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[Addressed to]             Mary P. B. Hill

[Letterhead]                Oberlin College,
                                    Oberlin, Ohio.
            Office Of The Registrar,
H. C. King,      Miss M. B. P. Hill.
            My Dear Miss Hill
Allow me to impart to you the following vote of the Faculty which was passed with great unanimity and singular enthusiasm.
            “In accepting the resignation of Miss Mary P B Hill as assistant Registrar of Oberlin College, the Faculty desire to put on record an expression of their hearty appreciation of the high quality of the service Miss Hill has rendered to the College, in the exceptional accuracy and thoroughness with which the work of the office has been done by her, in the faithfulness and tact shown in her dealing with the students, and in her large and always careful regard for the College interests;
            The Faculty wish also to express their recognition of the unfailing courtesy and care with which their own efforts have been seconded by Miss Hill in their dealing with the Registrar’s Office.”
            Written by one who knows it best (Prof. King)
                                                            C. B. Martin
                                                                        Clerk of the Faculty
Oberlin June 11, ’91.