Box 16

Kilburn & Cross Wood Engraved Proofs

Sample Images from Box 16:














Box 16 Folder 1 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Various wood engravings of building exteriors]; wood engraved proofs. (various sizes). no date.

Twelve images featuring building exteriors and street scenes as well as a field with cows, a town hall, a house and garden, an entrance to a park, a house and porch surrounded by a fence, a building with the sign “Connecticut Courant” a building labeled “Phoenix”. Note on file indicates illustrations are for The Memorial History of Hartford County. For AAS catalog record of item, click here.

Box 16 Folder 2 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Various wood engravings from Picturesque Washington]; wood engraved proofs. (various sizes). no date.

Three images featuring a dock scene with several boats and steam shits, in the distance are buildings on a wharf, a path curving along outside the White House lined with trees, and the Capitol Building with grounds. For AAS catalog of printed item, click here.

Box 16 Folder 3 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Various wood engravings from an unknown text]; wood engraved proofs. (various sizes). no date.

Thirty images featuring the interior of a room lined with paintings, lamps, chairs and a desk, factory buildings, street scenes with cars and people walking on the sidewalk, a home with stables and grounds, a house with a bridge, a street scene line with buildings and carts with horses, city view from a distance, a staircase, church buildings, houses, a town common, an ocean view with ships, the interior of a fine room with chandeliers, a printer’s building, the Massachusetts State House, and the Ivers and Pond Piano company building.

Box 16 Folder 4 Kilburn & Cross [Firm] after Edmund H. Garrett (1853-1929) and Frederick B. Schell (1838-1905) and James Brade Sword (1839-1915). [Various wood engravings depicting landscapes of New England]; wood engraved proofs. (various sizes). no date.

Twenty-two images featuring various landscapes, one is a beached boat with pencil annotations, a canal boat and lock, rolling mountains, a fortification surrounded by water, a landscape made of two blocked pieces, two people sitting on a bench on a ledge looking down at a landscape below, two people scaling a ledge to the right to the left to the left is water and boats image (is same as Box 9 Folder 4), a train rounding a mountainous landscape, horses using a plough on a field, houses in landscapes, horses pulling people in sleighs in the snow, men with barrels on a shore, cows fording a river, two men on a cart with a village in the distance, a river and a bridge with boats, the Bridal Veil falls at Niagara and a desert.

Box 16 Folder 5 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Various wood engravings depicting theatrical and interior scenes]; wood engraved proofs. (various sizes). no date.

Thirteen images featuring domestic interiors and theatrical scenes. Included scenes are the interior of a hall with men toasting; the room is filled with draperies, pillars and sculpture, a winding ornamental staircase, men in Elizabethan era clothing surrounding a table and a seated man, a shepherd and shepherdess with staffs and flowers, a woman holding a wreath approaching several men, a bust portrait of a woman looking over her shoulder wearing a decorated gown, cap and necklace, an interior of a library with desk, books and statues, a stage set of a domestic interior, a seated king surrounded by nobles and men and men in a chorus line on a stage.

Box 16 Folder 6 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Various wood engravings of places in Manchester, N.H.]; wood engraved proofs. (various sizes). no date.

Ten sheets of illustrations featuring places in Manchester, N.H. Some places are labeled and include the County Jail, the Police Station, City Hall, Soldier’s Monument, Pumping Station, City Farm (Note on file: “City Farm was the home of the Cross Family. The parents were co-superintendents of the site. Many drawings by H.C. Cross in the 1870s are of this site.”) Webster St. School, High School, Bakersville school, Franklin Street School, Park Street School, Spring Street School, New City Stables, State Industrial School, Government Buildings, Webster Dist. School, Mosquito Pond School, Lincoln Street School, Goffes Falls Dist, Youngsville School, Harvey District School, South Main St. School, School Street School, Varney School W.M., Hallsville School, Main St. School W.M., Wilson Hill School, Blodgett Street, Merrimack St. School, Amoskeag Dist. School, Start District School, Ash Street School, Lowell Street School, Massabesic Hose Co., Battery Building, Gen. Start Webster St, Merrimack Lake Ave, Court House, O. Cit Library, an image of the train station and a building labeled “Richards Library”.

Box 16 Folder 7 Kilburn & Cross [Firm] after Marshall (Jr.) Johnson (1850-1921) and Frederick B. Schell (1838-1905). [Various wood engravings of Native Americans and marine views]; wood engraved proofs. (various sizes). no date.

Thirty-three images featuring illustrations of various scenes, one includes Indians spearing salmon and catching salmon by water wheel as well as the City of Victoria, a tent in a landscape, an encampment, men rowing to an island, huts on an island, men standing on a submarine, people riding a wave to shore a boat in the distance, boats and a submarine, a capsized boat in the Arctic, on board a large steamship, boats, a boat dragging the carcass of a whale, a large octopus/sea monster capsizing a boat, a view of buildings bordering the sea with boats in the water, boats and military equipment, a steam boat being loaded, there is a dock and the image is seen from a ledge in the distance, men with guns and game, a Native American portrait, donkeys scaling a rock ledge, portraits of Native American families and men and women on boats.

Box 16 Folder 8 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Wood engraving of a South Sea Islander]; wood engraved proof. (30.5 x 24.5 cm). no date.

Portrait of a seated woman with her hair pinned up holding a fan; her breasts are exposed.

Box 16 Folder 9 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Wood engraving of a Mexican man]; wood engraved proof. (30.5 x 24.5 cm). no date.

Full portrait of a Mexican man in a sombrero and cape facing right. Unknown signature in the lower right.

Box 16 Folder 10 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Wood engravings the Caribbean]; wood engraved proofs. (all approximately 30.5 x 25.5 cm). no date.

Six wood engravings featuring the Steep Street in Martinique, a tram car going to Maatschaapigs-Spoorweg, the home and birthplace of Josephine, women carrying baskets on their head towards a steam ship, men on boats and African-Americans swimming and on canoes, a street scene with African Americans on a cobblestone street, a Barbados fishermen and women washing clothes,

Box 16 Folder 11 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Wood engravings the Middle East]; wood engraved proofs. (all approximately 30.5 x 25.5 cm). no date.

Nine images featuring portraits of Muslim women, a bearded man riding an ox, men in various costumes some military, various towns and buildings labeled Road from Bethany to Jerusalem and Pool of Siloam, loaves and fishes, a money changer, Jacob’s Well, coins, water pots, the Pool of Bethesda and Cana of Galilee, a building with a tall central tower, a wall with fortifications running through the center of a city, and two images of numerous seated men and women with headdresses and veils.

Box 16 Folder 12 Kilburn & Cross [Firm] after Frank M. Gregory (1848-) and Thomas Hovenden (1840-1895) and H.M. Faton (-). [Wood engravings of trades and workers]; wood engraved proofs. (all approximately 30.5 x 25.5 cm). no date.

Seventeen various wood engravings featuring the following: an image of a man being held in a chair by four men and a fifth looks on (note on file says “Caption: How to photograph a criminal Inspector Burne from ‘Professional Criminals of America’), the interior of a large room possibly a Reading Room, the interior of a goods shop, the interior of a fabric store, men injecting something into the back of a seated man with his shirt pulled up, the interior of a barber shop with men being shaved, a young man blowing a horn into a circular device possibly a recording device, men and women picking clothes off a wharf, interior of a business/general store with a tellers window and safe, men working with goods and wheels in a shop, a portrait of a man possibly a blacksmith holding an item over a hot barrel, men working with large steaming vats, a woman working at a spinning wheel outdoors, men working in a shop, a man seated at a library with pictures on the wall, a man cooking in a large kitchen.

Box 16 Folder 13 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Wood engravings of travel in China]; wood engraved proofs. (all approximately 30.5 x 25.5 cm). no date.

Seventeen various wood engravings featuring the following many with Chinese characters beneath: an image of two Chinese men on a hillside looking down one has a spy glass and one has an instrument behind them are soldiers, four men in a tent, three men one with a drum and two with rifles in the distance is a fish kite, men in uniform holding swords and rifles, men outside a house one is being carried, numerous Chinese men and women in white robes and a single Caucasian man in a suit, a man tight rope walking with a fan while crowds look on, interior scene where a young person is getting his/her head shaved and a man smokes a long pipe, men on a platform in front of four carriages, interior of a dining room where numerous people are seated eating, a street with people walking lined with buildings, unknown portrait of a man with an earring, hull of a steamship, Chinese houses with people outside, the Great Wall of China, and slain men or soldiers.

Box 16 Folder 14 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Wood engravings of Gustave Dore's Don Quixote]; wood engraved proofs. (all approximately 30.5 x 25.5 cm). no date.

Five wood engravings featuring a man reading a book aloud from an armchair, he is surrounded by numerous fairy tale characters, a man seated with a large hat and a bird in his lap, ruins of a palace at night with pillars and statuary, man riding on horseback with full armor the clouds behind him taking the forms of battle scenes and a skinny man seated behind wooden bars with his head in his hands being watched by four men.

Box 16 Folder 15 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Wood engravings of architecture]; wood engraved proofs. (all approximately 30.5 x 25.5 cm). no date.

Fifteen wood engravings featuring various scenes: one is a central garden surrounded by pillars and tall trees filled with plants in pots and a chandelier in the foreground, a large hall with high ceilings and tables topped with pitchers, plates and tablecloths, an interior of a quad from above the structure has numerous pillars and flat roofs, a landscape with several large buildings with domes in the distance and in the foreground humble wooden structures, the façade of a large building with a grand entrance and fenced gardens in the front, a castle with a tower, fortifications and flags, a domed structure with pillars and the tops of two other churches, a man standing beside a river across from a building, a large building surrounded by gardens and a fence, statuary of horses atop a building, people in boats in what appears to be Rome, ruins of a building with arches.

Box 16 Folder 16 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Wood engravings of people and children]; wood engraved proofs. (all approximately 30.5 x 25.5 cm). no date.

Ten wood engravings featuring various people and children such as a barefooted African American boy carrying a pitcher, three mugs and a basket of fruit, an image of a young girl in a hooded coat holding snowballs, a boy in a mask frightening a room filled with girls playing, a girl with long hair standing on leaves holding a bunch of flowers, two young children pointing towards a bird’s nest, a young girl holding a doll and looking out a window, a young woman picking flowers from her garden and putting them in a basket, three people outside the Tomb of Washington, an illustration from a children’s book with a young woman walking down a set of stairs with a young boy and three men bowing with the caption “The King is dead! Long Live the King!”.

Box 16 Folder 17 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Wood engravings of Religious imagery]; wood engraved proofs. (all approximately 30.5 x 25.5 cm). no date.

Eleven wood engravings featuring various religious scenes such as the Madonna holding the infant Christ in a manger surrounded by a star and a white flower, a shepherd following the light of a star while several other shepherd’s look on, several men in a garden with rocks praying while an angel looks on from the left, Christ emerging from the heavens while several disciples pray and look on, angels above blow clouds where two men are standing, angels emerging from the heavens, men and women with halos holding instruments above are clouds and angels, the cover of a periodical called “Heathen Woman’s Friend”, the heads of five children angels with wings.

Box 16 Folder 18 Kilburn & Cross [Firm] after Edwin Austin Abbey and Edmund H. Garrett (1853-1929) and Childe Hassam (1859-1935). [Wood engravings of miscellaneous scenes]; wood engraved proofs. (all approximately 30.5 x 25.5 cm). no date.

Nine wood engravings featuring miscellaneous scenes such as an elephant walking through the streets carrying a young child in its trunk, an interior scene with several people dancing while a man plays the fiddle (the image is heavily annotated), a scene with a man on the ground being watched by three women, an interior scene of a Native American man telling a story to a seated man, an interior of a hallway lined with plants furniture and artwork, a woman walking with a pitcher on her head, a Romantic scene with buildings lining a river with a bridge and people at the shore, a bust portrait of a woman in a low cut dress.  

Box 16 Folder 19 Kilburn & Cross [Firm]. [Wood engravings of miscellaneous scenes]; wood engraved proofs. (all approximately 30.5 x 25.5 cm). no date.

Sixteen wood engravings featuring miscellaneous scenes such as a man riding atop a horse to the right in front of a house, an eagle clasping the Union Jack lighting a canon, two steers fighting while cows and sheep look on, horses in a paddock with bare trees, a statue of a man lying against a woman while the woman looks up, a boy fishing in a pond while a girl plays with a puppy, a battle scene with canons and men on horses, a colonial era family with a young child, a bust portrait of a young woman looking right, a scene from Roman mythology with owls, wreaths, arrows, armor and statues, a snake and flowers encircling a scene of tall churches and a domed building, the interior Poet’s corner of Westminster Abbey, and the interior of a well-decorated room with fireplace, statues, decorated windows, ceiling and furniture.


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