Box 4

Henry Clay Cross Pencil Sketches

Sample Images from Box 4:















Box 4 Folder 1 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Mote Mt. Conway, N.H.; pencil. (20 x 13 cm). June 1878.

Landscape featuring a mountain in the distance to the right and cascading mountains to the left. In the foreground is a criss-cross fence and several trees and grasses bordering a path.

Box 4 Folder 2 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. White Face Mt. From Jim Jackford’s Swift River River, Albany, N.H.; pencil. (13 x 20 cm). June 1878.

High mountain to the right in the distance; smaller mountain to the left. In the foreground is a small building with one sloping roof; behind the structure is a wooden fence and a field; to the left is a grove of tall trees.

Box 4 Folder 3 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). Jamaica Plain; pencil. (14 x 22 cm). July 1878.

Several buildings bordering a river. In the foreground is a field with rocks, a fenced path and trees; to the right beyond a stone wall are several buildings and structures, many of them damaged; in the distance are trees.

Box 4 Folder 4 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). Burning of Old Hulk Minnetonka; pencil. (13 x 20 cm). July 27, 1878.

A large vessel tied to shore; only a small portion of the ship’s keel is submerged in water; climbing down a rope ladder is a ma and in the foreground are two people, a lady with an umbrella and a man. In the distance is the ocean. The ship is labeled “Minnetonka”.

Box 4 Folder 5 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Niagara Falls from Suspension Bridge 1879; pencil. (17 x 12 cm). July 9, 1879.

The Falls of Niagara as seen from a distance; to the left are the American falls and to the right are the Horseshoe Falls and water vapor; in the foreground are grasses and trees; to the far right are several buildings. Annotations on reverse.

Box 4 Folder 6 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). At the Rapids from Canadian Side; pencil and chalk. (13 x 20 cm). July 10, 1879.

Steep cliff with descending ladders leading down to several structures; visible are silhouettes of several people. In the foreground are rough rapids with large waves. Note: waves are covered in white chalk.

Box 4 Folder 7 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). Palisades on the Hudson; pencil. (13 x 20 cm). July 14, 1879.

A river with several boats, many of them tied to a dock to the left; to the right and in the distance are the New Jersey Palisades, steep cliffs which cascade down towards the water.

Box 4 Folder 8 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Jamaica Plains; pencil. (14 x 22 cm). August, 1879.

Bridge over a river with two stone bordered arches; to the right are large boulders and grasses. Walking over the bridge are two women, one with an umbrella. To the left are several trees.

Box 4 Folder 9 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). Manchester, N.H.; pencil. (13 x 20 cm). 1880.

Landscape scene filled with numerous tall trees shading the grass; to the left is a short wooden fence and a path.

Box 4 Folder 10 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Merrimac.; pencil and gouache. (13 x 20 cm). 1881.

Image featuring a damaged hut central in the scene; leaning up against it is a fence with several wooden planks missing. In the foreground are remnants of the receded tide. In the distance is a path with a fence and several poles and lines. Note: much of the water and sky is covered with gouache.

Box 4 Folder 11 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Perch.; pencil. (13 x 20 cm). February 28, 1881.

Profile of a fish facing left; he has a large dorsal fin and his mouth is open. Image is labeled “Perch – Feb 28 1881”; note: sketches of several chickens are on the reverse.

Box 4 Folder 12 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. [Chickens and Portrait of an unknown man]; pencil. (20 x 13 cm). 1881.

Sketches of numerous chickens in various poses; some eating, some looking downward and some running; in the upper part of the image is a portrait of an unknown man with glasses looking down. Note: reverse is labeled “Merrimac ‘ 81”

Box 4 Folder 13 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. [Merrimack]; pencil. (13 x 20 cm). March 1881.

Landscape with a tree in a field to the left; in the distance is a fence bordering a farm with a barn; in the far distance are trees.


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