Box 2

Henry Clay Cross Pencil Sketches

Sample Images from Box 2:















Box 2 Folder 1 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. [Drawing after John Roger’s Statuary]; pencil. (21 x 18 cm). April 1873.

Image featuring a statue highlighted in gouache of a bust statue of a young man with long hair; he is wearing a coat and has a scarf tied around his neck; in his left hand is a cap and he has an umbrella under his arm.

Box 2 Folder 2 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Hooksett Road; pencil. (18 x 25 cm). June 21, 1873.

Image featuring a carriage heading down a central path; in the carriage is a person holding an open umbrella; in the distance is a silhouette of another carriage; the path is lined with numerous tall, full trees. Image says “Hooksett Road” on reverse.

Box 2 Folder 3 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Old Path Company Woods; pencil. (26 x 18 cm). September 2, 1873.

Landscape featuring a path to the right heading into a thicket of trees, plants and grasses. Image is labeled on the reverse “Old Path Company’s Woods Sept 2, 1873”

Box 2 Folder 4 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Pulpit Rock, Bedford, N.H.; pencil. (18 x 17 cm). September 12, 1873.

Landscape featuring several fallen trees crossing over a small body of water; in the distance is a rock formation and numerous trees growing in various directions. The reverse is labeled: “Pulpit Rock, Bedford, N.H.”

Box 2 Folder 5 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Above Cohassett Narrows; pencil. (11 x 17 cm). July 4, 1874.

Image featuring a stream cutting through a landscape; the stream’s water is highlighted with white; in the distance is a long, slender bridge; a tall tree is growing to the right. Accompanying cardstock is labeled “Above Cohassett Narrows”.

Box 2 Folder 6 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Old Sluice Way, Am Island; pencil. (17 x 11 cm). September 9, 1874.

Landscape drawn on blue paper featuring a wooden bridge crossing what appear to be two large rocks; the bridge is bordered with numerous tall trees. Reverse is labeled “Old Sluice Way, Am Island”

Box 2 Folder 7 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Cemetery Valley/Path to Company Woods; pencil. (25 x 18 cm). July 4, 1874.

Landscape with numerous trees and plants in the foreground which give way to a cleared field; in the distance are additional tall trees.

Box 2 Folder 8 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Massabesic Lake; pencil. (17 x 12 cm). September 3, 1874.

Landscape with rocks, trees and plants on a beach to the left; to the right is a lake; the water on the lake is highlighted with white; in the far distance are the silhouettes of trees.

Box 2 Folder 9 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. From Our Shanty; pencil. (26 x 18 cm). June 1875.

Two landscape images; the top one is marshland lined with boats and sea grasses; in the far distance is a train with numerous cars heading to the right. The image on the bottom is of a dingy boat beached among grasses tied to an anchor. Reverse is labeled “From Our Shanty June 75”.

Box 2 Folder 10 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Landscape; pencil. (13 x 20 cm). July 1875.

Rough landscape sketch of a field with grasses and a rock to the right; in the far distance are tall trees; to the left is a path or a bridge. The image is bordered in black pencil.

Box 2 Folder 11 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Rear of Ocean House; pencil. (13 x 20 cm). July 1875.

Missing as of 5/28/2009.

Box 2 Folder 12 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. From my window, Manchester; pencil. (17 x 12 cm). August 1875.

Image drawn from above; in the foreground is the top of a lamppost; behind it are two paths which veer left and right; behind the path is a tree stump and a fence bordering a house as well as several tall trees; parts of a tree to the left are highlighted with white.

Box 2 Folder 13 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. Up the Baboosic; pencil. (26 x 18 cm). September 1875.

Landscape featuring a river; to the left and right are trees and grasses, to the left is a fallen tree and there is a tree branch in the foreground in the water; reflective to the right is the silhouettes of other fauna.

Box 2 Folder 14 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913) attributed. On the Sowhegan; pencil. (17 x 12 cm). October 31, 1875.

Image of a waterfall drawn on green/blue paper. To the right is a rock and to the left, behind the fall, are rocks and trees; numerous areas of the crest of the water are highlighted in gouache. Image is labeled on the reverse “On the Sowhegan Oct. 31 75”


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