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Cross Family Archive Items - Manuscript Material

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Manuscript material from the Cross family collection.

Box 24 Folder 1 Legal Papers, 1785-1815

Box 24 Folder 2 Legal Papers, 1817-1841

Box 24 Folder 3 Receipts, 1788-1848

Box 24 Folder 4 Correspondence, undated; 1841-7

Box 24 Folder 5 Correspondence, undated; 1874-1908

Box 24 Folder 6 Miscellaneous items, undated. Items include a calling card for Mrs. J.F. Cross, a business card for Kilburn & Cross, a Kilburn & Cross card featuring a photo engraving, a photograph with three people at the base of a large elm tree; note on the back indicates image is from Typical Elms & Other Trees of Massachusetts by Henry Brooks. There are several booklets from Kilburn & Cross, an obituary of Donald MacPherson, a photograph and retouched photograph bust portrait of an older man with a long gray beard and black coat with white collar facing left with a business card for Emma Cross, and a blank form for Matthews’ American Armory and Blue Book.

Box 24 Folder 7 Miscellaneous items, 1862-1967. Items include an illustration of New York, a paper from June 1865 certifying Joseph Cross was enrolled in the New Hampshire Infantry, a certificate for Emma Cross from the Manchester school department, an image of the Cross family home, an obituary for John and Abel Wilder, a pension card for Joseph Cross, certificates from the Chattanooga Land, Coal, iron and Railway Co. for Henry Cross, a letter on life insurance, obituaries of Deborah Perry (Wilder), Joseph, Levi, John Cross, a shipping receipt, an obituary of Sarah Cross Young and Henry W. Herrick, a decorated letter to James W. Hill from Allan Evans Herrick as well as the reply, a bibliography of Cross items, a letter from Warren S. Kilburn to the Merrimack Free Library, and a card to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

Box 24 Folder 8 Genealogical notes

Box 24 Folder 9 Genealogical notes; included is a photograph of the Cross family crest and a pencil drawing of that crest.


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