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Norfolk [Connecticut] July 4 1837

To Miss Mary Lyon <Dear Madam>

Early last spring we engaged Miss Mary Grant daughter of Dea. [Deacon] Elijah Grant Colebrook to make application for our two daughters to be admitted into your school at its opening which we suppose she did about the first of April as she told my sister <then> Susan Jane Benton [Susan Jane Benton Wallis] (then a member of the Ipswich Seminary [Ipswich Female Seminary]) that they were recieved as candidates for admission next fall this is all we have heard about it We have lately seen a Prospectus of your Seminary [Mount Holyoke Female Seminary] & from that get the idea that all the candidates may not be recieved as we are still anxious to have our daughters go & feel uncertain whether they will be admitted I am induced to write

It appears from the Prospectus that considerable information is desired respecting the applicants. Miss Grant is personally acquainted with our daughters they having been her pupils the last two winters & we presume gave her opinion of their characters <&> attainments &c. We know however nothing about it & should regret exceedingly having them fail on any account of being received I shall there fore endeavour to give the information you request Mary [Mary Burr Hill] was 19 years of age last month Caroline [Caroline Burr Grant] 17 last Feb. think they have a good knowledge of all the branches required for entering the Junior Class & beside have studied Whelply, compend of Universal History [A Compend of History, by Samuel Whelpley] Blakes & Comstocks Natural Philosophy [A System of Natural Philosophy, by J.L. Comstock or Conversations on Chemistry, with explanations of the text by J.L. Comstock, M.D. and a series of questions by Rev. J.L. Blake] Chemistry Botany Abercrombies Ment[...] Philosophy [The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings, by John Abercrombie, M.D.] Parkers exercises in composition [Progressive Exercises in English Composition, by Richard Green Parker] Smellies Philosophy of Natural History [The Philosophy of Natural History, by William Smellie] astronomy Geology They enjoy tolerably good health almost always able either to attend school or labo<u>r have always been accustomed to labo<u>r when out of school & do it cheerfully they are both engaged in teaching common district schools this summer <& so far> in <our own> this town & so far as we know give good satisfaction this is the first of their teaching. They have attended select schools about two years apiece Caroline <attended> was a member of Miss Z.P. Grants [Zilpah Polly Grant Banister] <school> seminary in Ipswich [Ipswich Female Seminary] the last summer It is their own wish to become members of your institution & likewise an acquiescence in the wishes of their friends <likewise> We would rather prefer saying the first application is for one term although if they are pleased with the school & you pleased with them & think it for their advantage to continue longer in the <school> institution I presume we shall be willing to keep them there at least a year or year & an half & probably as much longer as you advise if nothing unforeseen occurs <in our situation or family> to prevent as it has long been & still is our design to give them so thorough an education as to qualify them to teach the English branches in any female seminary in our Country should they have opportunity But our circumstances are far from affluent we are therefore very glad to avail ourselves of the pecuneary advantages afforded by your institution If making application for only one term first will prevent their being recieved at the commencement of your school we would be all mean apply for a longer time our situation is such that we think it may be more convenient for us to spare them & pay their expenses now than at another time Pupils are requested to bring common school books We have <of Arithmeticks> Colburns First Lessons & Sequel [First Lessons in Arithmetic, by Warren Colburn] & Dabolls <Murrays> Arithmetick [Daboll's Schoolmaster's Assistant: Being a Plain Practical System of Arithmetic‚ by Nathan Daboll] Murrays Grammar & Exercises [Murray's Introduction to English Grammar, by Lindley Murray & Exercises, Adapted to Murray's English Grammar, by Lindley Murray] & Greeleafs Grammar [A Concise System of Grammatical Punctuation, and Syntax, by Benjamin Greenleaf] Blakes Philosophy Chemistry [Conversations on Natural Philosophy, with illustrative notes, and a dictionary of philosophical terms, by Rev. J.L. Blake] Goodrich United States History [A History of the United States of America, by Rev. Charles A. Goodrich] Whelpleys History [A Compend of History, by Samuel Whelpley] Watts on the Mind [The Improvement of the Mind, by Isaac Watts] Woodbridges Small Geography [Rudiments of Geography, by William C. Woodbridge] of reading books National Preceptor [The National Preceptor: or, Selections in Prose and Poetry, by J. Olney] Common Reader & some older works If is <will> is not too much trouble should be obliged if you would mention such of the preceeding list of books as you thing they will be likely to need because their little brothers at home will probably want some of them & <they may not> it may not be convenient to carry all As they will have Websters Large Dictionary & the first volume of Scotts Commentary on the New Testament to carry & as much more of his Commentary as you wish [...] Should like an answer soon as convenient that they may know how long they can continue their schools & also that we may have sufficient time to prepare them for going <Hope> Wish very much they <will> may both be recieved but if that cannot be hope you will at least take one Perhaps some applicants may as well go next summer when our girls could come home & <per> probably teach Please inform when your school commences & how washing is to be done still wish to have them stand <as> candidates for admission the first opportunity
Mrs [Pamela Benton Burr]

[Written on back: Miss Lyon's [Mary Lyon] receipt of $32.]

Received of Mr. Ebenezer Burr thirty two dollars in advance for the board & tuition of his daughter. Mary Lyon.

South Hadley [Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke Female Seminary], Nov. 9, 1837.

[Written on back: About Cornelia's things]
Pamela Burr's share of Cornelia Benton's thing
One Red black & yellow Single yarn Kersey Blanket 3
1 White Kersey single yarn blanket Blue & yellow border 3
1 White & yellow Single yarn Blanket not new 2.50
1 Old red worsted bedquilt 1
1 Old Feather bed brown linen tick 3.50
6 1/2 yds. new diaper white linen homem[ade] 1.63
Old flannel sheets what Frederic did not have 1.25
1 2/3 yds. Coarse tow cloth for under bed 1.04
2 old linen sheets 1 brown 1 white .75
3 New brown towels 1 1/2 yds. New kersey tow .75
6 old tow towels brown .34
2 1/2 yds. New Linen coarse .60
2 old white <diaper> <towels> <.14>
<1 Old pillow case> 1 old worn out corset [...]
3 Old cotton chemise .16
1 Old worn out calico dress .16
Sundry small articles twine pieces of cloth &c .25
Good Linen chemise .34
1 skirt quilt & 2 skirts very old .16

[Written on other half of page]
1 High chest with 2 drawers 1.50
1 stand with 4 legs & drawer 1.50
1 Trunk covered with <Leather> skin 1.00
1 New papered trunk .75
5 Old baskets all she had here .34
1 Little old papered trunk .20
1 set blue cups & saucers .34
1 Blue Pitcher .17
Several Old wooden dishes all she had .30
2 Old pewter cups 1 quart 1 pint .25
2 Old pic tins .13
Old Candlesticks .16
Some Old crockery & tea canister .12
1 Old pewter tea pot
2 earthen milk pans .12
1 Pair cards .25
1 Old red Bedsted & rope very low .50
1 Pr. Silver <corset> frame spectacles 1.34
1 Old Calico Bedquilt in Squares 1.00
Emelines Bed puff of Blankets plain wove plain filled with wool 1.34
1 Pair Cotton pillow cases partly worn Emelines .18

[New sheet of paper]

<1 Blue & white cotton & wool Blanket $6>
Emeline's Share of C[ornelia]'s things
1 Blue & white cotton & wool Blanket $6
1 Red & Green Blanket doubled & twisted wool 4
1 Old large Silver spoon 2.50
1 Pair New Linen Sheets Marked No 1 2.50
4 Old Linen Sheets 1 old kersy table cloth 1 white towel 1.72
3 Pair New Linen Pillow cases 1.50
1 pr. No. 4 1 No. 7 1 pr. Not. numbered
3 1/4 yds Diper new 1
1 Large fall leaf Table 3
Half Loom Harness &c 4
Best Low Chest 1.25
Taylors Iron .75
Looking Glass .25
Large quart Glass .12
Blue Plates .50
Steel yards .25
1 Linen Chemise .34 _

[Written on other half of page]
1 <Nearly> New Feather Bed $10
Weight about 23 lbs. Linen Striped Tick
1 New Red worsted bedquilt yellow lining 10
1 Pair <Nearly> New Flannel Sheets 5
1 Trunk Largest covered with skin 3
1 Pair New Linen Sheets white 2.50
1 Calico Quilt pieced in Striped 1.50
5 yds. New Linen 1.25
3 1/4 yds New Diaper 1
2 pr. New Linen Pillow Cases 1
1 <New> Linen Chemist .34
The letter C. is marked on both the Flannel sheets & C.B. No. 2 is marked on the linen sheets & No. 2 on one pr. of Pillow Cases & No. 3 on the other & C.B. on both
16 ___
The above articles & 16 dollars in clothing are Susan J. Benton's [Susan Jane Benton Wallis] share of Cornelia Benton's House Hold furniture & clothing
Feb. 26 1838

[On the reverse]
New Diaper near 1 1/2 yd .36
2 Old white diaper towels .14
1 Old linen pillow case .06
Clothing 23

Emeline Benton's share of Cornelia Benton's household furniture and clothing
It is set down on both sides this paper She has $3.07 cents more than I do because I took a Bed puff & pair cotton Pillow cases that were Emeline's for my self with 1.53 & paid her out of my share of E's things
March 10. 1838 Pamela [Benton] Burr

[Written on other half of page]
Emeline's & Jane's things that were Cornelia's are all in Emeline's low chest that was Cornelia's best

Know all men by these Presents that we Pamela Burr [Pamela Benton Burr] as principle and Robins Battell as surety are holden and stand firmly bound & obliged unto W.B. Rice Esq. Judge of the Court of Probate for the District of Norfolk [Connecticut] in the final sum of Two Thousand dollars, to be paid to the said Judge, or his certain attorney or successor in Office
Now Therefore, if the said Exectrix shall make or cause to be made a true & perfect Inventory of all & singular the Goods, Chattels, Credits and Estate of the said desceased, which have or shall come to the hands, prossession or knowledge of the said Exectrix or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for her — and the same so made do exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the registry of the said Court of Probate in the District of Norfolk at or before the 12th day of March next ensuing: & the sd. Goods Chattels, Credits & Estate, and all other Goods, Chattels, C. & Es. of the said Deceased at the time of his death & disposed of by said last Will & Testament which shall at any time come into the hands of or possession of any other person<s> or persons for her shall & do well & truly administer, & faithfully discharge the duty & office of Exectrix of the said last Will, & duly execute the same, same, settle the said Estate of said deceased according to the provisions of the Said Will the Orders of the Court of Probate & the rules of Law; & shall settle all the accounts thereof with said Judge, within such time such time as he shall limit & appoint: Then, on such performance, this obligation shall be void, & of no effect; but on default, to be and remain in full force & virtue
(L.S.) P.B.
(L.S.) R.B.

Letter 2 -~----------~----~----~----~------~----~------~--~---

[New sheet of paper with a London watermark.]

Notes on time are liable to interest after they become due, whether demand is made for their payment or not —
Notes on demand are liable to interest from the time demand is made until the payment of them —
$200.00 Tolland, Nov. 1, 1841.
On demand, for value received, we severally & jointly promise to pay Joseph Ross, two hundred dollars
I. D. Bond
F. H. Bond
Either of the signers to a note of this form are responsible for its payment —
$75.00 Tolland, Nov. 1, 1841.
Six months from date, for value received, I, John Frost, as principal, & I, Henry Frost, as surety, promise to pay J.D. bond seventy five dollars.
John Frost
Henry Frost
The one who signs as surety in a not of this form is not responsible for its payment, unless from the inability of the principle —
Form of Receipts —
$60.00 Tolland, Oct. 1, 1841. Received of George Carpenter, sixty dollars, in full of all demands.
J.D. Bond.
A receipt of this form is good against all claims, of whatever kind, if it cannot be made to appear that the person giving it acted ignorantly of facts which would have influenced him to do otherwise.
$25.00 — Tolland, Oct. 1, 1841. Received of Lewis Tiffany twenty five dollars, in full of all accounts.
J.D. Bond.
A receipt of this form is good against accounts only.
Cash is debtor when it is received -- The person from whom it is received is creditor
Cash is Cr. when it is paid out or goes from you. The person to whom it is paid is Debtor
In book account mark the right hand page Cr., & the left Dr.