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[Addressed to]                         [Alletta Hill Hulsizer]

                                                Bennington, Vt. [Vermont]
                                                            Wednesday April 4/ [18]80

Dear Lettie [Alletta Hill Hulsizer]

            What under the sun have you been doing; but I guess I’ll “hold my peace” as I’ve nothing to say against it.  Now let me congratulate you, for I think Mr. H. [Abraham Chamers Hulsizer] will make you a real kind and good husband.  I rather suspected that this is the way it would end if Chalmers could have his way in the matter. I’ll forgive you for not writing oftener I can easily see what has taken up your time.
            Am glad Halsizer [Abraham Chamers Hulsizer] passed well in his examination
            Wonder of wonders that Mother [Mary Burr Hill] should have gone to Princeton [New Jersey].  How on earth did you get her off.  That accounts for the cold snap we have just had.  Did Mother see Cousin Frank [Frank E. Burr] when she was down, and how did she enjoy herself?
            I heard of Alice Irwin’s marriage when I was home Minnie [Mary P.B. Hill]told me
            Well I should think you had rec’d [received] a splendid present. Please tell me more about it.  What Encyclopedia is it.  How kind is Cousin Warren.  I did mention to Lewis that you had such a present, but said nothing about the name of the giver, and of course he could never guess.  Fannie’s husband is a carpenter.  So far as I know they are still at home.  They, that is the Baldwin’s have moved into their new house.  Bessie has been sick with the “beasles” Nellie is a little better <they> she says.  I am afraid the arbutus that I sent home did not amount to much.  That we kept here, although it was kept in water has the most of it withered
            Lewis & I got up before half past six Sunday morning to go for it and we were back before nine.  It was cold and windy but we walked fast enough to keep warm.  Yesterday it began to grow warm and today it has been quite like spring.  I’m sure I hope it will continue so that we can enjoy going after wild flowers. I wish I knew some way I could get that compound microscope.  I tell you what it is, I don’t want to be a know-nothing.  Besides the pleasure of studying botany I want to know something that will make me appear a little intelligent. 
            There is a Ladies Sewing Society in the “Congo” [Congregational] Church. It meets every Wednesday evening (I believe)   At six o’clock they have tea, at which the gentlemen are invited to be present.  (That is if they will give 10 cts.) 
            This evening I went.  Its been a long time since I’ve had so pleasant an evening out.   I had not been there more than 4 or 5 minutes when a real nice old lady came up and spoke to me by name, saying she had heard Mr. Read call me by that name.  In course of the conservation I incidentally mentioned that I knew but few there.  She said she supposed I did not know her name.   As I did not I asked her if I might know it, and she gave it to me.  She said she had seen me at the prayer meeting and they like to have young men to help them. (Mr. Read calls on me once in a while to offer prayer).  I sat by the old lady (Mrs. Harman) at table and near Mr. Read.  I enjoyed the conversation very much. Every body seemed to be ful of fun and sociable.  After tea Mr. Read introduced me to some of the young ladies. (Lewis says they are among the best society the town affords, and I think he must be right, they seemed intelligent and refined.  Altogether I had a splendid time
            One of the young ladies asked me to their house to see a cabinet of curiosities which her Aunt has gathered, in her travels.  She has had good oportunity for such a collection having been (if I remember right) to the Sandwich Islands besides other places that I dont now remember
            Lewis and I are going there some<day> evening before long 
            Now good night I may add more to this tomorrow if I have time.  Recd [received] a card from Carrie last night.
            Thursday morning 7 A. M.   We have had no fire since some time yesterday and the thermometer is at 56˚ now.  Don’t suppose we will need any at all today.  Guess I’ll send this now as I’ll have no time to add to it today
            Tell Halsizer [Abraham Chamers Hulsizer] I’ll be down there one of these days to see what he means by such actions.  Love to all.                  Your aff. [affectionate] bro. [brother]
                                    S. B. Hill [Samuel B. Hill]