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Box 9 Folder 1 R.S.C. [Cows at a Bridge]; etching. (26.5 x 36.5 cm). 1871.

Image featuring a bridge to the left with two arches over a body of water. To the right, on land are two cows. In the distance are several bare trees and a house with a fence surrounding it. Image is signed in the lower right “R.S.C. 1871” See Box 13 Folder 4 for similar drawing by Emma Cross.

Box 9 Folder 2 Herrick, Henry Walker (1824-1906). [View of the Town House, Manchester, N.H.]; wood engraving. (15.5 x 24.5 cm). 1871.

Image featuring the exterior of a building with two floors and a cupola with clock tower. There are also several chimneys. The building has numerous large windows and several shop fronts labeled “Manchester Market” "Post office” “Boylston’s Printing office” “West India Goods” “Andrew C. Tucker Drugs & Medicine”; there are people in the windows and the image is signed in the lower right ”H.W. Herrick Manchester”.

Box 9 Folder 3 Unknown artist. [Shirtless woman reading a book]; lithograph. (28 x 36 cm). no date.

A topless woman with a blanket draped over her long blonde hair reading from an open book in the woods; she has her head in her hand. In the foreground are rocks and in the background thick forest and boulders. To the right is an urn.

Box 9 Folder 4 S.S. Kilburn after Frederick B. Schell (1838-1905). [Two men walking up a ledge]; engraved proof. (38.5 x 30.5 cm). no date.

Image featuring two men with sticks walking up a ledge to the right. To the left and down the ledge are several buildings, a dock and several sailboats on the water. In the distance are mountains and an island. Image is signed in the lower right “Kilburn Sc” and in the lower left “F.B. Schell” See also Box 16 Folder 4.

Box 9 Folder 5 S.S. Kilburn after E. P. Treadwell. [Interior of a great hall]; engraved proof. (30 x 38.5 cm). 1883.

Interior of a great hall with a dining table lined with chairs and plates; there are two large centerpieces in each. The hall is covered with paintings Greek/Romanesque in nature. The archways have sculpture between and are highly decorated. Image is signed in the lower right “Kilburn Sc” and in the lower left “E.P. Treadwell 1883”

Box 9 Folder 6 S.S. Kilburn after Etienne W. Rome and R. Sayer. [Two women dressing]; engraved proof. (38.5 x 31 cm). no date.

Interior scene with two women dressed in robes; a woman to the right is helping a woman to the left, who is topless pin her skirt. Both women are wearing headdresses, earrings and jewelry. To the right is an ornamental safe, a hookah and to the left pillows, draperies and a vase.

Box 9 Folder 7 S.S. Kilburn after W. Bovgvereav [William Bouguereau (1825-1905)]. [Women pulling a man into the water]; engraved proof. (38.5 x 30.5 cm). 1873.

Image featuring four naked women pulling an Onocentaur (half man, half donkey) into the water to the right. In the distance are three more naked women. In the foreground are leaves, grasses and trees. Image is signed in the lower right ”Kilburn Sc.” And lower left “W. Bovgvereav”

Box 9 Folder 8 Unknown artist. [Canal boats on the canal and the city of Venice]; etching. (28.5 x 36 cm). no date.

Image from the Grand Canal of numerous canal boats with people and goods; in the distance is Venice, Italy and to the left is the moon reflecting off the water.

Box 9 Folder 9 Unknown artist. [Wooded scene with stream]; engraved proof. (28 x 36 cm). no date.

Image featuring a stream in the woods. In the foreground are numerous boulders and rocks. To the right is a bare tree and much of the scene is shaded by trees.

Box 9 Folder 10 Unknown artist. [Shepherd boy lying down]; engraved proof. (28 x 36 cm). no date.

Image featuring a young shepherd boy lying down against a boulder. He is wearing a satchel, a wool coat, breeches and has a hat tucked behind him; his hands are behind his head and he is looking up. To his left are bagpipes.

Box 9 Folder 11 Unknown artist. [Miscellaneous ephemera items]; various. (various sizes). no date.

Numerous ephemera items for S.S. Kilburn and H.C. Cross. Such items include an engraved envelope, Kilburn & Cross business card, an advertisement for S.S. Kilburn for affordable chromo-lithography, an example of Kilburn and Cross engraving of flowers by A.L. Johnson, an additional advertisement for Kilburn and Cross regarding color plates, a booklet of wood engravings, examples of tubes, pianos, bicycles, machines, shoes and buildings, and two booklets entitled “Something about Illustrations" published by S.S. Kilburn with examples of prints, articles and reproductions of children’s class pictures. Also included is the backing and seal of a picture frame by Jeffrey Bros.



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