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Henry Clay Cross Various Media; Cross Family Archive Items

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Box 27 Folder 1 Schooler, W. [Man riding a horse]; watercolor. (19 x 26.5 cm). No date.

An image of a man in a white shirt, large brimmed hat and brown pants riding a spotted black and white horse. The horse is facing left and the man is facing the viewer. The man has long hair and a moustache. The saddle on the horse is decorated brown and red. In the distance is a range. Image is signed in lower left “W. Schooler.”

Box 27 Folder 2 Unknown artist. [Buildings and rocks on the water]; watercolor. (18 x 25.5 cm). No date.

Image of several single story structures in a landscape. In the foreground are several large boulders and grass. Leaning up against the buildings are wire cages, possibly lobster traps. In the distance is an island with a house and a body of water, possibly the ocean.

Box 27 Folder 3 Cross, Henry Clay (1852-1913). [Landscape and ocean]; oil on canvas. (17.5 x 25.5 cm). January 23, 1887.

Landscape image with several sand dunes covered in grasses and trees in the foreground. To the right in the distance is the ocean with a small sailboat. Image is signed in the lower left “H.C. Cross Jan. 23. 87”

Box 27 Folder 4 Unknown artist. [Farm and pasture in the autumn]; oil on canvas. (12.5 x 17.5 cm). No date.

Landscape image with numerous buildings, barns and a house set against trees covered with foliage. In the foreground are cleared fields surrounded by fences.

Box 27 Folder 5 Pierce, L. R. [Landscape with a town in the distance]; oil on canvas. (15.5 x 20 cm). 1877.

Landscape image with a river cutting through two patches of land covered with boulders, grasses and trees with foliage. In the distance in the center is a town with several buildings and steeples. Image is signed in the lower right “L.R. Pierce ‘77”

Box 27 Folder 6 Mallory, R. P. [Boathouse on the water]; pen and ink. (19.5 x 30 cm). no date.

Image of a single-story structure or camp on a marsh. To the left is a man holding a sail and to the right are two more men standing. In the foreground is a boat and boating equipment. Image is signed in the lower left “R.P. Mallory”; annotation on reverse reads: “My father’s camp north end of what is now Revere Beach near Lynn Marshes. The camp & a Sportsman’s Hotel were the only buildings for miles.”

Box 27 Folder 7 Unknown artist. [Classical figure in robe]; lithograph. (22 x 14 cm). no date.

Portrait print of a classical man from the waist. His chest is bare and his left arm is extended above his head. He has a long beard, is wearing a draped robe and is looking right. Note: hand-drawn grids are on the paper. Print is mounted on lined paper labeled on the reverse “J.F. Cross.”

Box 27 Folder 8 Unknown artist. [Mythological figure of Mercury]; lithograph. (22 x 14 cm). no date.

Portrait print of a classical figure, likely Mercury or Hermes from the waist nude. He is facing and looking right. He is wearing a winged cap, is carrying a staff and a bag in his left hand.

Box 27 Folder 9 Unknown artist. [Classical figure seated]; lithograph. (22 x 14.5 cm). no date.

Portrait print of a classical figure from the waist facing right. He has both of his muscular arms crossing his chest and his head is down; his eyes are closed. Image is signed in pen in the lower right “J.F. Cross”

Box 27 Folder 10 Unknown artist. [Classical figure standing]; lithograph. (22 x 14.5 cm). no date.

Portrait print of a woman from the waist facing right, looking behind her away from the viewer. Her right arm is bent above her head and she has a cloth draped slightly over lower abdomen. Image is signed in pen in the lower right “J.F. Cross”

 Box 27 Folder 11 Unknown artist. From Cardigan Bridge, July 1869; etching. (27 x 36.5 cm). ca. 1869.

Image featuring a seascape and wharf from a bridge. In the center of the image is the sun setting over the horizon, to the left are trees on a beach; to the right are buildings and structures lining the waterfront. On the water are several boats with masts.


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