wearing Shakespearian era clothing and carrying a mug; he may possibly be Falstaff. Quotation on reverse reads “When, then a broad, bright Eden land, Burst on his raptur’d view”.




Box 5 Folder 1.10 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Allegorical image for trade card]; pen and wash. (15 x 28 cm). No date.

Allegorical scene depicting two women leaning up against a crate with an iron front and keyhole; a woman to the left has a key in her hand and is holding a wheel and gear; to the right is a woman holding masonic items; in the background is a cityscape and the sea.




Box 5 Folder 1.11 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Allegorical image for Jefferson]; pen and wash. (9.5 x 14 cm). No date.

Allegorical image featuring a man in robes writing on a tablet which says “In Congress July 4 1776”; behind is a bare-chested man with wings holding onto interlocking tablets; in front of him is a globe; behind are the letters for the words “Jefferso[n]”






Box 5 Folder 1.12 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Political cartoon featuring Richard III]; pen and wash. (22 x 27.5 cm). No date.

Political cartoon featuring Richard III running on a path to the right; in front of him is a mile marker labeled “1 mile to the literacy […]” he is saying “A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!” Grabbing onto his coat is Queen Margaret who says “Thou dog, for thou shall hear me, thou elvish mark abortive rooting hog Thou that was scal’d in thy nativity. The slave of nature & the son of hell. Thou rag of honour! Thou detested”; a burr from the coat of the King is caught in her white dress. Running along side them is a man carrying a bottle and list of directions as well as a piece of paper labeled “1 Cent Reward” he is saying “My lord on my tent this morning early was this paper found”; behind them is a sign post labeled “5 miles to the Emporium” behind them is a man putting a trunk labeled “EK” on the shoulders of an African man. One man says “Villains set down the trunk or by St. Paul I’ll make his trunk [head up?] who […]”


Box 5 Folder 1.13 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Peter Rugg]; pen and wash. (13.5 x 19 cm). No date.

Image featuring a man driving a horse in a two-wheeled cart to the left; next to him is a seated woman; they are passing a post heading towards Providence. Labeled at bottom “Peter Rugg.”



Box 5 Folder 1.14 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [No Secret Societies]; pen and wash. (22.5 x 26.5 cm). 1832.

Interior image featuring a long table surrounded by animals dressed in clothing and seated at stools and chairs; one of them is holding a banner which reads “No Secret Societies”; several of the animals are asleep. Note: see similar image, from an alternate angle in Box 5 Folder 1.6.





Box 5 Folder 1.15 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [A meeting of the free and Independent Wood, Boot cleaners, Chimney sweepers and Porters of Phila.]; pen and wash. (25 x 31.5 cm). No date.

Interior image featuring numerous men crowded around a table; many of them are bald and appear to be African American. A man to the right sitting on an overturned barrel says “Stop this stop this my friends, there isn’t no use for none on you to jarvin all togader case I can’t understand you”; one is putting his hand over another man’s mouth in the center and to the left are two men talking. One has a snake up his nose.




Box 5 Folder 1.16 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [4 sketches]; pencil and pen and wash. (19 x 19.5 cm). 1842.

Four sketches; the first features a woman facing right labeled “The Chambermaid of the Boarding House”; second is a woman facing the viewer “The Mistress of the Boarding House”; below are two pictures; one is of a surprised looking boy carrying a sack over his back labeled “The Schoolboy”; the final picture, drawn upside down is titled “Waiting the Results of the Verdict of the Colt’s Trial” featuring a crowd of people looking into a room to the left. Note: possibly newspaper illustration for the trial of John C. Colt for the murder of Samuel Adams, in 1841 New York.




Box 5 Folder 1.17 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Image of a group of three people and text]; pen and wash. (28 x 35.5 cm). No date.

Image of three people; a man and a woman helping a central man walk to his feet, the man’s face has been erased and re-drawn; the man and woman are both holding one of his arms; surround them is pencil text and the initials DCJ”.



Box 5 Folder 1.18 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Illustration for Gentleman with Green Spectacles the memorial]; pen and wash. (18 x 13.5 cm). 1828.

Image featuring a man in colonial era clothing holding a book above his head; to the right is a very thin man shielding three boys; behind them is a burning fire and trees. Image is annotated ‘Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire,’ shouted the President, waving the Bible in the air.” See also Box 6 Folder 1.3.






Box 5 Folder 1.19 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Illustrations for The Convent Committee]; pen and wash. all approx: (18.5 x 14.5 cm). 1855.

Images used for “The Convent Committee, better known as the Smelling Committee” political cartoon in AAS collections. Series of 10 Drawings. First features a man pulling clothes out of a wardrobe; second is a man peering up a chimney; third is a man with hat and cane opening a door; fourth is a man peering through a grate into a privy; fifth is a man examining a broken wheel leaning up against a fence; sixth is a man digging through a basket with clothing; seventh is a man peering under a bed, a portrait of Madonna and child on the wall; eighth is a man with hat in hand peering down looking at pigs eating from a trough; ninth is a man with can peering through a keyhole; tenth is mirror of the first with a man pulling clothes out of a wardrobe frowning. Note: see transfer drawings in Box 8 Folder 57.




Box 5 Folder 2.1 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). “Six O’clock in the morning…”; Chalk. Image: (26.5 x 21.5 cm) mounted on cardstock: (44 x 34 cm). 185-?

A man leaning up against a post facing the viewer. He is wearing a white shirt, black hat and black coat; he has a large nose and is frowning. Sign on building behind him reads “Refreshments”. The caption reads at the bottom “Well here it is six o’clock in the morning and no […] cutter yet – can such a state of things last?”







Box 5 Folder 2.2 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Image of a fat man yawning]; Chalk. (27 x 22.5 cm). 183-?

Interior scene with a fat man yawning, his hands over his large stomach. He is wearing a vest which is bursting and a dark overcoat. To the left is a table with several books on top; to the right is a chair and a stool with a cushion; behind him is an open door leading to a staircase and several framed pieces of artwork on the walls. Note: image is on blue colored paper.




Box 5 Folder 2.3 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Portrait of Daniel Webster]; Chalk. (30 x 25 cm). 1831.

Bust portrait of Daniel Webster facing left; he has large eyes a large forehead and long sideburns; his hairline is receding; he is wearing a white collared shirt and dark coat. Image is signed in the right under collar “D.C. Johnston del. 1831”

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