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Box 28 Folder 1 Unknown artist. [Landscape with home in landscape]; watercolor. (21 x 35 cm). No date.

Image featuring a landscape with open fields to the right; to the left are several buildings one large with a sloping roof to the back and several chimneys. There are numerous tall trees casting shade on scene and a picket fence.

Box 28 Folder 2 Unknown artist. [Saltbox house with shed]; watercolor. (25 x 36 cm). No date.

Image featuring a saltbox style home with central doorway and large central chimney. To the left is a shed or chicken coop; in the foreground are grasses and the background a tall tree.

Box 28 Folder 3 Unknown artist. [Shipyard with lobster traps]; watercolor. (25.5 x 35.5 cm). No date.

Image featuring numerous buildings of varying heights and structures to the right; there are also barrels and lobster traps against a building. To the left are several dingy boats. There are several smaller buildings in the distance in the far left.

Box 28 Folder 4 Unknown artist. [Arrangement of flowers]; oil and watercolor. (25.5 x 35.5 cm). No date.

Arrangement of black-eyed Susan flowers, roses, yellow flowers, blue flowers and ferns arranged in a blue and yellow square basket. There are several flowers laid in front of the basket.

Box 28 Folder 5 Unknown artist. [Street scene with view of the ocean]; watercolor. (25.5 x 35.5 cm). No date.

Street scene with several buildings and a water pump to the left in front a fence. To the right is a home and an additional street heading upward. Central in the distance are several boats on the water and silhouetted figures watching. To the left is a woman with an open umbrella. Annotation on reverse reads “Marblehead 84”

Box 28 Folder 6 Unknown artist. [Down the Baboosic]; pencil. (17.5 x 25.5 cm). No date.

Image of a calm brook with grasses and rocks of varying sizes. To the left and right extending over the brook are branches of trees. In the distance, are shadows of tall pine trees. Note: image is mounted on cardstock.

Box 28 Folder 7 Unknown artist. [Interior of a kitchen]; watercolor. (35.5 x 25.5 cm). No date.

Image featuring the interior of a kitchen with a wooden floor. To the right is an iron stove with numerous pots and pans hanging from hooks on the wall. To the left is a table with a large basket atop. There is one open window to the left; the ceiling is heavily damaged.

Box 28 Folder 8 Unknown artist. [Mushrooms]; watercolor. (26.5 x 36 cm). No date.

A still-life image with a pile of mushrooms, some picked some growing from the ground in a pile of grass. The mushrooms are colored golden, orange, rust and red; they are all different sizes and varieties.

Box 28 Folder 9 Unknown artist. [Mushrooms]; watercolor. (25 x 38 cm). No date.
A still-life image with a pile of mushrooms, many of them white and large, arranged in a field of grasses. Several of them are highlighted with gold, orange and red. The mushrooms are arranged at different angles.

Box 28 Folder 10 Unknown artist. [Mushrooms]; watercolor. (24.5 x 35 cm). No date.

A still-life image with a pile of mushrooms, many of them yellow and orange, in a field of grasses. The mushrooms are of different sizes, shapes, varieties and colors. There are several large brown ones towards the back.

Box 28 Folder 11 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). Dick; watercolor. (25 x 36 cm). November 25, 1886.

An image of a black, white and brown dog sleeping. The dog has long hair, long ears and a long snout with a black nose. He is curled up sleeping. The image is labeled in the upper right “ ‘Dick’ H.C. Cross Nov. 25. 1886.”

Box 28 Folder 12 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). [Fenced in pasture on hill]; watercolor. (37.5 x 54 cm). No date.

A landscape image featuring an ascending hill and pasture filled with various trees, including birch, and grasses. Surrounding the hill is a picket fence, which cuts through the hill, and a gate. Image is signed in the lower right “H.C. Cross”.

Box 28 Folder 13 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). Cemetery Brook; pencil. (21 x 17.5 cm). September 16, 1873.

Image of a calm brook surrounded by patches of land with grasses, trees with extending branches, and rocks. In the background are shaded ferns. Image is mounted on cardboard.

Box 28 Folder 14 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). Old Dye House; pencil. (14 x 21.5 cm). July 1872.

Image taken from the base of a rock dam looking upwards towards a stone wall to the right. To the left are trees with branches extending over the water and rocks. In the far distance is a straight, linear fence. Note: image is mounted and matted.

Box 28 Folder 15 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). From Mammoth Road & South End; pencil. (24.5 x 17.5 cm). No date.

Two images, one on top of the other. The one at the top is from the top of a hill looking town towards a fenced in area. In the distance are fields dotted with trees. To the left is a thicket. The image beneath the first is of a road shaded by plants, trees and grasses and framed by a stone wall. Note: image is mounted on cardboard.

Box 28 Folder 16 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). Old Lyme Kiln, Rockport, ME.; watercolor. (25.5 x 35.5 cm). No date.

Image featuring a single-story structure covered with gray boards, few windows and a single door. To the right, the structure is build up with planks of wood. In the foreground is a body of water reflecting a dock and a stonewall. In the distance is a tree line.

Box 28 Folder 17 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). [Winter vegetables].; watercolor. (36 x 25 cm). No date.

Still-life image featuring arranged vegetables such as an open squash, beets, carrots, celery, lettuce and several onions on a straw-chair.

Box 28 Folder 18 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). Baboosic; watercolor and pen and ink. (25.5 x 35.5 cm). July 4, 1885.

Landscape image featuring a still body of water to the right reflecting numerous shades of yellows and greens. To the left is an eroded beach with a black tree extending its branches towards the right. In the distance are thick trees.

Box 28 Folder 19 Unknown artist. [Religious painting]; watercolor. (32 x 41 cm). No date.

Religious image featuring Christ in the enter of the scene draped in robes; there is a woman to his right crying on his arm. To the far right are people, some African slaves in shackles and a man in the foreground reaching upwards. To the left are sick people and a woman bent over the body of a child. Note: image is mounted on cardstock.

Box 28 Folder 20 Pierce, L.R. [Brick building covered in snow]; watercolor. (25.5 x 35.5 cm). February 1, 1898.

Image featuring a four story brick building with several gables, large windows and a large central staircase to the right. On the ground level are large windows, possibly store fronts. The building may also be a public one. The stairs, street and roofline are covered in snow.


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