Box 3

David Claypoole Johnston Matted Watercolors No. 14-22



Box 3 Folder 14 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). A Grave Mistake; watercolor. Image: (17 x 25 cm) mounted on cardstock: (29 x 38 cm). 183-?

Cartoon image featuring a drunken man leaning up against a building with his arm raised towards a passing hearse; the hearse is horse-drawn and covered in black; the drunken man has ripped clothing, shoes and a bottle in his vest pocket; behind the scene are multi-story buildings and people walking on the sidewalk. Image is annotated at bottom: “A Grave Mistake: There’s a bus! Hold on driver! Room for one more inside?”






Box 3 Folder 15 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). Bees swarming; watercolor. Image: (21.5 x 29 cm) mounted on cardstock: (23 x 30.5 cm). 1831.

Cartoon image featuring a man in an overcoat, spotted vest and breeches looking up at his hat which has numerous bees swarming on its brim; he is carrying what appears to be a pan and a ladle; behind him is a bald African American man holding a bee hive; following are men carrying tools and an African American woman carrying a set of keys; to the right is a tree with gladiolas and behind them a white picket fence.







Box 3 Folder 16 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). Landscape with water and mountains; oil on board. (31 x 42.5 cm) 184-?

Landscape image taken from the top of a hill looking down into a river valley; a river winds through the scene; to the right are trees and rocks; in the far distance is a rolling mountain range and clouds on the horizon.





Box 3 Folder 17 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). Taproom Scene; watercolor. (30.5 x 25 cm). No date.

Interior of a tap room; central in the scene is a young girl holding out a tambourine to a well-dressed man reading a newspaper; he has a small brown dog at his feet. To the left is a man in uniform with a bugle under his arm; behind them are two men toasting and seated at a table are two other men with beverage glasses, one smoking a pipe; behind the bar is an African American man. There are numerous bottles as well as a sign around a barrel which reads “Lager Beer”; displayed on the wall are several paintings. See similar sketch in Box 8 Folder 53.




Box 3 Folder 18 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Sound Asleep & Wide Awake or Marker & Sleeper]; watercolor. (26 x 32.5 cm). 1855.

A street scene featuring a man fast asleep leaning against full sacks; he has a reddened face, damaged clothing and is bald; there is a cast aside bottle at his feet. Painting his head is a well-dressed man with a red handkerchief in his pocket holding a brush and mug in his hand; he is painting a face on the bald pate of the sleeping man. To the right a man leans against a wooden box looking on; a sign on the building’s exterior reads “Sleeper Marker & Co.” to the right is a box labeled “This Side up” and the initials “DCJ” on the side of the box. Note: see engravings for this image, see Box 4 Folder 2 various states.






Box 3 Folder 19 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Ginger Beer Stall]; watercolor. Image: (23.5 x 31.5 cm) mounted on cardstock: (26.5 x 35 cm). 1858.

Image featuring an older man sitting on a stool reading the “Morning Post” newspaper and handling apples; behind him is a brick wall supporting an awning; on it are several notices, one labeled “Auction”; others “Spruce Beer Ginger Pop” and “Cool Lemonade”. There are two young children in front of the stand to the left. Note on file indicates: “Printed in Boston Notion, May 20, 1843, Edward Leonard, Print Seller of the Old South”. Image is initialed and dated in lower right “DCJ 1858”; Note: see similar images in Box 7 Folder 9 and Box 8 Folder 65.





Box 3 Folder 20 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Great Expectations]; watercolor. Image: (30.5 x 24.5 cm) mounted on cardstock: (37 x 29.5 cm). 1858.

Image featuring a man attempting to feed a robin; he is wearing a brimmed straw hat, pants with suspenders and a white shirt; peering at him from behind a bush is a boy. In the distance is a house with a chimney and a wooden fence. Image is backed on a piece of paper which is signed: “D. C. Johnston, teacher of drawing and painting, at 460 Washington St.” and features a pencil drawing on verso of the face and shoulders of a person or sculpture.




Box 3 Folder 21 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Landscape with figures and a lake]; watercolor. Image: (14 x 19 cm) mounted on cardstock: (20 x 25 cm). No date.

Landscape image featuring several figures near a lake; in the foreground two people stand on a rock ledge; several others are in a boat on the water; to the right are more rocks and plants growing around them; in the far distance are blue mountains and green rolling hills. Image is annotated on cardstock “watercolor by DCJ” 






Box 3 Folder 22 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Landscape with a lake]; watercolor. Image: (20 x 28 cm) mounted on cardstock: (27 x 38 cm). No date.

Landscape image with a lake surrounding areas of land; to the right is a lush green island with numerous trees; to the right is a hillside cascading down to the water’s edge; in the distance are mountains.

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