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Flemington, N.J. [New Jersey]
Apr. 8, 1865.

Dear cousin John,
            I often think of your visit to Connecticut a few years ago.  I enjoyed it very much and remember it with a great deal of pleasure -- but I sometimes think that perhaps it was not so agreeable to you as you have never fulfilled your promise to write me.
            Do you recollect what a time we had with my gun?  I never think of you but that comes into my mind.  Have you been gunning since?  -- if so, I hope you had better luck getting started that we did.
            I suppose you have heard that our old place was sold sometime ago.  Since then I have spent most of the time when out of school, at Grandfathers.  Since last Oct. I have been at my Aunt Mary Hill’s attending school, and shall perhaps remain here through the summer.
            I do not consider the school in New Jersey superior to those in New England, though I think the school here a very good one.  Our teacher is a Massachusetts man, a graduate of Amherst College.
            I have rather enjoyed study this winter.  Latin I like very well and should like it still better if I could translate with more facility.  I suppose you can translate quite rapidly as I hear you are nearly prepared for College.
            It is now the fore part of Apr. but the season is farther advanced here than in Conn. [Connecticut]  Father says that a few days since the snow drifts had not disappeared in that region, while here the roads are settled & <in places> the grass has grown considerably -- the wheat fields are green and beautiful, & the leaf buds are swelling on the trees.
Hope I shall see you when you come to Yale.  In the mean time I shall expect to hear from you.  Do not fail to write soon.  Direct to the care of Wm. [William] Hill Flemington N.J. [New Jersey]
Your aff. [affectionate] cousin,
E.B. Grant.

P.S. Abbie has been here for a while and says she will <expect> write to you soon.
            What glorious war news we are having!