Box 8

Emma Augusta Cross Watercolors, Oil on Panel and Miscellaneous

Sample Images from Box 8:












Box 8 Folder 1 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Easter greeting card]; oil on panel. (11 x 16.5 cm). no date.

Half-moon shaped landscape scene with trees, clouds and sky decorated with white lilies and the word “Easter” in the upper right.

Box 8 Folder 2 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Easter greeting card]; oil on panel. (11 x 16.5 cm). no date.

Word “Easter” written in script on a gold rectangle. To the left are pink flowers and buds. To the right are silhouettes of birds and beneath a landscape with a fence and trees.

Box 8 Folder 3 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. Fair Thoughts and Happy Hours attend on Thee; oil on panel. (11 x 16.5 cm). no date.

Inset landscape scene with a mill, waterwheel and lake. The rectangular landscape is bordered with pink and white flowers and the text “Fair Thoughts and Happy Hours Attend on Thee.”

Box 8 Folder 4 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. Fair Thoughts and Happy Hours attend on Thee; oil on panel. (11 x 16.5 cm). no date.

Image similar to Box 8 Folder 3 with inlaid landscape in rectangle with mill and waterwheel surrounded by text and flowers.

Box 8 Folder 5 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933). A Right Merry Christmas to you; oil on panel. (11 x 16.5 cm). no date.

Greeting card featuring a triangle landscape scene; inside the triangle is a couple in a sleigh being pulled by a horse. There are bare trees and snow on the ground. Surrounding the triangle is the text “A Right Merry Christmas to You” and branches with yellow flowers. Image is signed in lower left “EAC”

Box 8 Folder 6 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933). [Landscape with water and irises]; oil on panel. (21 x 16.5 cm). no date.

Landscape bordered with a rectangle and blue irises; the landscape features several people in canoes on the water with umbrellas. To the right are trees and in the foreground is a rock. Image is signed in lower right “EAC”

Box 8 Folder 7 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933). [Landscape with boulders in the water]; oil on panel. (16.5 x 21 cm). no date.

Landscape scene set in an oval. The scene is surrounded by oak leaves and grasses. Inside the scene are boulders and rocks and bordering both sides are birch trees. Image is signed in the lower right “EAC”

Box 8 Folder 8 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Landscape with apple trees and blossoms]; oil on panel. (16.5 x 21 cm). no date.

Landscape scene set in a diamond which is spilling out onto the gold canvas. The scene is bordered with apple blossoms. Inside the scene are several apple trees in early bloom.

Box 8 Folder 9 Unknown. [Four blank plaque cards]; cardstock bordered in gold. (6.5 x 10.5 cm). no date.

Four blank plaque cards with rounded edges bordered in gold. The colored stock is gray, light blue, mauve and pink.

Box 8 Folder 10 Whitney, S. [Lily of the valley]; watercolor. (15.5 x 10 cm). 1869.

Image featuring a lily of the valley with two leaves surrounded by several small blue flowers. Image is inscribed on the reverse “by S. Whitney Boston. 1869”

Box 8 Folder 11 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933). [Wild flowers]; watercolor. (18.5 x 14 cm). November 28, 1872.

Pink wild flowers with yellow centers, leaves and white flowers which look like small lilies. Image is inscribed on the reverse “E.A. Cross Nov. 28 ‘72”

Box 8 Folder 12 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Morning glories]; watercolor. (21 x 15.5 cm). August 18, 1873.

Pink and white morning glories. Some are blooming, some are buds and some are facing different directions. Item is dated on the reverse.

Box 8 Folder 13 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Sweet Peas]; watercolor. (22 x 14 cm). no date.

Image featuring pink, red, white and purple sweet pea flowers, vines and leaves all intertwined.

Box 8 Folder 14 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Fuscia]; watercolor. (16 x 12.5 cm). no date.

Open bud of a pink and purple fuscia plant with cascading petals. The flower stems from a branch with several leaves.

Box 8 Folder 15 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Daisies]; watercolor. (24.5 x 9.5 cm). no date.

Cut daisies with white petals; the daisies are facing different directions and are in different stages of growth; between the daisies is a fern-like plant.

Box 8 Folder 16 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Purple flowers; seated Asian woman with fan]; watercolor. (19 x 14 cm). no date.

Image of purple flowers and leaves. On the reverse is an Asian woman kneeling on the floor in colorful kimono with matching open fan. The woman’s dark hair is tied back with different colored fans and clips.

Box 8 Folder 17 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Purple flowers]; watercolor. (17.5 x 12 cm). no date.

Tall purple flowers with soft petals and brown leaves.

Box 8 Folder 18 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Purple lilies]; watercolor. (18 x 14 cm). no date.

Image featuring several open and several closed light colored purple lilies with leaves and stems. A single golden yellow flower is also in the bunch.

Box 8 Folder 19 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Strawberry plant]; matted watercolor. Matte size: (21 x 16.5 cm) image size: (13.5 x 10 cm). no date.

Image of a strawberry plant on the ground surrounded by grasses and what appears to be a fern. There are two strawberries growing on the plant. Image is bordered in a semi-circular matte.

Box 8 Folder 20 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933). [Tower in a landscape]; pen, ink and wash. (19 x 15 cm). no date.

Image of a stone tower, possibly Swiss, surrounded by trees and a semicircle. To the left is a lake and in the distance is a mountain range. In the foreground is a building with a balcony and a flat roof. Image is signed in the upper left “EAC”

Box 8 Folder 21 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Two children playing with shells]; pen and ink. Matte: (10 x 14 cm) Image: (6 x 8.5 cm). no date.

Image featuring two children, a boy and a girl seated on the ground. In front of them are numerous sea shells, the boy is holding one shell to the girl’s ear. Note: image is bordered in a circular matte.

Box 8 Folder 22 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933). [Girl and dog looking out a window]; pen and ink. (13.5 x 10.5 cm). no date.

Image of a young girl wearing a dress with sash kneeling on a chair and looking out a windowsill; she is watching birds in the sky. To her right is a small dog also looking out the window. Image is signed in the lower left “EAC”

Box 8 Folder 23 Cross, Emma Augusta (1850-1933) attributed. [Wooded landscape]; pencil and pen and ink. (17.5 x 15.5 cm). no date.

Landscape image with a bare tree growing to the right; in the foreground are bushes, plants and grasses. The image is highlighted in pen and ink.

Box 8 Folder 24 Unknown. Bits of Nature; bound book of pressed flowers. (13 x 8.5 cm). 1888.

Small book bound with blue ribbons entitled “Bits of Nature” published in Santa Monica, CA for the use of holding botanical specimens. The book likely belonged to Emma Cross. Included specimens are cream cups, blue bells, wild violet, gilia, zauschneria Californica, and California Daisies.

Box 8 Folder 25 Unknown. Sea Mosses; bound book of pressed sea mosses. (11.5 x 17 cm). no date.

Small book bound with string to the left. Inside are glued in mosses and seaweed all labeled. Specimens include Ectocarpus, Callithamnion, Desmarestia, Griffithsia, Cladophora, Lomentaria, Dasya, Polysiphonia, Bryopsis, Grinnellia, and Champa.  

Box 8 Folder 26 Unknown. [Business card for Emma Cross]; business card. (6 x 10 cm). no date.

Business card labeled “Miss Emma A. Cross,” in script and in a different font “Retoucher and Finisher, In Crayon, Ink and Pastel” with the address “75 Waltham Street, Boston, Mass.”

Box 8 Folder 27 Major & Knapp [lithographers]. [Young boy in purple hat]; lithograph. (19 x 14 cm). 1884.

Bust portrait of a young boy with long curly hair facing the viewer, head turned left. He is wearing a purple cap with button and a shirt with ruffles. Image is Copyrighted 1884 by Rumford Chemical Works and is marked in lower right “The Major & Knapp Litho. Co. NY”. Note: reverse is an advertisement for Prof. Horsford’s Self-Raising Bread-Preparation. Baking Powder. See pen ink and wash drawing by Emma Cross in Box 13 Folder 5.

Box 8 Folder 28 Unknown artist. Initialed "EAS" [Christmas Postcard]; lithograph. (14 x 9 cm). 1910.

Post card featuring a landscape of a man walking with a sack in the snow towards a church; the trees surrounding the scene are bare.  The image is raised. Bordering the scene are holly and ivy and the text “Wishing you a Merry Christmas” Reverse indicates item was printed in Germany and is for Hester Bickford from “L.L.J.”

Box 8 Folder 29 Town of Manchester and Merrimack, N.H. [Tax receipts]; relief. Item one: (4 x 15.5 cm) item two: (7.5 x 19 cm). 1842 and 1878.

Two tax receipts. The first is for Benjamin Cross for his taxes in Manchester for State, County Town and School, as well as School House and Highway. The second one is for Joel F. Cross for 1878 for Merrimack, N.H.


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