The Grant-Burr Families

The Burrs

The Grant-Burr Papers that are held by the American Antiquarian Society were compiled by Caroline Benton Burr (1820-1892), the wife of Daniel Grant (1818-1892). The first of her ancestors in America was Benjamin Burr (ca. 1603-1682), who most likely settled first in Newtown (now Cambridge), Massachusetts and then in 1635 migrated to Hartford, Connecticut with the Reverend Thomas Hooker.

Benjamin acquired properties in Hartford, East Hartford and Windsor. His son Samuel Burr (1642-1682) was an industrious member of the Hartford community. Although he died at a relatively young age, he left a sizable estate to his children. John Burr (1670- 1641) inherited 101 pounds. John moved his family to Farmington, Connecticut perhaps as a part of the group that wished to separate from the Hartford Church.

John's son, Ebenezer Burr (1712- 1794) was one of the early settlers of Norfolk, Connecticut. Along with Browns, Barbers, Cowles and Grants, whose names appear in the Grant-Burr Papers, he played a prominent role in the development of the community. Ebenezer's son Daniel Burr (1747 - 1808) farmed on the property that his father developed. Ebenezer Burr (1791- 1855) was the seventh child of Daniel and Betty Brown Burr ( 1753 - 1832). He married Pamelia Benton (1794-1855). Pamelia Benton Burr Grant was their daughter.

The children of Ebenezer Burr (1791-1855) and Pamelia Benton (1794-1855):

  • Mary Burr (1818-1884) attended Mount Holyoke and had additional education in Philadelphia. She married (1849) William Hill (1822-1895) a farmer, potter and prominent citizen of Farmington, New Jersey. Their children:

    • Samuel Burr Hill (1851-1921) married (1902) Elizabeth M. Jarrett ( ).

    • Laura Kannard Hill (1853-1856). Died of Scarlet Fever.

    • Mary Pamela Benton Hill (1855- ). She married (1891) Albert Allen Wright.

    • Alletta Van Nest Hill (1856- ). She married (1882) Abraham Chamers Hulsizer (1855-1941).

    • Caroline Roby Hill (1862- ).

  • Caroline Benton Burr (1820-1892). She married (1843) Daniel Grant (1818-1892) See Grant.

  • Erastus Burr (1823-1908). A farmer, he married (1847) Nancy Potter ( ). Their children:

    • Mary E. Burr (1848 - ).

    • Ralph Christopher Burr (1854- ). He married (1879) Julia Warner Munson (1856- 1929)

    • Frank E. Burr (1863 - ).

    • Eben Erastus Burr (1867- ).



Susan Jane Benton, Caroline Benton Burr Grant's maternal aunt, was the daughter of Jesse Clark Benton (1766-1812) and Susannah Pardee Rogers (1772-1812). She married (1845) John Wallis. A number of her letters are found in the collection. Their children:

  • Mary Wallis ( ).

  • Edwin Wallis ( ).